meena iyer

It is such am amazing fact that people who have less tend to be more generous than people who have more.. besides... its the children who actually listen to what you say.. in a way that adult fail to do..

I know not how I happened to be with her... .. a girl whose name I dont recall.. Funny isnt it ? And yet she always remembered me as 'Meena Tai'.. always.. since that first meet.

We were going to a picnic . She was a daughter of a peon who came with us.. she tagged along too.. in group of college goers.. she ofcourse didn't fit.. the fact tht she knew nothing but marathi.. didnt help at all.. we came together and stuck together whole of the picnic and the saga continued... on fridays she would come asking for meena tai :-)

We had a swell time together.. I like being with kids and she was just about that.. in 4th std.. Funnily of all my friends.. me even.. she was the only one who cried when I left.. and her dad for some reason had adopted me as second daughter I guess... I never had to stand in a line ever.. as long as he was around .. always a pleasant smile and a sweet question about my health.. studies... always a pleasant reminder that someone cares.. and in response they never asked for anything.. Just my time and my care..

So when it was ganesh chaturti, she came and stubbornly asked me to visit her place. I went.. I was treated like royalty.. given the best pieces of sweets and other pakwaans..

All through the way back I wondered about their simple heart.. I wish i had such simplicity really.. I am at loss at words.. when it comes to describe that....

And then our Maushi... She washed our clothes, dried it and then folded and brought it to our room.. all for Rs 50 per month. Too cheap isnt it ?

And she had 3 kids to feed. Her husband had abondoned her left her stranded with a burden she was too young to carry.. with no education.. she had nothing better to look forward to..

And yet come ganpati, she invited around 25 of us to visit her place.. gave us soemthing eat and drink. It would have cost her a lot.. even loss of food for few days I guess... but we couldn't say no.. Hell she didn't even have a floor.. she used dried cowdung.. She lived in a hut.. but more so.. it was home.. for me atleast.. for there existed love :-)

Somehow, today I visited the yahoo group of our college.. when I saw that peon I just had to remember the sweet lil girl and my beloved maushi :-)

May someone show kindness on them the way they showed it on few homesick students

And then ofcourse there was the receptionist at our canteen, she became mor eof a friend to us.. someone to share gosssip with.. to talk the heart out ... Kindness exists in this world and therefore the world exists. If someone thinks world is harsh.. may be they are not looking at the right kind of people
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  1. --xh-- Says:

    why dont u visit the college one day and visit them?
    wht u told is true - and i have experienced it first hand...

  2. Hi Winnie,

    Its heartwarming to see people expressing such tender delicate feelings which makes others believe in that fact that goodness does exist in the world. :)

    And in exchange for the love and care which others have given you, i feel the best thing is to do the same to others.,. Love and care for them. Life does a full circle.,. :)

    What you give comes back manifold :)

    Keep Expressing !!


  3. Reflections Says:

    Hehe....oh brings back lots of memories....I was the same as u..
    we friends meet once a yr nowadays whenever I'm on vacation in b'lore. And whenever we go to our old haunts...most of the shopkeepers, waiters, etc remember me by name & so pleased to see me that my friends are not very amused anymore:-D

  4. @ anoop

    I plan to :) I went in twice before

    @prashant :)

    Welcome to my blog

    thank you for passing by :)

    @nancy :D :D

    same here