meena iyer

Let me sleep and never wake up. Let me dream sweet inane nothings.. let me sleep.. Deep within hidden some thoughts.. that need wings.. Let it fly do not stop.. dont wake me up..

And some wounds that need healing.. let it be.. it isnt festering.. let it heal with time... let me sleep

Don't Wake Me up! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
meena iyer

Many a times it happens that you think you know everything about a person or lets be specific and say your friends.. but you realize there is so much going on of which you have no idea at all.. and then when you come to know you feel betrayed..

I wonder why is that.. I mean.. its their choice to confide or not then.. why do I expect to be a know it all ?

Is it the habit that.. I have been a secret confidante for long.. or is it because i feel close only when they confide in me?....

Many a times I hve wondered why is it that I get into friendship where I am the one who listens.. and most often then not.. I dont open up unless the limit has been crossed and I cant keep it inside..

Is it coz the other party is not interested in what i share.. or may b I am used to not opening up...

My point is am feeling betrayed for something that is none of my business.. why??

Lately this is a question I am asking myself a lot.. why? answers...

So after all I am not miss know it all....
meena iyer

there are some who are talented.. and then there are few like me... jack of all trades.. I wonder how people like us live life.. i mean.. destined never to get accolades... nor bitter words... destined to be sidelined...

The ambivalence with which we lead out life sometimes shocks me.. no ambition whatsoever.. no passion.. what exactly do we live for anyways? * I wont consider vague day dreaming as ambition*

Talent .. its like a heady wine... The one who has it rides on it .. fly towards pinnacle... I dont say they r the happiest lot... but they have something to hold on to...

Even being buried in worst filth is better than this teeming anonymity... I mean u atleast have you niche right?

Erm and did i say abt the envy you feeel?? and this void.. nothingness that haunts you.. lesssaid the better!
meena iyer

Apprehension and expectations often go togather... You face a new situation which could either make or break you thats when your expectations soar sky high and so does the apprehension.. for every step that you take there is this apprehension that makes you move 2 behind why??

Why is it that we so hate the change ? For like now.. why am i questioning myself ? why is it that I am finding reasons not to change .. why am I clinging to the same place even when I am miserable out here ? why is it that I want to move 2 step behind? Why??

Would I ever get a reply?

Why is it that change always is soo hard? I wish I didnt think too much about anything! This really sux!
meena iyer

Have you ever felt lonely and yet crowded at the same time? this inescapable need to run away from the world.. When you feel just plain crowded.. your privacy violated??

Have you ever felt claustrophobic in wide open spaces? I know this statement makes absolute no sense... But think about it...

You are home.. a place that is a refuge to the world.. and yet you feel stifled.. suffocated.. you just want to run away.. far far from this huge mess of your life.. where you cannot even bolt the door without answering many questions of whys and wherefores./... dont get me wrong.. these whys and wherefores are symbols of love.. people care for you and want you to be happy.. they are concerned.. and yet you cannot speak out.. hell you dont know whats wrong wid you.. all u know is for the next 2 hours you dont want to see anyone's face and want to dream that no one exists but you.. hell you want to assume that even you dont exist!

THEY... never understand... they measure you and your life through their perceptions.. they either find you lacking... and rarely... very rarely find themselves lacking... You love them a lot.. you understand them... or may be thats what you think... However,.. you try to mold to fit in.. you need them.. you need their love.. but u need urself too.. you keeping trying to find yourself.. and you keep failing.. coz you are searching all wrong.. you dont know where to find.. or rather whom to find.. coz you are lost... And you get frustrated even dont know how to express it....

Voices in my head
Do they ever dread
Silence... unreachable

In some corner of my heart
hidden under many layers
A lost child.. Some dreams thwarted

Voices from the past
In a different role cast
Ever changing .. ever lingering

These serenades
Will they ever fade
Into nothingness

Will they ?

Then you start finding that place within you.. somewhere hidden inside your mind! You have conversation where you are having fun... where you find your niche.. find ppl.. imaginary people.. derived from the real ones.. people who understand you.. like you for what you are.. not for you pretend to be.. You express your outrage,.... your happiness.. your unknown ache all inside .. while in the outside.. you are this huge freezing blob of ice.. nothing fazes you... the impregnable...
But the voices know.. those voices inside your head.. they know all about you... the inner you....

Yes you are lonely... a very painful state to be... and yet you want to be left alone... to be what you want to be... to be away from everyone.. how do you then plan to avoid loneliness..

it seems as if you want to get away from this place and yet wanna stay all your life in the same place... apparently a contradiction... but is it really one??

Some may say what I seek is solitude and not loneliness... but .. are they different when you are already lonely?

I don't know about you.. but I need some space... escaping into stories.. into someone else.. living life vividly through fiction is not enough... I want to live it myself...

But then the irony is one but "me" is holding me back.. me.. the culprit.. me th victim.. then whom do I complain??

P.S: This blog post is dedicated to one of my friend who says my blog gives him solace.. a space away from drudgery of life.. I am glad that I can.. and also.. I am sure you identify with this completely!!!