meena iyer
Oh taggedy tag.. again! And thnx Vinay :-)
He knows how much I love it! so he tags me all the time yay! Also.. anoop had thrown an open tag too soo well here it is :)

Kewt isn't it ? :-)

No waxing and waning about it.. my poetic cell is under mitosis.. or is meiosis?? may b some kind of symbiosis or something :P :P ;) ;)

Okay lemme try ......

I love you, three words,
And yet a world of emotions it holds,
More than this lovely flower
More than words..

Okay not that good beh!

Anyways.. an open tag guys.. lap it in... *yeah puppy effect*

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4 Responses
  1. Cess Says:

    nice wallpaper, I love puppies!!!!

  2. ah me too :D :D

    Arent they the kewtest !!!!

  3. Vinay Says:

    loved this wallpaper winnie...!! wow...!!