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I am so irritated with my sister now that I wanna pull all my hair out! I just wanna give it up! If only! I just have to deal with it day in day out! I wish sometimes to scream .. cry or just box her senseless! Somehow the feelings never translate into action.. I cant even slap her! or anyone else for that matter!! *sheds angry tears*
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P.S: I hope no one gets offended by it.. umm might be my first controversial blog post here..

I was thinking... *umm thats debatable* he he he.. So .. I was thinking that man is so ingenious.. he glorifies everything he is afraid of.. and makes them into "god" ascribes to them various attributes.. mostly good ones... and then bad ones too.. and since "Gods" are not supposed to be bad.. even if they have ego et al... man creates the demons. Since to have equal fight.. for ups an downs to happen demons are as powerful as "gods".. Now if gods are falliable.. umm someone has to be all powerful na ?

So we have gods of gods.. bhrama, Vishnu.. and Shiva...

So now Bhrama is the creator.. he created goddess saraswati.. but he falls for her.. so she is his consort.. Isnt that incest ??

Okay for now forget about this.......

Lets consider.. adam and eve.. they procreate.. so there could be 3 situations...

1. The mother procreates with son
2. Father with daughter
3. Brothers and sisters do it

In either of the 3 cases.. we atill are a race of incest isnt it ?

Umm I agree that I hardly know much about Bible.. or for that matter Indian Mythology.. but this is just a wayward thought that came into my mind today

If I err in my reasoning somewhere do let me know
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The title is stolen from prats blog title.. but its apt here :) I am gonna kinda write about a lot of bits and pieces :)

Firstly, There was a strange kinda n\w problem yesterday. I couldn't call anyone and no one could call me.. but once I restarted my mobile, it worked. So may be issue is with my mob? Besides, I didnt get any messages from Brendy too.. Freaky!

And as a result of this mob problem.. I went office real late yesterday.. which was good.. but TL was miffed.. which isn't :((

Secondly! Ah Nancy your card finally reached me! Yay! Few Weeks back, Nancy had blogged that she wanted to send someone postcards, which her friends n family are tired of receiving.. coz they are all the same, So I asked her to send me some. Got to say, I waited for like for sometime now. And when I didn't get it for long, I thought she had forgotten.. Umm not surprisingly. Apparently, she had a lot going on in past few weeks.. but well its here now! Yippie!!!

Thirdly, We didn't go out today again for groceries. Umm.. I kept telling my sister to not go to sleep and she kept telling me don't lie down.. once you sleep its really hard to wake u up.. we both went to sleep :| :| And yes, chores are still pending!

Fourthly, Sweety was in her I-am-bored-please play -with-me mode. which means too much barking and trying to wake us up by pulling the blanket.. ofcourse she failed msierably.. And her revenge was chewing out my favorite jeans. Which Incidentally I wore yesterday.. :( :( This is my 3rd one gone to drains ummm dustbin :(

So there it doesnt end ...

I happened to gift a friend.. a box of chocolates. And with a lot of cerimony, I peeled of the sticker.. so that the price doesn't show.. but umm I forgot to remove the bill from the store.. So that person knows anyways *sigh*
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Sometimes you find it hard to let go.. to say farewell... and yet.. as time passes by you don't know when.. you already let go.. what remains is just an illusion of holding on.. and then even that is lost...

Time indeed, heals all!

And yet, at other times, some snatches of tunes, some words, some look.. someone who looks similar.. pass through .. and you suddenly feel that searing pain.. it pierces you so bad.. You don't know what to do with it.. it is just there. You just bear it.. smile through it is more likely..

People don't understand.. the more the time passes.. more memories fade.. and with tht much force it comes right back.. Staggering is the right word for it..

One is totally knocked out coz of it.. and then all you can do is.. just be helpless.. for your eyes remain dry.. your smile intact.. and yet the heart bleeds..

Ah.. this is not the first time I wrote about this.. here's the old one... [ Click on the clock]
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I absolutely ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! romance and romantic books. It leaves me with a smile........ nah wide grin.... always a happy ending.. and it leaves me wistful.. for you never find that in real life.. not for long atleast :( :( And yet you yearn for it forevermore!
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In an relationship.. there is always a person more dominant and one who keeps compromising.. but for a reasonably healthy relationship, too much dominance and too much compromise is not good
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I recently read Keith's blog wherein he wrote the pros and cons of blogging.. naturally enough I am tempted to put down mine :-)

I started blogging because I was bored at office esp in the nights.. and coz all my online friends started one. It was a cool thing to do.. Soon enough, it was a way to communicate.

To start with, it became the only way I could put forth my point of view in front of my bf.. when we had arguments. We both were too bullheaded to listen to others point of view. And then the break up time :)

It was my punching bag.. umm ranting machine whatever.. but yes.. in between something happened. I fell in love with blogging... with creating templates too.. I used to first find amazing templates and then tweak them around and update them. first for me.. then my friends.. and finally I created some from the scratch.. it felt amazing to concentrate on something other than the usual rant :)

And somewhere down the line I found my voice again.. I started to write poems :) and then stories. Its been one hell of an journey since Jan 2007 when I actually started blogging..

So here's my pros of blogging:

Got to say my writing abilities have improved a lot. And as I mentioned earlier, I can rhyme now :-)

Some amazing friends.

You get to read a slice of someone else's life .. its enriching.. And I happen to love reading different perspective of the same thing :)

Free poems and short stories of amazing quality. Should also add well researched articles and point of views too

It was and will be always a place where I am totally honest and it is a sort of confession box + diary for me

It makes me think beyond the usual.. fires my imagination


One of the major problem if I can think of is.. I feel my inter-personal skills suffered a lot.

Chores are mostly forgotten which results in well scolding arguments.. umm u get the picture donchya?

Oh yes, my work suffers * Am not complaining ;) *

I can't think of more :) But I can add loneliness which can be added to pros and cons.. Its a nice getaway from loneliness.. but then one doesnt try hard to make friends for online friends happen to matter more :)
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Tagged again! By Nancy! I love being tagged!


People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.


Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

The second on seems a bit tough :( :(

If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

I will cry first. Then get angry. Then get depressed. Then get over it. Assuming that the lover was a serious attachment.

If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?

Getting motivated enough to study for GATE. And to get through IISc Bangalore. Pretty lame I know :( :(

Whose butt would you like to kick?

Depends upon what kinda butt it is. Given the mood I am in.. I would love to kick a very cute butt. Yeah I know kewtness is only for girls :P :P

What would do with a billion dollars?

Spend it.

Will you fall in love with your best friend?

I already am half into it. Ofcourse its one sided.

Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

Being in loved by the one I love.

How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?

The first one I waited for 3 years. The second for 3 years too. For the 3rd one, I took 4 years to accept I am in love with him. And I don't think I am waiting for him.. If it happens cool.. if it doesn't cool too.. I am still looking for the "ONE".

If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?

Put up a fake over bright smile that bleeds my heart and wish him luck. Act like nothing is wrong and flirt with every available male. Go back home and dream about him. In the morning, I would be back to normal. * This is true life experience :( :(*

If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?

Child sexual abuse. For an abused child without counseling can him/herself become an abuser. Other than the psychological effects, which are heinous in itself, this propagation of abuse is dangerous. Is it any wonder that in 2007, according to NHRC ( National Human Rights Commision), 54% of Indian Children are abused in some way or the other. And this is an conservative figure. Also, its not just the slum kids.

What takes you down the fastest?

An soppy story. I am an sucker for sad stories.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Married with 3 kids. Two own and one adopted. 2 dogs. Hopefully N no of cats. *Oh yeah a job that pays well and a husband*

What’s your fear?

Being rejected :( Bah!

What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Bubbly, sweet and funny :)

Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?

Happily married. Not too rich and not too poor.

If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?

I would let the guy pick me :D :D

Would you give all in a relationship?

As long as I can take all.

Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?

I am bad at forgiving! So no.

Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

Both are attractive. When I was in a relationship, I longed to be single. And now I long to be in an relationship.

And now I tag,

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Today, I am going to tell you a story with no twists and turns. A simple story of strangers meeting and becoming friends... Its a story about how we met our Nanaji Kannav...

They say, a chance meeting that turns into life long relation is the best thing that can happen to anyone. It certainly is true for us.. Picture this..

A middle aged couples in their late 50s and two energetic girls in their early teens. Climbing many steep stairs to reach the highest summit. Venue, Trambakeshwar. And destination, the point where Godavari starts in a small trickle..

There is nothing magical about it. However, if they happen to meet a sadhu midway.. when they are just about ready to give up.. and if the sadhu offers them water from the pond which makes them rejenuvated in 2 minutes flat.. And while they return, the Sadhu is no where to be found.. Would you call it miracle? No. For simply its too fanciful. Not with those girls. They believed its magic . After all, if for the first time the parents decided to go somewhere other than "visiting relatives" in like 'since birth' it certainly is miracle. But this has got nothing to do with Mr Kannav. No, the sadhu wasn't him.

And then, if the over eager daughters start running down the stairs, over exuberence indeed. But you won't blame them for this. It is their age that is infectious. And then if one of them fall down ? Oh yeah, one of them slipped. A over eager devotee was cleaning all the stairs and the wet stone was slipperry. So this girl gets a merry go round down the stairs. The devotee was smart and hence had padded the rest of the steps with grass to avoid the very same eventuatlity. This cushioned her fall. And also, led us to one of the important character. No not Kannavji. Not yet.

He was an young man who had undertaken the pilgrimage like we did. He helped her up. No its not a story of romance for she was in her early teens and he in his late 20s early 30s. Surprisingly, this guy is Tamil too. amazing coincidence that gets the father talking to the stranger after the usual thank yous.

On the way, a monkey decides to act smart and steals the mother's purse. looking for food. And it held everything but that. Money, Keys, Tickets, Trinkets... Everything worthless for the monkey. Ah the aforementioned hero does one more rescue act and gets the purse back.

Even then, this stranger is not remembered for these acts. He is remembered fondly, for he introduced us to Nanaji Kannav :-)

For this stranger lived with him. Temporarily. Kannavji was a priest who performed the last rites. To pay his bills, he also offered lodging and food. Food personally cooked by him. Made of Asli ghee that was procured by ladling fresh curd, acquired from their cow. Simple fare. Dal, rice, curd and Chappatis. Hot ones. He made it while you ate. So over the lunch a bond was formed. Strong ones.

We kept writing letters all along for years together, until he died. We didnt go back again. And yet, in this world of emails, we still receieved quaint postcards written in marathi. And my dad wrote in English.

Despite language constraints and the fact that we were practically strangers, the bond forged grew in strength. He became a NANAJI for us in true sense.

Its been like 8 years now, since he died. I donno why I am writing about him.. Just that I felt like it :-)

meena iyer

Time and again I come up with this.... Free will we say is our right.. and yet sotto voice we say "within limits". And the limit is not set by us but someone else.. how come then it is called free will ?

Should it not be guided will ??
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We measure love not with the amount of happiness given.. but with the amount of pain borne.

And still we say.. we are in pursuit of happiness. paradoxical isnt it ?
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She waited all day for him to come home. He had promised to come and bring colorful flowers. She loved them. And loved him the best. Her dad.

Sun set. Birds flew home. Moon arrived and left. He didn't come.

His corpse came in the morning.

An unfortunate accident!

She bade him adieu with flowers. He loved them too
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The most powerful force in life?

Faith. It can move mountains. I dont mean just faith in god.. but anything.. you can have faith in you.. in others... Faith is strongest of all forces!

The greatest asset?

Hope. If you can hold onto hope and work towards it in the darkest of times.. nothing can ever faze you.

The most powerful channel of communication?

Touch. Nothing like a hug when you are down. Or a quick pat on your back.. when job's well done.

The most important thing in life?

Living it. Each moment cherished.

The greatest joy?

The greatest joy is when you cannot help but shed some tears.

The worst thing to be without?

A shoulder to lean on.

The greatest loss?

Loss of trust.

The most worthless emotion?


The most effective sleeping pill?

Currently my GATE Prep Book.. In General ... a lullaby with someone caressing your head :)

The most satisfying work?

A work thats more of a pleasure than a 'work' like writing blogs :D * anyone wanna hire me?*

The greatest problem to overcome?

Self Doubt.

The best attire?

Nudity? :D :D Erm.. anything I am comfortable with .. and as simple as it can get.

The most crippling disease?


The most dangerous pariah?

Thoughts banished to the dusty corners of heart.. comes back to haunt you...

The two most powerful words?

Love ya! *they really are* or you can try.. missed you too..

And the greatest attitude?

Gratitude :D :D!!!!

Okay kidding.. attitude is something that should become part of you.. if your attitude overpowers "U".. its not worth having :-)

Anoop! Thank you for these questions... They made me think.. Umm as it happens.. thinking has become a pastime I do without
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Again I am late.Three years too late.
Can I hope?

Should I ?

But then I promised. I plan to keep it.

I reach the cafe. The corner booth, our favorite.

There he was. Cigarettes, Coffee, News paper and his smile. Intoxicating............

I asked 'How come?'

'I knew you would. That's how!' he replied.'It was worth the wait......'

We hugged.

It wasn't too late.
meena iyer

I have heard people say that.. your hair dresser know more about you than your wife.. or probably your mistress... didn't really believe in it.. and yet today evening.. had a tryst with truth.. so to say..

Ah yes, went to a beauty parlour.. finally.. after planning to go for like 4 weeks and not going.. (yeah, I procrastinate real bad), I went ... yippee!! I finally got my eyebrows threaded...

So, thats when I realized how much I was talking about myself to the hair dresser.. about stuff I wouldn't deem important to speak about at all! To add to that.. I see people coming.. and opening their goddamn heart out! not caring who listens.. they met me for the first time.. and they were talking about their intimate details...

Somebody's sister committed a suicide coz she had an affair with her boss.. she was a divorcee and her family came to know about it.. erm evidently they gave her a hard time about it.. and yeah.. she committed suicide in office.. had poison...

Someone else was just 20.. still studying.. ran away to marry.. and now shes pregnant.. when she said she wanted to have abortion... for she was still studying.. not surprisingly.. everyone objected.. that poor girl didn't even know that her vomiting stop in around 3 months.. she thought it would be constant all through her pregnancy.. no one bothers to enlighten her..

And then there were others.. like this soft spoken amazingly gentle lady.. who never gets angry.. with a drunkard of a husband.. flitting through just a period of 2-3 hours.. and yet.. they shared a major slice of their life.. I wonder.. is this what that makes females gather in an parlor.. it might be i guess a female version of clubs.. where gents are not allowed hmm??

Such a cozy warm room.. despite of all the sad tales.. amazingly funny.. a respite in the scalding roads of life I guess...

Umm I feel touched in a way I am not able to explain.. its an experience I guess thats intimately feminine.. I kinda wanna plagiarize one of the quote I read recently...

Its like a voyage through the dusty corners of hearts :-)
meena iyer

I have a secret craving.. of coming home and finding no one waiting for me... That absolute bliss of relaxation when you know.. no one waits for you to serve them food.. oor do something for them.. no worries in the back ground..

A place where I don't have to care about locking myself in.. no one will ask why.. If I don't choose to cook.. no one suffers but me..

If I choose to be half naked beh! no one is gonna notice.. I crave that independence..

Too luxuriously lie down and read a book as and when I like it.. for as long as I want to..

I don't want to hear music loudly even if it bothers my ears just coz someone else likes it loud...

I wanna disappear into oblivion.. be invisible.. so that people go about their lifes not bothering about me.. so that I can go about doing the same myself..

And yet, sadly, I dread it.. dread knowing that no one in this world cares about me! damn! Time and again.. I end up with some or the other contradiction :( :(

Whatever I want .. is something that suffocates me.. what am I to do ?

I want to have a provision to stay home for few days and escape for some more...

May be I should travel alone.. I really need an escape.. Blog is no longer enough :( wonder why....

As usual this is one more rant from my rant factory.. used to come often.. but has come after sometime now...

May be I should rent a rant :D :D

Erm.. just wondering.. is there anything you really crave for right now.. really badly? * just to know I am not the only one*

I know I am not.. umm ppl I am shamelessly asking for sympathy here or what ?
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Umm I know its not been two days yet... and still I moved my wordpress blog.. yes I did.. Simply coz.. I didnt know how to change the template.. and there just too many delicious templates available online :( :(

However, as a part of my job.. I do know how to manage a blog from my hosting account... Considering all these things... and the fact that my hosting account is sleeping for sometime now.. I decided to move yes!!

The new URL is

Hope to see you there and yes.. do visit and praise the new template :D :D
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Well Anoop has given me this kewt tag :-) Something I wanted to write about since long but never ever end up doing it.... So here are few questions about reading habits that has to be replied to and then passed on to others :-)

Here it goes :-)

The History : Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

My love for reading is more for the stories. Since I was young, I would always pester my mom for more stories. Bedtime stories. But she being tired most of the times won't tell any *boo hoo hoo*
So I started reading.. first the story books .. then when school started the English books.. mine and sisters.. and then Hindi and Marathi books mine and sisters.. since I was in the revised course and she in old one... I had many to read. We did have subscription for Wisdom and occasional Reader's digest.. My mom would go to book fairs and pick up nice books for us.. only my reading speed didn't match her spending speed *boo hoo hoo again *
I read my first M n B when my sis went to college.. one of her friend's sister worked in a ciculating library part time.. So she got books home which her sis used to read and one book my sister borrowed... And I read it under the zero watt bulb :D :D Cant read in front of dad ofcourse..

And then there was this friend of mine.. Minal.. Her family were regular readers.. from Dad, Mom to elder sis and she. So whenever I went to their home.. I used to go atleast 5-10 min before so that I could read books while she got ready.. I thought no one noticed.. but they did :)
So when I finished my 10 board exams.. she gave me Sydney Sheldon novels.. when they shifted places.. they gave me their complete James Hadley Chase collection.. and during that summer I read just too many books..

In 11th and 12th I had college Library where I read classics and the best of all Agatha Christie ... *sigh* then the usual libraries and buying books :D :D

Blast from the past :
What are some books you read as a child?

Hard to remember names of books but I had one Russian folk tales book.. One Tajik tales book too.. It was from a book fair.. Other than that.. umm chandamama, tinkle, reader's digest archies.. mostly comics.. Ah and Enid blyton...

One of school teacher introduced me to it and I was hooked.. used to borrow from friends beg stuff.. bribe them by teaching them maths etc etc :D :D


----> favorite genre: Anything Fiction with a good story.. have a leaning towards magic and fairy tales though

----> favorite novel: Too many to list.. Most by Nora Roberts yep fultu romantic :D :D

When and Where:
Where do you usually read?

Absolutely anywhere :-) If I have to choose.. on my cozy sofa.. or on the ground lolling.. may be on the terrace or on the bed. I even read while walking.. while cooking and while attending nature's call. You get the picture :)
My dream place would be in the bath tub while I am soaking in a warm tub of water.. music is in the back ground.. aromatic candles burning :D :D and a nice gripping murder mystery.. to think.. cuddled with someone you love and reading together would be fun too :D :D

When do you usually read?

Any time I can squeeze in.. in the cab.. in office at home.. umm esp before sleeping..

Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?

Mostly no. However, sometimes I dont like the book I am reading then I start a new one.. and when I have nothing to read I pick up the one I discarded.

Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?

Earlier used to depend on borrowing totally from friends.. strangers and library.. I had no qualms in approaching strangers for to borrow a nice book. The fact that I read fast does help. now usually I buy or exchange from friends.

Do you keep most of the books you buy? If not, what do you do with them?
I keep every one of them. I have a closet full of books :D :D I don't mind sharing with people. But I like them given back to me.

If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child?

Not really. Nowadays, children have so many options. I would love to share what I read. However, the choice is theirs. As long as they are interested in reading, I would be satisfied.

What are you reading now?

Two books actually. Yeah one of those days.

1. Intimate lies by Robert Westbrook. This is a story of relationship of Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham as written by her son.

This is non fiction and hence boring :(

2. Gate of Ivory by Margaret Drabble. Just started and reading her for the first time.

Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list?

Not really. I have them on mind but I end up picking up random unknown authors' books.

What books would you like to reread?

Most books I like I tend to re-read many times.

Who are your favorite authors?

Uffo! Too many to name here :(

Just to say, different flavors make a good dish and different authors make a good reading culture * smug*

And I tag..........

Any one who loves books :) and wanna take it up!
meena iyer

Dear Readers,

I am proud to announce the inception of a new blog. Yes my 5th blog :D :D Do I see any derisive smirk or wondering eyes? Well that can't be helped.. I am just raring to go :-) The blog is called 'My Secret Book Shelf'
I guess the name says it all.. isn't it ?

So without much ado.. I present

My Secret Book Shelf

Do visit :-)



* Music in the back ground*
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"So you are painting is it?" she asked amused to see him all colorful in an old overall.. his painting uniform..

The colors already mixed.. brush in hand he was staring into nothingness. She didn't expect him to reply. He didn't reply always.. but he would few minutes later after he has finished thinking whatever he was... thinking... He listened to everything... and continued like there is no break... It always disconcerted strangers.. but she was used to it...

She sat there quietly. Somehow being with him was like being alone.. and yet not.. he inspired inner peace somehow.. and made her look within.. she liked it.. liked him a lot..

"I woke up and just couldn't help it.. its not a pleasure... its a compulsion" he muttered between his teeth.

She didn't reply.. this is not new.. he always reacted as if its not him but someone else compelling him to draw and it draws his blood... in a way it was true too she mused..

"So who is your muse this time?" she asked tentatively. Sometimes he exploded when she asked him that.. and at other times he was more than eager to share... unpredictable.. May be thats the reason why his paintings are so violent... the riots of colors.. somehow made her choke... it was beautiful alive... and yet it was cruel.. and devastating.. it was not cold though.. it was hot.. like anger.....

Suddenly she looked at him.. her eyes reflecting all she felt.. and she could see the understanding in his eyes. He knew she understood... understood why he hated to paint and yet why he couldn't stop.. it wasn't him.. and yet it was him... he smiled at her... and then said "Vivid"

"What ? I didn't ask how it will be.. I asked who the muse is..."

He again said "Vivid" and smiled absentmindedly...

She was irritated now.. "Why don't you tell me you don't wanna tell?"

"But I did!" he said... then he had that distant look in his eyes.. she knew he is lost again.. in that secret world..where she can't reach him.. but she would wait for him...

She was content to wait.. In this small world of theirs time stopped.. when he painted, everything stopped for her.. her worries.. her past ceased to exist and in this temporary fugue.. this mirage she bloomed.. she lived... aware of everything... He had shown her that... the sound of silence... the secret world that goes unnoticed.. the world of tree fairies and elves ..

"Who the hell is Vivid?" She asked no one... she knew all his friends.. even the imaginary ones... he told her everything sooner or later.. or so she thought.. miffed she looked at him in askance...

Knowing that its futile to expect things from him.. that he cannot offer.. she decided to take up her knitting..

When he first asked her to try it with new patterns she laughed at it.. 'I am not creative honey.. I am a monkey.. I imitate well' she had said.. but due to his persistence she had taken it and seemed like she found her own sky to fly in...

Sometimes she herself was amazed by how her fingers brought images to life.. images she didn't even know existed in her mind.. its as if the fingers had life of their own.. is this what he referred to ?

She suddenly felt impatient. 'Damn you' she thought and started walking ... Soon she was dreaming about the tree fairy sleeping on the flower petals as the honey bee fanned her to sleep and the birds sung lullaby... Soothing affair :-)

She had fallen asleep was woken by the sudden sound. It was him. He was staring at the painting with such revulsion... He turned to her and said.." I told you its about vivid.. But you won't listen... Wanna see it?"

She was a bit apprehensive. She looked at him for long.. judging his mood. He was always a bit violent when he painted. But she had been with him for long.. 20 years is a long time and she was sure that she can judge it. "Are you sure ?" she asked him again... looking for signs.

He smiled at her reassuringly.

She smiled back and went to him. He said "See... Vivid! "

She stared at it for long... " I think something is lacking.. Its not like your usual painting.. What are you trying to express?"

He kept smiling for sometime... Suddenly angry he said " It is Vivid! I told you! Why don't you understand? Ofcourse it lacks.. it lacks the color red! Ah can you believe it? I will be finally free today..."

"What do you mean? Did you have your meds? " She was scared now.. and tried to walk away.. he held her tight.

She thought she knew him.. she should have known better than trusting him .. And now they are so far.. how will she handle if he used force? She was his care taker. has been for 20 years now... and this now... she riled herself for her stupidity.. Didn't she lecture the newbies ? 'Calm down.. take a deep breath' She told herself.

She looked at him , making eye contact, showing no terror, " Leave me now. I am your friend"

He said "Yes you are.. and Vivid knows.. doesn't she? She needs blood... the color red"

Saying this he cut her ... on her heart...

"But I am your friend.. she spluttered as tears stream down her face. The pain was unbearable and she fell down to the floor.

"Red... Red... "He said, laughing maniacally as he used her blood to color his painting.

"I am free I am free" he chanted. Once the painting was done he ran back to him room.. burned all the spare paper and sketches. He threw all the brushes colors and assortments and danced a gig..

While she breathed her last on the green grass.. her final thought was that her treee fairy won't ever see the day......

They locked him up forever in an empty room. He kept saying.. "I am free". The painting was one of the most coveted painting in the history.. It was titled.. " Vivid in death"

meena iyer

I dressed up with care today, just for you, oh handsome man! Do you know how you affect me? These glittering earrings, i stole for you I know you like them. I saw you admiring it on that girl.
Why don't you look at me with love then? Is it because I am a guy ?

P.S: I know this is not my usual style but somehow prathibha's story inspired this :)
meena iyer
Oh taggedy tag.. again! And thnx Vinay :-)
He knows how much I love it! so he tags me all the time yay! Also.. anoop had thrown an open tag too soo well here it is :)

Kewt isn't it ? :-)

No waxing and waning about it.. my poetic cell is under mitosis.. or is meiosis?? may b some kind of symbiosis or something :P :P ;) ;)

Okay lemme try ......

I love you, three words,
And yet a world of emotions it holds,
More than this lovely flower
More than words..

Okay not that good beh!

Anyways.. an open tag guys.. lap it in... *yeah puppy effect*

meena iyer

If you are wondering what this is all about... I well fell in love with the quote and the monkey too :D :D And yes I am tagged again and yes again by Vinay Isn't that the coolest thing?

So here it goes.....

What have you realized recently?

Free will is a myth like all the other ideals.

Have you given your first kiss away?

How can one give a kiss 'away'?? *derisive* The first kiss 'with a guy' well was amazing.. he kissed the inside of my palm.. yeah romantic.. and yeah the relation is long gone... if that is what it means...

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?

Now thats a tough one :( I can surely say.. I will take Neeru along. Nancy too.. but she has kids would want them to suffer.. Anoop.. karthik :-) Floey! Ishy! Vishal for sure!! along with his guitar!! 4 more to go... Vinay :-) .. erm rest anyone who would love to tag along

Where is the place you want to go the most?

Now this is a toughie! :( I want to visit so many places!! Havent been anywhere yet! *sigh* Still if I have to choose one place... it will be Ireland. I don't know why.. but I am attracted to anything Celtic a lot!

If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?

That all my dreams come true * I am greedy yeah!!* Okay.. seriously? That I get a kind of guy I dream for.. that would be enough for me :-) after all life is long.. and company is important

Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?

What is not to believe? It is the truth!

What are you afraid of losing the most now?

Nothing actually. If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that.. things are not in my control... worrying about them is not gonna stop it from happening if it has to happen.

If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Invest part of it and spend the rest :-)

If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

Honestly? No. Though I would love to :-)

List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you

Now this is easy ! :-)

--------> Amazing person
--------> Awesome poet
--------> Optimist.

What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

Cant write in one line ofcourse! Have a blog post about it here

What type of people do you hate the most?

Hate is too strong an emotion to waste on people I don't like!

What is the one thing you can't live without?

I find this question spurious actually.. and still if I have to answer.. it will be .. computer.. my day starts and ends with it :-)

If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?

I would rather like the fact that the mistakes are pointed out. But I wouldn't someone to rudely point it out to me. I expect that my friends do point it out. I would be put out if they don't.

15th question was missing in Vinay's tag so I am making a question myself....

If you can make one change in yours or anyone's life what would you do ?

I would like to give hope to one person and hopefully that person would give it to someone else.

Are you a shopaholic or not?

This is a trick question bah! I am not a shopper but I am known to impulsively buy stuff more than I planned to buy esp clothes....

Find a word to describe the person who tagged you

*Easy Easy!!* Chwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt!!!!

If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?

Inactivity. I have a habit of letting things take its course... well that means procrastination :D :D

What’s the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?

Erm.. too personal to state here :(

Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?

A little bit of both :-) Enough money to never feel the lack of it and enough love to never feel unloved.. I wouldn't want too much of love or too much of money though.. that would be suffocating!

and I tag:

Anyone who wanna take it on :-)