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yeah.. but i changed mind coz of that asshole :X someone i had decided never to mention in this space... but i am sick n tired of that psycho.. who still keeps stalking me.. creating new profiles! i wonder how i can ger him to stop.. i guess he can only stop when i leave orkut.. but leaving is like something which i wudnt do.. it smacks of cowardice.. or is it discretion??

ofcourse i can delete the profile and create a new one... but i will have to lose all my online friends too.. which i am not ready to do.. so in the meantime i am juss cautious!
meena iyer
Ppl, i am taking brk from ranting abt my job * which actually i like* to rant abt a really piss out issue... its abt my house shifting...

After giving notice 3 months in advance.. and getting confirmation that we will receive money on 10th of september and reminding them on regular intervals...... we are still waiting for money 10 days down the line...

Day 1: call the owner * no one picks up the call* keep calling... same issue! in the evening they call ... no apologies given.. she says * owner's daughter* that her dad will come there on sunday

Day 3: * dads come* in the night around 8:30 they ask us to meet : we say we cant .. hafta the next day!

Day 4: Again in the night around 8:30 they call. Exasperatedly I go. They promise to pay the next day as they have to go somewherelse in the evening * no reply to phone no response from their side at all *

I wait for them to come back like on day 7!

Day 7: Again in the night, they ask us to meet and then request to have a look of the property before we got the money! Not tht we ahve any issues! but then..... they cud have told the same on phone why does it require that we go to their place? again they wanna visit 8:00 in the morning.. given my sleeping habits thats toooo way too early :x

We complied but they were rude!!!

Day 8: they come home.. and then keep fibbing abt useless things like chips on the floor..* none of which were of our doing* and their excuse: may be sweety dug them holes.. that too in the tiles.. didnt know my sweeties nails r laser drills!

:x :x i sure wish so.. i cud have made money sitting at home.. leasing my doggie to work.....

Finally they agree to pay money next day * in cash* and *minus some money*even after arguing wid them.. finally we gibe in as we were worried of not getting money at all! they say we will get it * tomorrow*

Day 9: *no response* Called in the evening ... finally got money in cash 9 o clk in the night! They know we cannot deposit it in the bank in the night : : what shud we conclude? it was not matter in thousands.. but in lacs!!!!!! * @$#$^&*&*@* u r free to add any swear words u want!

Day 10: Finally money is at its home * bank*

Le sigh!
meena iyer
Finally i am in mood to rant about something.. this time its my job that i am going to rant about [:)]

A year back I was working for a process called windows xp.. wherein we had general home users from USA call to us...

#customer 1: *A chinese customer*

Me: thank you for calling microsoft windows XP technical support. My name is meena. May I have your first name and case no?

Cu: I donot have a case number. will my SSN do ?

Me: I m sorry sir, Did you talk to somebody before you got transfered to me?

Cu: Oh yeah! I talked to a guy with funny accent. I ddint get what he said.

Me: no problem sir. How may I assist you ?

Cu: I am glad I got you. You have a good accent. These bloody indians have worst accent. Whereever I call i get routed to indians. * and he is chinese with worst accent possible*

Me: I am an indian too. Would you like to talk to an american?

Cu: No no. you talk good I donot want to be trasferred.

Me: May I know what the issue is?

Cu: My computer died on me. wouldn't start. My ISP says contact microsoft.
* wondering what computer got to do with ISP!!! *

Me: May I know if the power is on?

Cu: yes it is.

Me: Do you get any error message?

Cu: It says page cannot be displayed.

*makes sense but computer died???? *

Me: Are you able to see your desktop?

Cu: Cant receive emails too! You microsoft suck! I am planning to move to Mac computer!

Me : I understand sir that you are having isssues with your computer.. I am here to help you out.. I assure you that I will be resolving your issue by end of this call

Cu: It is not me who is having issue. It is microsoft. you have to fix it somehow I cannot waste more time. Let it be fixed by evening.. Good day!

* phone disconnected*

Me: Are you here sir?

*dail tone.............*

I was wondering how i can fix *his* computer from India... besides i do not know what the issue was.. and i was wondering why he paid $35.00 and stayed online for like more than an hour only to hang up!!!!

Customer 2: Fluttery old lady

Me: same opening

Cu:(very slowly.. lyk old ladies can talk) Hi dear. I am hoping that you can help me. A very nice gentleman was talking to me earlier helping me out. He gave me a number. is that waht you want?

Me : Yes ma'am

Cu: Oh okay. Let me get my glasses please. Give me a moment

Me: Sure ma'am take your time.

In the back ground: * hello susan. How are you dear? I am talking to this very nice indian lady.. Can you beleive it they talk english! So nice too. Such queer accent though... very polite. Oh honey my computer is acting up again. Tom used to fiddle around it for me.. but since his divorce doesnt come here any longer.. saad affair isnt it? That bitch! broke his heart she did * all this while i am still on hold*

* phone disconnected*

I wonder why they waste my time and their own!!

Customer 3: A old man from down south

Me: same opening

Cu: howdy lady! I am hoping to find some help. My computer is acting up I cannot open my aol anymore.

Me : May I know if you can visit some other site?

Cu: (drawls in sexy southern accent) I sure... havent .. tried.. but i would like to do it if you tell me how to do it..

Me: please open your browser.

Cu: say whaaaa????!!! I am sorry but i am not computer literate....

Me: how do you access AOL ?

Cu: i click on the icon on my home page..

Me: Do you see the blue "e" icon on your desktop?

Cu: Where do i find the desktop?

Me: I am sorry, do you see a blue "e" on your home page?

Cu: Yes. certainly I do.

Me: please click on it

Cu: I did.

Me: what does it show?

Cu: page cannot be displayed.

Me: okay. please type in the address bar.

Cu: okay give me a moment. *spells it out slowly.. types wrong.. types everything back slowly by this time 45 min is over your ST gives you warning to wrap it fast*

Me: May I know whats happening?

cu: Gives me the same error.

Me: okay. May I know if you see lights on your router/modem ?

Cu: I will tell you if you tell me where to find that...

Me : It generally is around your computer. Its a smal rectangular box with 4 lights burning..

Cu: I certainly had it last week, however my grandson took it away last week. I thought its not important.

Me: Sir, you cannot connect to internet without it.

Cu: Dont try to con me. I certainly can!!!! I went to AOL page last week.

Me: May I know if it was before or after you gave away the modem?

Cu: I am an old man. My memory isnt what it is. You cannot expect me to remember thaat!!!


Me: I am sorry sir, but i am positive that you cannot go online without that box. You can contact AOL and get it verified!

Cu: I certainly will do that. And for $35.00 you have a very bad service. I thought my issue will be resolved for the amount i paid! Should have known! big sharks like you only screws ppl like us!!

* disconnected*

Phew!!! for a guy who doesnt knw what browser is and doesnt know that what modem is... i think he doesnt deserve technology.. not when he calls me a bad service [:x]

Ah well there are more.. to be continued some other day

Stay tuned for a lady who discusses her love life wid me n asks advices.. for a lady who asks me to get married soon.. her sallly married at 15 and for a lady and a man who gives me pointers in raising my sweety!!

And then new stories abt horrendous days in web hosting company :-)
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Today i stay awake late night... flitting to unread unwanted blogs and profiles .. i wonder what i am doing why i am doing?

What do i acheive by this random browsing? for that matter what do i acheive by talking to random strangers... strangers whom i would never meet.. strangers who will be forgotten in days to come...

I sit here staring at my pc sharing thoughts events in life that i havent even shared wid the most intimate of my friends... only to share the same with the next available person in the future!

Is it becoz as my sister says i am too needy! If that was true why dont i need a particular person?? To be honest one particular person bores me.. even the thought of it bores me...

What abt my dreams of mr perfect the one and only soulmate??

i guess i am not made to be wid one person in my life..
meena iyer
Yeah i am in mood of it.. I love to read random blogs.. its as if i read a piece of their life... I dunno why i love it.. peeking into their blog n never commenting on it!

Like i once used to read a blog of a lady who was divorced and yet evry much in love..

One of the most touching piece tht i read was about one holiday weekend.. which used to be special for them.. she so wanted to call him *they were still friends* but didnt coz she dint wanna feel needy * didnt wanna show him that she was*

Her choice of words.. her pain was soo real so touching....

Similarly right now i am reading a blog of a writer.. who has quit alchohol.. his daily life.. his fight against the urge and his hopes for future the disappointments...

i wonder if i like reading that as it is sooo real or do i read them coz he is too talented?

i hope i get to read his publications.. its awesome wite up!
meena iyer
I dont know why i am posting terribly small posts...

Abnd then many posts in succession!

I keep planning many posts in my mind.. however when i get to write ti doesnt come as i like it...

Well in this post i wanna talk abt this huge want in my life.. I want to be perfect and yet not work for it.. and i hate to have anyone who is like me!

yeah i like to be unique... and perfect.. i want to talk intelligently about any or every topic when i do know that there are many issues where my knowledge is inadequate.. and yet i dont wanna actually increase my knowledge!

Lets juss say that i am lazy wid huge castles in the air.. only have no foundations!
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ITs amazing how you say the most intimate details to strangers but once you get to know them even a lil bit inhibitions take hold of you!

Likewise, You hardly have any expectations from a stranger things seem interesting.. the more you get to know a person the more you become bored.. or rather you expect things to remain in same level of interest... but it doesnt
meena iyer
I feel this terrible urge to write poems... but some how words fail me.. or rather i fail words.... may be!

Its like i have nothing to say or may b so much to say that its this huge chaos that wont resolve!
meena iyer
Yep my 50th post!!

Yesterday was by and far one of the best day for me!! Instead of wallowing in self pity on this day.. I actually went to my nani's place! with sweety in tow.. it was sure to be fun and it was!

My sweety didn't let my mama come home.. his home .. it was sooo funny.. then the usual talks!

*le sigh* I have got a soulmate in my cousin! LOL she backed me to hilt and we kept teasing elders for a change!

Somethings never change! When we *touched elders feet* they blessed us to get a "husband" very soon.. I was like blessing de rahe ho ki curse!

Really.. other than this part.. i can njoy my relatives.. * atleast it wasnt.. i know this guy who is an engineer... thing*

Well shopping for new clothes was fun too and so was travelling wid sweety in the rick...

Fir late in the night i caught indo-pak match.. juss the last over to see them go to tie and then win...

And my friend got us a DVD with 3-4 movies... we end up watching Awarapan... it was okay movie.. and i am going back for ganapati to nani's place....

Yippie! and today all my cousins will be there i expect to tease ppl as well as get teased!!

All in all great expectations
meena iyer
Yep i know tomorrow is 14th!
And yet i am not feeling low now.. not like i felt all these days.. something is new today.. or may be i am new.. Mom i am sorry for the anger... i dun mean i am happy wid ur choices.. but then who am i to judge?? no one.. i hardly know u.. i regret that.. i wish i cud.. but then.. i am still feeling better.. for the time we were atleast togather.. atleast i have the satisfaction that... that u love me!

atleast i am sure of that!!

I am glad that i am your child.. i am sure where ever u r .. u love me n r proud of me!

I am sure u know that we are doing the best we could!

And that should be enough!

Love you mom.. and yeah we havent forgotten you.. you are always in our hearts and our thoughts!!

May you rest in peace!
meena iyer
I never play songs repeatedly.. but this song has caught me by something1
phew i am not even remembering phrases now!

This song from tehzeeb sung by some bhattacharya! who cares the songs awesome!

meena iyer
What is this need for company when I actually dont want to talk??

I wanna be around but yet not talk to anyone.. who said there is no contradictions in nature!

I think i am one bundle of contradiction!

I wonder why do i have pressing need for company.. but when i get it.. like i was talking to one of my friend,.... i actually didnt want to talk and i logged off!!

I wanted to blog for so long.. so many post in my mind.. but never felt like putting it in words.. I have so many conversations in my mind... wid real n imaginary ppl.. but when it comes to reality.. i hardly wanna have any..

Y is it so?
meena iyer
They say time lessens the pain.. I wonder who said that. I mean how come it didnt happen to me??

Time doesnt lessen the pain it just lessens the edge.. You go through day to day hiding from it, ignoring it and it is just lying there accumulating... and then one fine day when u slacken your vigil it hits you like a rock.. You dont know whether to keep ur face straight and act like nothing happened or that you can deal with it.. Or should you lean on someone and cry your eyes out..

I wonder if i decide to cry is there any shoulder offered? I mean i do have friends.. friends whom i can count on.. but whats new is that i dont want to lean on them.. I look through my friends list and dont want to talk to anyone.. Thats new..

Like a withering flower i writhe.. but do i show it to anyone? whats the use of showing ugliness out?

I thought i will never miss her.. after all she left us in lurch.. .. thats a rude thing to say i guess .. but it does seem like betrayal to me some times... i do miss her.. every day is reminder of what i dont have and every night a trial.. its been 10 years this month and I still hurt.. more so nowadays than before..

At that time it was imperative that i stay strong.. we had a family to run a dad to console but now.... now that there isnt anything to hold on to i remember

I remember all too well than its good for me :(

I miss u momma.. miss u hard!

Whenever i see a mother and daughter shopping together i miss u.. I wonder if we wud b this way!

I hate it... hate that you wouldnt see me in my youth.. wudnt see what i am now.. i wonder if u wud be proud of me atleast.. I wonder if u will approve of all my decisions or would you blame us?

I wonder on those lonely night how it would be juss to sleep on your lap like old times:(

i wonder if you would love sweety as i do...

Dard Ki Yaad Mein Bhi Dard Hai Behtar Yeh Tha
Aapne Zakhmo Ka Hisab Hum Ne Na Rakha Hota

How true!

I wonder y i keep the "hisaab"

Le sigh!
meena iyer
Imagine.. imagine imagine something [:P]

yeah thats all i wanna write abt this why dont u imagine what the post is all about?
meena iyer