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It seemed like today would be no different. The noise of the TV could be reached even on the stairs. The house was a mess. Resignedly, she enters the kitchen to make some coffee.
" What happened here?!!" she cried out.
"Happy birthday Mommy!" two flour covered imps sang in unison.

meena iyer
A tag stolen from Pratsie

Dear P,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I have taken over your new Benz car and the savings account is now in my name.  I think I realized it when I received no response for my urgent emails and  telephonic messages and I saw that she was strutting with a new solitaire ring. I'm sure you're mature  enough to understand my predicament and sympathize with me when you see the credit card bills .

I'm returning your CD collections  to you, but I'll keep your family jewellery  as a memory. You should also know that the garbage has not been cleared for a week now and the dogs love the bed in the master  suite or whatever is left of it.

Welcome home,

- Winnie the poohi

P.S: I wanted to make it humorous.. alas has become quite repetitive but why don't you guys give it a try?? Either in comment section or take it up as a tag! Do leave me the link to follow up  :)

The template is like this :

Dear (person you spoke to recently,
I don't really know how to tell you this, (1). I think I realized it (2)(3) and I saw you (4)(5). I'm surre you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning your (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).


meena iyer
Caution: A very long story.
P.S: I forgot to add credit to Varun for creating this story with me on GTalk on one boring evening few months ago. I am sorry for waiting this long to complete this story dear.. And its nowhere near what it was supposed to be.. I know... but I atleast completed it :P :P 

They say words have magic. Words. How many tongues twirl around them, savoring them, confiding in them, saving it in memories and then  repeating them, enriching them with their experiences and weaving them into a legend a story par excellence.  

Legends. They are so fantastic , so improbable that they cannot be anything but true. They cannot be fiction. And today I am going to tell you one such legend. It is not a story of heroes and valor. And yet, it is a story that would keep you riveted till the end. (hopefully)

Oh yes! The legend is about mermaids. Luscious females with beauty that had no rivals. Full of magic and of treasure hidden deep in the sea that only these mermaids knew about.  

Once upon a time, oh yes, most of the stories don't say just when, for its immaterial.  So, once upon a time, in Germania, there was an oasis of ice called Meerjung. Surrounded by very thick evergreen forests and impregnable rocks, shrouded in mystery--

It was said that in the land of the mer people, deep into the ice-land, under the enchantment of full moon night, mermaids came to land to roam and to play.  Turned into humans. And anyone who can catch these mermaids become the owner of the secrets of the 7 oceans "

 Just how did the ice remain frozen? How is it that the forest surrounding the oasis was so thick with trees and yet this patch remained barren, untouched, pristine.... And most important of all.. from where did the mermaids come to the pond? It was nowhere near the sea. It was inland surrounded by mountains and forests! No one knew.

For generations, this story enthralled the people equally -- the one who told the tales and the one who listened.  No matter how many times its been repeated, it still remained  fascinating. Many have tried to go to this land but none of them  ever successfully returned from there. And yet, the legend survived. It was whispered long in the night by harried mothers while putting their children to sleep,  discussed under the willow tree in the play grounds by teenagers late in the afternoon. It then sneaked into dreams of adventures and persisted till these boys grew  into adolescence wherein they dreamt of finding a mermaid and falling in love. Poets wrote about it longingly and heroes-in- making planned for the conquest.

Tales have an amazing way of travelling to places that men haven't even heard of! And this one reached the distant land of Glitzernden Lichter ,the Land of glittering lights.

Emperor Yakuski, who ruled this kingdom with aplomb, was an accomplished sorcerer who liked to use his magic on weak and unsuspecting beings. For dangerous campaigns he used his cohorts, a legion of females who were both lethal and beautiful. Courtesans with skills of an assassin, they were quite well known for their infamous conquests. He called them his jewels. Yakuski's jewels.

 When the emperor heard about this land of treasures and beautiful maidens, he was so intrigued by the story that he just had to plunder it.  As days passed by, this fascination turned into an obsession that he couldn't let go.

Soon he announced rewards for anyone who could capture one mermaid for him. Many brave and valiant souls took up the challenge over the period of years. Alas none returned.  Then the emperor bid one of his best warrior, Lena, to try her luck. The emperor waited for her painstakingly every evening until 11 years passed by. And then, he finally gave up.

Few weeks later a curious incident happened. A female visited his court and demanded his audience. She claimed she could make sure that a mermaid was captured for the king. This was so outrageous that the king first got annoyed and then amused by the daring of a mere female, that he granted the permission.

This female was a witch with many hidden powers and even more cunning. Robed in a turquiose flowing gown and studded with precious stones, she looked intimidating. She was very beautiful with seductory eyes and mysterious ways. She completely captivated the emperor at first sight.  She extolled the virtues of the emperor until he was red behind his ears with pleasure. And then, only then, she told him that she could help him  in his quest as she was an extraordinary  witch. She told him about the treacherous forests and the wolf like dogs which were neither animal nor human and of their avarice to human blood. She told him about the enchanted mirror that made a man lose his way..

Finally she told him about the spell of doom that made a man go into enchantment that makes him writhe in pain while it gave exquisite pleasure. A madness that had no cure and the land that had no gateway. And yet, she assured him, that these spells are ineffective on women. And whatever could effect them, she had the potion to nullify the spell. For she planned to go with them. The only stipulation was that the army accompanying her should be all females.

She said she has travelled a long way to come to him, to request his all woman army.  Also that, he was welcome to keep the mermaids for she had no use for them, but she needed a certain stone that was important for her witchcraft and he could use all the treasure.

He couldn't believe it. It was too good to be true. He can keep everything. Even that stone that she talked about for you see he was a sorcerer and could make use of such a power as much as the witch. Once the mermaids are captured this female can be disposed off even if she is a witch. His foxy jewels can be trusted with it.  Delighted with the plan, he agreed.

They set out one week after  the meeting with loads of provisions. A group of 26 jewels. Each one of them extremely stunning, it seemed like a procession of angels and all of the kingdom came to bid their beautiful daughters good luck. Amid lot of pomp and glamour and celebrations, they left for Meerjung.

The journey was without doubt full of adventure. They first crossed the land of shifting sands where the sand buried them to death if you don't keep moving. And the howling winds filled your ears with roar so much that you can't hear what the person next to you says. And in the night the desert snakes and deadly scorpions lurked. The food was rationed so was the water. They did have anti dote of snake bites and yet they lost two people.

  Three weeks down the line, they reached the marshy lands. They had devised an ingeneous method of throwing the stones to find quick sands if any. And the witch enchanted the stones to float and the girls jumped on the stones to reach the safety. Even the witch's sorcery couldn't save the poor girl who slipped and fell into the quick sand.

Days passed by and they reached the Dancing rocks. Every day the mountains danced at sunset and the stones fell from height and the mountains changed shape. Witch had to take every girl on her broom to and fro before the sun set. It was incredibly risky few of the times. Luckily they didnt lose any one.

Once they crossed the mountains, they reached the enchaned forests. In this forest everything was topsy turvy. Sometimes the flowers walked at others the birds crawled. The pathways changed position every 5 minutes. It was like being lost in a jigsaw puzzle.  Even the witch couldn't save them from being lost. The closer they came to Meerjung, it seemed like the witch's power diminished. Still the girls were glad that the witch was there with them. They knew they would have been long dead if it wasn't for the witch and were very grateful. 

By the time they crossed the enchanted forest and reached the land of optical illusions, the oasis of ice, only 9 of the Yasukhi's jewels were left. 

They were so startled by the sudden change in the topography. For long they kep waiting for the view to change. But it didnt and they marched forward. They found themselves getting into a tunnel like formation. Only it was hard to tell what it actually was. The icicles and the mirror like quality of frozen snow and the reflected sunrays blinded their eyes.  And yet, they were not cold.  Each of them tried to explore and to find out the way to go forward. But it was hard to find out . Suddenly a snow leapord appeared in front of them. And yet, it was half human and walked on 2 legs. It roared and its slated silvery grey eyes glittered... The mirror-like snow reflected the image of the leapord-men thousand time over.  It was difficult to know how many were there. There were certainly more than one. ...

The roars echoed from the walls and the image leapt around. It was eerie. The witch's magic had failed completely and now they were left to their own wits to defend themselves. And defend they did with tremendous bravery and skill and yet it was not enough. They were all saved by a lucky coincidence. One of the snow slab had broken down when one of the females fell on it forcefully,  breaking the spell and in turn losing her life. 8 of them remained.

The broken slab also showed them a way out towards the ' der Meerjungfrauen', the land of mermaids. Enthused that they are at the end of their quest, the mermaids eagerly rushed towards the lake. The mermaids would come in the night yes but they finally could bathe and be clean. With a rush they jumped into the water. When they came out something sinister happened..

The enchantment that held this world together crumbled and these girls could see the world as it really was. The witch was an ugly woman, raxor thin with crooked nose and pointed fingers, like claws. 

Wasting no time she told them that they had only two choices, either to become a mermaid and be trapped here until they die or to die now and let the witch drink their blood. Blood that would enhance her magic and make her the most powerful witch in the world. 

They promptly replied her in kind. Reveling about their skills and tried to attack her. They knew instinctively that the witch's spell won't affect them now. However, they were wrong. The witch was stringing them along for a long time. She simply disappeared until the night.

In the night, they would either be killed or turned into mermaids. These women were not afraid to die. They were after all warriors. However, dying in a strange land and their people never knowing about their fate was too dismal to think about. And to think they would be snacked on by the witch was too much to contemplate. Being the "doers" they decide to explore for the escape route.

How much ever they try they never could escape. 

The witch cackled invisibly at their misery. She mocked at them and then told them that the whole mermaid story was her enchantment to trap females who then strenghten her. And they were extra special coz of their warrior status. She elaborately told them about her rituals of killing. 

Slowly the story tumbled out. Men who came to catch the mermaid were not important for the witch. Yet they provided ample blood and bloodthirsty instincts. Since she killed them, they never came back. However, she travelled like a gypsy and kept the legend alive. Like a black widow, she had spun this elaborate trap . Soon she was supposed to become the most powerful witch and then rule the world.

Soon it was night and moon appeared. Swiftly, she killed the strongest of them and turned others into mermaids.

Thus the legend of the The mermaids and the Yakuski's jewels came to an end. The stories of the witch still make rounds in the country side by the fire place. I guess her ruthless acts would keep making rounds around the world.... 

meena iyer

All night the storm raged. It poured cats and dogs.

Trees swayed like hell's angels! Razed from the ground, they fell helplessly. Leaves trembled, thunder rumbled, birds screeched. Like a clarion call.

Scared, all night I waited for the storm to abate.  

Then I unfurled my wings, flew through the silent sky and sang my victory song

P.S: Its inspired by a poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. I wish I remembered the poem.. but the image of the poem still lingers. We had that poem for class IX i guess. It is about regeneration. After the storm comes the rebuilding.. if I am not wrong its called ' Need ka nirmaan phir phir, neh ka aavhaan phir phir' I can be wrong ofcourse :(

P.P.S: This pic was taken by me from my mobile. Tweaked it a bit to give the silhouette look.

P.P.P.S: I got the poem googled yay!!

Need Ka Nirman Phir Phir, Neh Ka Ahvan Phir Phir 

Yah Uthee Aandhi Ki Nabh Mein
Chha Gaya Sahasa Andhera
Dhooli Dhoosar Badalon Ne 
Bhoomi Ko Is Bhaanti Ghera 
Raat Sa Din Ho Gaya
Phir Raat Aayee Aur Kali 
Lag Raha Tha Ab Na Hoga
Is Nisha Ka Phir Savera 
Raat Ke Utpaat Bhay Se 
Bheet Jan Jan Bheet Kan Kan 
Kintu Prachi Se Usha Ki
Mohini Muskaan Phir Phir, 
Need ka nirman phir phir
Neh ka avhaan phir phir! 

Kruddha nabh ke vajradanton mein 
Usha hai muskaraati,
Ghor garjanmay gagan ke
kanth mein Khag pankti gaati 
Ek chidiya chonch mein 
Tinka liye jo jaa rahi hai 
Vah sahaj mein hi pavan unchaas ko 
Neecha dikha rahi hai.
Nash ke dukh se kabhi
Dabta nahin nirmaan ka sukh 
Pralay ki nistabdhata mein 
Srushti ka navgaan phir phir.
Need ka nirmaan phir phir 
Neh ka aavhaan phir phir.

While I am at it, here's my english translation.. however it loses the impact in the translation :( The whole feel of reading it in hindi and feeling the rush of emotions... cannot be expressed!! Anyhow, here goes nothing...

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again 

With storm arising  
Darkness has spread everywhere
Clouds leaden with rain ( dark black clouds)  
Has enveloped the earth such that 
Day seemed like night 
And then came a darker night still
It seemed like this night would be forever
And dawn would never end the torments of the night 
Every living creature, every particle is scared[ jan jan== people kan kan== particle] 
But from the east rises, 
A beautiful smiling sun..

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again  

In between the strong teeth of cruel sky, 
Sun smiles, 
In the thunderous throat of scary sky,
The bird sings songs 
When the little bird flies with a small grain in its beak,
It mocks at the 49 different types of the winds!
Under the sadness of destruction,
The happiness of regeneration doesn't disappear
In the chaos of the tempest lies 
The song of the regeneration

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again

meena iyer
The day started out with such promise!! I had too much to do and I had an amazingly busy and fulfilling weekend. On sunday I had watched 2 movies that touched me so much that I was keen to blog about them today.. And yet, right from the start things went wrong.. really wrong!!!

Firstly, I took an auto home in the morning as the cab would be late. @ of my teammates are not around so rest of us have to stretch a bit. Like in the morning shift there is no one but our TL at work. Since he has other things to do besides tech supping.. he decided to come by 8.. not that I blame him really he leaves by 9 pm.. so its okay if he comes late.. only we cannot leave.

But today I had to go out so I asked my colleague to stick around and I left. I was sleepy and tired and the breeze was cold the day was tender.. in short I slept off. When I woke up I realized that I am being ripped off.. The Autowalah was taking unneccesary turns and the meter was way off the usual price. Since I wasn't awake I couldnt really fault him.. he wud ask why didnt I show him the way etc etc.. So i finally started giving directions when half thru the way he said the gas had run out! I got so pissed that I fought with him but in the end payed 20 rupees more and was atleast 10 min walking distance away from home!!

If that wasn't enough, few minutes later I realized I had left the fone in the rick.. Luckily the autowalah was pushing the damn vehicle down the road to the nearest petrol bunk and I could catch up with him after a short dash down the road... alas to no avail.. my mobile was lost.. We did try to search.. the autowalah ringed the mobile but it said not reachable.. finally teary eyed came home.. told sis. she scolded me.. we fought.. finally reconciled.. Called up the service provider.. got the no. blocked.. bought a new mob.. got duplicate sim and now my no. is back working in order.. but my mob my fav moto rocker is lost :(((

It wasn't the coolest mobile around.. it wasnt may be the most stylish mobile too.. but It was mine and I loved it.. loved its look loved every damn thing!! And now its lost..

** sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**

I finally bought Nokia express music.. its not a bad buy.. umm its pretty good.. but i still miss my old fone :((

* Sob SOB SOB!!!! *

P.S: Its pathetic really!! Even while I was mourning I was thinking about how I wil blog about it.. Do I need to get my brains checked?

meena iyer
Heroes are nothing but victims of circumstances doing the best there is coz there is no other choice.. We tend to aggrandasize heroes so as to avoid the responsibility of being responsible for our actions.. Its easy to say 'We all cannot be heroes' but why not?
meena iyer

Completely drenched, she sat by the pond in the pouring rain with an umbrella held precariously.

"What are you doing in the rain?", I asked angrily. " Come inside!"

With innocent voice she replied, " I am protecting the frogs from the rain. They were crying for help"

Charmed beyond measure, I joined her. Mom's admonition long forgotten.

P.S: I have caught the bug.. expect more of these in coming days :)
meena iyer
It is not about what you express but about what thoughts you inspire in others that marks the greatness of a write.
meena iyer
A tag by Nancy :)

100 things about me


1. What's your name→ Meena Iyer

2. Nicknames→ My parents never had nick name for me.. other than dad calling me "naaikutti" and you don't call that nick name **sigh** I never forgave them for that! My sister is called "kuttu" which is a misnomer for
kutti  which means baby!! So most of my friends have given me a lot of nickname over the period of time.. these are some of them that I can recollect... Meenz, meenzie, meens, meanie, mousey, poohi, winnie, idli, wire, moti, truffle, gommy, eeli baby :P :P ( courtesy saurabh) BQ (courtesy alok)

4. Zodiac sign → Capricorn ( Though I am in no way remotely capricornian. I think my parents goofed up about my birthdate. Too bad they have birth certificate to prove they have not.. I still have doubts)

5. Male or female or transgendered → Female 

6. Elementary→ K.M.P.D Vidyalaya, Nalasopara( dont ask for full form :P :P )

7. Schools → K.M.P.D Vidyalaya, Nalasopara

8. Colleges → Junior college : Vartak college, Vasai ( Of govinda fame) And Engg : Konkan Gyanpeeth college of Engg, Karjat

9. Height → 5'2”

10. Hair color → Black

11. Long or short → Mid length

12. Do you have a crush on someone? → I have crushes on many people. None last more than a week sadly **sigh**

13: Ever been in love? Oh yes more than once :P

14. Piercings → of the ears.

15. Tattoos → Not yet.. Would love one though .. ( Will have it done when I lose weight enough to be called fit :P :P ) 

16. Righty or lefty → Righty :)


17. First piercing → Ears, When I was umm 12. ( Thats some story )

18. First best friends →Namita ( We were in L.KG. )

19. First sport you joined→ Langdi and Kabbadi ( I was good at it then never played since school).

20. First pet → The only pet.. Sweety, a lab!.

21. First vacation → With Parents? Either Bangalore or Chennai **sigh** My very first alone was to Mysore. 

22. First concert → Oh school definitely! .

23. First crush → When I was in 6th. It was a guy I met while xeroxing something. We waited for the power to come back to get our xerox done. Talked in the meantime. And when the power did come.. we lingered awhile. I would love to think that the feelings were mutual.. **sigh** It didnt last long enough.. 2 weeks :P 

24. Eating → When I find time for it... Mostly once a day.. 

25. Drinking → A lot! I seem to have infinte capacity to drink anything liquid.. I mean juices and water ;)

26. I'm about to → go to sleep should be right.. but.. its complete the book I am reading... Its "Etudes" by Aseem Kaul.. Its a short story collection and he writes amazingly well!! See for yourself! His first write up in this book...

Note Autobiographical

Every time he speaks of himself you sense something missing, something not quite true. It's not that you doubt his sincerity -- on the contrary, you know he's making every effort to be honest. It's just that by putting himself in the spotlight he has blinded himself to his own shadow, to the audience of alternate selves who watch him from the wings. He tells you what he sees, but all the while the real self remains invisible,like light seen from the inside of a bulb.

It's like the difference between the way you picture yourself and your face in a photograph. The way you hold your breath at immigration, waiting to see if the man examining your passport will accept you for who you are

27. Listening to → The ceiling fan right now ;) In my mind : Rehna tu from Delhi 6


28. Last beverage → Ginger Tea.

29. Last phone call → Think approx. 24 hours ago. I am on self imposed mobile exile this weekend.

30. Last text message → sms? From Varun saying "Hi"
. Email? From Neeru asking me to finish a story she started. ** Honey you would do a better job than me! I can give you ideas though.. check your inbox they are already there**

31. Last song you listened to → Falling slowly from the movie Once. I am in love with the song.. video is here..

32. Last time you cried → ** thinking hard** Its been sometime now. By and large this year I have been really happy....


33. Dated someone twice → Tentatively... It wasn't exactly dating the first time nor the second time.. its somewhere between dating and friendship.. erm too complicated :D :D

34. Been cheated on? → Not yet.

35. Kissed someone & regretted it? → Yes. 

36. Lost someone special? → Yes.

37. Been depressed?→ Erm most of the time. Its like a bad habit :P :P

38. Been drunk and threw up? → Not yet. But want to atleast once.


39. Made new friends → Yes. Online :)

40. Fallen out of love → More than once :D :D .

41. Laughed until you cried → Oh yes! A lot of time. Not recently though...

42. Met someone who changed you → No.

43. Found out who your true friends were → Yes.

44. Found out someone was talking about you → Its a compliment I don't mind getting repeated :P :P. If you get talked about in this fast paced world means you have arrived ;).. I have come across people talking about in college. At work place there is nothing exciting enough to talk about.. rather I do most of the talking :D :D

45. Kissed anyone on your friend's list → Umm yes :)

46. Made the first Move → Not yet. But wouldn't mind for the right person :) 

47. Do you have any pets → Sweety!

48. Do you want to change your name → Not anymore. ( I wanted to when I was young.. its such a common name :P )

49. What did you do for your last birthday → Umm nothing much. Placed myself on mobile exile and slept all day. In the late evening treated my office colleagues with a take out dinner. We dined in office :P :P 

50. What time did you wake up today  →  2:30 p.m 

51. What were you doing at midnight last night→ Working 

52. Name something you CANNOT wait for → Adventure and excitement.

53. Last time you saw your father → Few moments ago. We live together!

54. What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life → I want to finish anything I start!

55. Most visited webpage → Gmail and then my blog :D :D

56.Bribed someone? → Not yet. Hopefully never! I use my charm to work things out :P :P

57.Played with dolphins? → No :(


58. Want kids? → Yes. 2 my own and I want to adopt the 3rd :)

59. Want to get married ? → Confused. Mostly no.. at odd times yes!!

60. Careers in mind? → A new one every few weeks :D

61. Settling in a Big Villa? → Farm house/ cottage with big garden!

62. Day or night? → Night any time!

63. What day is tomorrow? → Saturday

64. Challenges? → Gets me going! Give me a dare and I shall try hard to win it

65. Drive with windows up or down? → Down! If possible even with the hood down!

66. Scared of Death? → Umm not sure. I want to find it out :)

67. Cook or Clean? → Cooking! I hate cleaning up.. unless ofcourse its too messy 

68. Lips or eyes → Eyes :)

69. Hugs or kisses → Hugs anytime .

70. Shorter or taller → Taller

71. Older or Younger → Older.

72. Romantic or spontaneous → Both are enjoyable!!!

73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both!!!

74. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive to my feelings and loud laughter ;).

75. Hook-up or relationship → Long relationships would be nice but well I get too bored too easily so hookups most likely

77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Neither. Someone who knows where to stop and where to let go.


78. Kissed a stranger → Not yet. But there is something exciting about this situation. Would love to kiss a "romantic hero" outta M&B novel :D

79. Lost glasses/contacts → No. umm but my specs have been broken by sweety twice. Ever since I graduated to contacts. Havent lost them yet!

80. Found money on the road → Yes more than once. 

81. Sex on first date → *wicked smile* No.....

82. Broken someone's heart → Don't think so. 

83. Had your own heart broken → Same as above

84. Held a snake? → No

85. Been arrested → No

86. Turned someone down → Yes

87. Cried when someone died → Yes.

88. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? → Yes


89. Yourself → Shakily but yes.

90. Miracles → I believe in faith. Miracles happen if you have faith.

91. Love at first sight → Yes! Read about it

92. Heaven → Nah nor in hell. But if there is such thing.. I would rather go to hell. more exciting :D

93. Santa Claus → Nopes. But I would love to believe in him!

94. Peace in this lifetime → Inner peace yes. World peace not likely!

95. Kissing on the first date? → Depends on the date!

96. Angels → Yes. They come in human form. Up to us to recognize them!

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → A dream person may be. 

98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? → Nopes.

99. You will die Young → Is 55 young ? Wouldn't want to live more than that...

100. You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with – The first only if he loves me too. The latter might happen. I can never be sure of it unless I do end up with someone.. if I end up that is :D

Whoosh done!!!  Leaving you guys with a crazy pic of mine took in mumbai by my friend. At her place :D :D

meena iyer
Not before I die or anything.. Just want to do in my life atleast once. If I can many times :D :D

1. Go to a musical soiree or a jamming session ( just to watch )

2. Watch an artist paint. Bring his/her thought to life

3. Stand on a cliff so steep that one step wrong would mean dying. Stand there and feel the wind blow my hair.. feel it roar in my ears.

4. Stay in a tree house in the middle of an evergreen forest ( this came into my mind when I watched umm Mr. and Mrs. Iyer when Rahul bose talks about in the cafe.. he spins the yarn but I fell in love with it)

5. Go camping amidst the snow. May be a part of umm team that tags snow bears may be ? That would be fun!!

6. Be caught in a life threatening situation and come alive.

7. Face a situation where pragmatism vie with ethics ( Would love to see what I choose )

8. Fall passionately in love so much so that it defies logic and reason ( This is hard. Harder than the rest somehow. For am at best a very lukewarm person when it comes to feelings)

9. Live on an island even if it is for few days. I wish I could own one and live in it all my life.

10. Watch the moonlight light the snow  mountains caps in the night..( As described by rahul bose again :P in Anuranan) ** Solilo I watched it after you mentioned. I didnt like the end**

meena iyer

They sat together on the bench. An old man and a child. Oblivious to each other.

A kite trailed high in the air. It was set free when the thread cut.

Both child and the man looked on longingly.

Their eyes met. The old man winked. Soon they raced behind the kite happily!
meena iyer

Guilt is a mistress one can ill afford to have. Like the cloying smell of perfume that overpowers your senses long after that person has left. Guilt lingers. Until you finally surrender to it.

Guilt. It visited me once.With sunken eyes, wrinkled skin and crumpled body. It slouched through the pathway and hopefully stared into my eyes. Through a pitiful old man. That look still haunts me. Like a broken record stuck in the middle, his words still echo in my ears. Gripped with shame and inexpressible fear, I turned around and never looked back. I feigned a helplessness that marked me for life.

I wish it was not so. Wishes. Why is it that we fill our lives with wishes that can never come true? And then pepper it with regrets and suddenly find that the dish is not to our liking!

It was such an glorious day. A day of possibilities. Why can't it be a morose rainy day? For that would make it easier to accept. Easier to deal with what was meant to be rather what was not. But no. It was a lovely spring morning. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, bathed in golden sunshine. Summer time. 

This visit was long overdue. I looked forward to it since that first day. And was a bit worried too. How would I face him? What would I tell. Can I be impervious to the blame, to the accusation that would definitely lurk in his eyes. Its his eyes that always troubled me and has done so ever since. Honest eyes that never held back its emotions. It was meant for his own good. As if I knew what is good and what is not. 

Why is it that we think we know ? Who are we do decide anyways? 

I went.  I looked. And guilt clenched my throat choking me. Until no thought remained but shame. And yet I didn't relent.

The hope left those eyes slowly as I slipped past the gate and the gate shut behind me. I didn't look back.  

He must have stood there waiting for me to return.  Days merged into weeks and weeks into months. I never returned. I didn't have the courage to look into those eyes and see the need, see the hope and then see the light darken into nothingness. A trust was broken. A heart was wounded.  For his own good.

A check signed promptly. Few letters written that went unread. Reports followed assiduously. Calls made promptly. Can these assuage my guilt? That sharp pain in my guts that wrenched them clean ? Can it? 

Guilt visited me once again. Six months later. I returned too. It was too late then. The eyes was no longer there. Those wrinkled sunken eyes of my father. Those honest eyes forever closed in permanent repose.

The gate closed yet again. 

This time I lingered awhile trying to find shades of him in the setting sun. Trying to catch the elusive smell in the passing breeze. When a stray leaf wrapped itself on me, I tried to find traces of his touch. The board said "XYZ Mental Institution"

A simple non decorative planck

I never could find him. Guilt. It stays with me now like he never could. 

meena iyer
Yesterday in the night I tired really hard to stay up all night as there were a lot of server issues. However, before I could know I went to the lulu land. And when I woke up I was finding reasons to why I couldn't stay up and I realized thats coz I forgot to sleep during the day.. I know I know you guys must be chuckling and some might be wondering about my poor brain..

Its just that well I am not used to working on saturday nights and Sunday being the only day when my sis and I are together, we end up having a lot of work. And hence I forgot to sleep :P

meena iyer
Few weeks back I watched this movie... "Pay it forward". It is such a simple story and so heart warming! A feel good movie that left me utterly charmed.

The story is simple. A small kid decides to use his school social science project to make a difference to the world he lives in. He decides to find 3 people who needs help and are not able to help themselves and help them. And the only thing those people have to do is to help 3 more people. Even if one of the people helps 1 person the good will is carried forward. And slowly but surely a wave of positive change envelopes the people. Amazing storyline. I have left the actual storyline untouched as I dont want to spoil the fun! Do watch it if you haven't!

If you have and may be if you are motivated enough.. I was wondering.. why not start a "pay it forward" movement ourselves?

I am certainly gonna try! I solemnly vow that I shall help the first 3 deserving people I come across and I shall blog about it as soon as I do help them :)

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Sometimes am happy that he is not around but am always glad that he is back.

- A woman about her husband who travels for work.

And this for me is true realistic love. :D

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I am a very envious person. Umm envious is not the right word nor is jealousy I think. I mean I don't grudge others their happiness or good luck. Its just that I want it for myself. Not that I am not happy or that I am not blessed.

There are many things in my life to be thankful about . Few things exceptionally wonderful.. And yet I find myself wanting more.. 

I dont exactly hate it but I wish I was more content or may be had powers that could make anything I wish for come true..

Like the book I am reading right now.. The Time Traveler's wife. Its almost like a dream come true for me.. if it could be true ofcourse. And the flight of imagination of the authoress is the source of this umm post.. and the emotion too.

I am hard pressed to know which character I would like to be.. The time traveler or his wife.. for both the characters well seem extremely appealing to me.

I shall not say anything about the story line for all thouse people who would love to read it.. but I shall briefly dwell on their characterization.. Its just amazing!

There is a guy with a dysfunction wherein he can travel in future as well as past. And it is possible for the past to meet the future! Wouldn't it be amazing if you can do it ? A way wherein you stand out of the circle.. of your friends and family and dispassionately look at yourself and those around you! To remember the things you have forgotten over the period of time as you will.. after all memories too fade.. and yet time travel would let you savor them.. linger over them..

You can visit all the beautiful memories over and over again.. and also the sad memories.. now thats a downer!

And his wife.. she meets me since she was 6 in various different forms. Sometimes he is kid at others old man.. ranging from 15-43! She grows normally and he is haphazard! There is continuity even in this seeming randomness.. They know each other and develop a regard for each other in a way no one else can dream about. He witnesses her past as a matured presence and also as her future.. I would so love to be known to a person this way.. the whole novelty of the situation.. the utter vulnerability and the same time.. the trust and the knowledge that these ppl share about each other.. Ah I would so love to be this woman too.. since I dont get any naked stranger thrust upon me.. until yet.. I guess it might not happen to me *sigh*

Any how am utterly charmed and wee bit.. a whole lot envious of the fictional characters.. Okay now I seem absurd too and should stop!
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She was all set to go. And she didn't like to wait. And she was reading this interesting novel. It seemed such a drag when it started and yet later on she got caught up with the story and didn't want to stop. And the cab had not yet come! Generally she would be late and make the cab wait. This day was different. Not special. Just different. And then nearly 45 min late the cab came. She rushed to the door only to realize she cannot go. Guess what? She is locked in. Yes. Her sister by mistake locked her in. And that person was me this Tuesday. Gleefully I asked the cab driver to go. And then I completed the novel. Did some channel surfing and all. And when I went to sleep I found the keys in between the folds of the bed sheet. It lay hidden. Ofcourse my sis must have forgotten it there. And I got an extra holiday yay!!

And and today I forgot my keys in Airtel shop. Luckily I got it back. I think there is something wrong with me.. I seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff off late!

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Me: So what do you think I should do? May be I can still give the CET for local universities 

Sis: Do you really think you will follow through ?? *derisively*

Me: Well I have to do something. I can't just let the time slip by. And I wouldn't know until I try. I might finish it this time!

Sis: Oh yeah? Like the first time you joined a course for VoIP which you left coz its too far and they don't teach well.. or the cource for Wireless communication you actually finished and did nothing about it.. or recently the course for Java which you never finished or did anything with it.. or the prep for GATE which you never gave and never studied?

Me: * seemingly nochalant* May be you are right. I will wait till end of the year and give GATE next year if I am interested still. Or May be in the meantime I can give those certifications that I keep dreaming about

My sister decided to not say anything after that. I, ethused enough to search out those Java books and open it. 15 min later I was asleep.


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Ahh I have been tagged by Ileen a long time back to do the " My favorite songs" tag. It is really tough for me to choose but I shall try and this list is subject to change anytime in future so shouldn't be used for gifting me any CDs.. Umm if you are not getting the hint let me make it clear.. I want to be gifted CDs :D :D

Here goes the list!

1. Irvine by Kelly clarkson

2. Leaving on a jet plane by John Denver

4. Sway by Micheal Buble

5. Aakhon ke saagar by Fuzon

6. Katrin Mozhi from the movie Mozhi

7. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

8. Kangal Irandaal from the movie Subramaniapuram

9. Woman in love by Barbara Streistand

10. Woman in me by Shania Twain

11. Who makes you feel by Dido

12. Better Man by Robbie williams

13. Dream a little dream of me by The Mamas & the Papas

Ahh there are so many more to add!  :( :( :(

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IHM and Indyeah have posted their personality type on their blog and as usual I was tempted to post mine..

I am ENFP with following characteristics..

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Oh yeah and I found that this link describes me the best.. it uses following adjectives for me..

Describes me:
outgoing, social, disorganized, easily talked into doing silly things, spontaneous, wild and crazy, acts without thinking, good at getting people to have fun, pleasure seeking, irresponsible, physically affectionate, risk taker, thrill seeker, likely to have or want a tattoo, adventurous, unprepared, attention seeking, hyperactive, irrational, rule breaker, prone to losing things,  easily distracted, open, revealing, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, attracted to strange things, non punctual, likes to stand out, likes to try new things, fun seeker, unconventional, energetic, impulsive, empathetic, , loving, attachment prone, prone to fantasy

Doesn't:  loves crowds, seductive ( Have not seduced anyone.. but may be with the right guy I might be seductive who knows :D :D ), dangerous ( Dangerous and me? :O :O :O)

Well the hits are too many to ignore!

Update : Multiple Intelligence test

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I look out from the door of the slowing train, scanning the crowds for you. Wondering, how will it be. The changes that time wrought in everyone of us makes me question my decision of coming. The train stops. Smilingly, you reach me with wide open arms. As we embrace, the distance melts. I was right.

P.S: Silly I know. Ots dedicated to my sweet friend.. Salaria. The pune stop was just perfect thanks to you dear :)

meena iyer
  1.  Lets just face it! Mumbai is an amazing shopping destination.. you can shop on roads, in trains, on the platforms and in the malls.  It caters to every bracket of budget.. the costliest branded stuff to the cheapest raste ka maal saste mien stuff.. I love window shopping in Mumbai.. and shopping in the train! You can buy eatables, veggies, books and junk jewelery! 
  2. It is the only place where I have experienced strangers coming upto me and giving me a compliment and even asking me where I found the "stuff" or where I got my hair cut.. its too fast paced to worry about shyness and other such things. Its not a city of shy people!
  3.  Ah the transport! It is so efficient and so fast .. 
  4.  A place where I could get print out at 11 o clock in the night and the road was so crowded that I was not afraid to walk alone. The watchmen didn't know me.. and wouldn't meet me ever.. and yet they escorted me to the cyber cafe and even asked me later if my work was done. If it wasn't they would have directed me to a different cafe.
  5. All my friends.. umm ppl I hold close to my heart are there! All my memories the best times is all there abd theres the sea..  entralling me forever
If I think more I can add more reasons.. but simply am caught in the afterglow of my visit

meena iyer
Guys am back! Will post in details about what all happened.. In short it felt like being home! How much ever I say I have become used to Bangalore.. I have even.. I feel like a visitor in Mumbai now.. I hardly seem comfortable in the humid heat or in the crowd of trains.. and yet it always feels like home when I hug my best friend.. when I tease the "bakra" of the group.. the inane flirting we indulge.. the jokes.. the feel of everything.. The changes in personalities.. the similarities.. ah the distances.. the proximity.. everything interest me.. everything delights me.. I wont say it was good all over.. And no excitement *sigh* i mean the adventure I was looking for didnt really happen  but other things happened.. things that made me feel normal.. like I have still not changed and am the usual goofy me..

Like... in the jay piyu's marriage.. just when the last "phera" happened there was a huge crash.. no I didn't fall down.. the table I tried to sit on toppled.. and its been captured in the video! I can never live that down.. If you are wondering how I survived.. well its quite quite normal for me.. this has happened a lot of times before and I have a thick skin.. 

And then I forgot some of my stuff in someone else's bag coz I dont like to carry my own purse ** I tend to lose purses esp in marriages**  well and hence I lost a beautiful "pink set " of necklace.. my face wash.. and a brand new lip stick! I didnt have time to meet the girl who had my stuff.,.. as my itinerary was full.. no I am not a mini celebrity.. though I felt that way this time  :) 

Oh yes and then I forgot my mobile at piyu's place which I remembered after I came to Kalyan station.. so I had to go back and get it.. And then I forgot my watch in prita's house (Dahisar) and I remembered that after I reached Smital's house ( Virar) And in the resultant chaos I had to make Princy wait for 2 hours.. really a sad state of affairs **sigh** the plus point is princy knows my nature perfectly well so she wasn't miffed.. all hail close friends who are sweet :D :D

I was showered with gifts.. yay! The sad part is I didnt pick up any this time. Its my norm to pick up gifts for smital shradddha and their families .. atleast I did the last two time I spent with them.. but since this time I was going to the marriage and the luggage was already too heavy I didnt.. I figured I shall buy in Mumbai itself... but I got no time.. erm but I got loads and loads of gifts :D :D

Shraddha gave me  a scarf, a necklace and earings ** just like I like them... lord get me more such room mates who know just what I like and how *** and jointly with smital gave me a dress material.. and smital also gave me one more necklace and earings and bracelet set. It matched one of my outfit and I already got compliments for it.. its a black necklace ( will post pictures afterwards) Ohh and Princy gave me a kewt purse studded with diamonds and all . Ideal purse for parties and marriages.. and big enough for stuff to be carried and small enough for me to use it frequently. And inside that were 2 slabs of diary milk chocolates and 2 funky earings yay!! 

I met Princy after 3 years nearly. Last time was when she was in Mysore doing her training in Infosys. Its really amazing that she remembered all the things I liked and made an effort to actually get them for me. Ah can't say how touched I am!!

All in all beautiful experience... I am glad I went :)