meena iyer

The most powerful force in life?

Faith. It can move mountains. I dont mean just faith in god.. but anything.. you can have faith in you.. in others... Faith is strongest of all forces!

The greatest asset?

Hope. If you can hold onto hope and work towards it in the darkest of times.. nothing can ever faze you.

The most powerful channel of communication?

Touch. Nothing like a hug when you are down. Or a quick pat on your back.. when job's well done.

The most important thing in life?

Living it. Each moment cherished.

The greatest joy?

The greatest joy is when you cannot help but shed some tears.

The worst thing to be without?

A shoulder to lean on.

The greatest loss?

Loss of trust.

The most worthless emotion?


The most effective sleeping pill?

Currently my GATE Prep Book.. In General ... a lullaby with someone caressing your head :)

The most satisfying work?

A work thats more of a pleasure than a 'work' like writing blogs :D * anyone wanna hire me?*

The greatest problem to overcome?

Self Doubt.

The best attire?

Nudity? :D :D Erm.. anything I am comfortable with .. and as simple as it can get.

The most crippling disease?


The most dangerous pariah?

Thoughts banished to the dusty corners of heart.. comes back to haunt you...

The two most powerful words?

Love ya! *they really are* or you can try.. missed you too..

And the greatest attitude?

Gratitude :D :D!!!!

Okay kidding.. attitude is something that should become part of you.. if your attitude overpowers "U".. its not worth having :-)

Anoop! Thank you for these questions... They made me think.. Umm as it happens.. thinking has become a pastime I do without
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  1. Wow..wonderful!!!
    and great to know ur GATE book is of some use after all :D

  2. --xh-- Says:

    :) neat answers.. like them muchos...

  3. Vinay Says:

    not tagging anybody?? ;)
    nice answers...!!

  4. Reflections Says:

    in a thoughtful mood huh. very profound answers esp gr8test loss & gr8test problem to overcome & yes crippling disease.

  5. @anoop.. :)

    @Karthik.. thats like a diplomatic sarcasm.. if there cud b something like that :D :D

    @vinay.. umm its an open tag. I didnt tag coz.. I wondered if everyone got bored of it.. but do take it on :)

    @nancy.. the questions were worth mulling on :) do take it on!