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Ah it is as simple as I can let it be.. and also, no widgets added as of now.. I didn't want to add anything for now.. **read no time ;)** Its time for me to leave but I had to change it before new year...

Any ways Happy New Year!!

And let me know how you like the template :)

I wouldn't be around until 5th of jan :) So be good and take care :)
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Most of the time you will find me with atleast one book and on top of that I have host of ebooks on my computer both at home and in office.. for reading for me is more than a hobby it is closest to obsession I have ever come to.. :) Currently am reading "Tender is the night" by Scott Fitzgerald..

Anyways, few days ago I saw a post on pratsie's blog that intrigued me a lot.. I was introduced to a bunch of book reading challenges! And am I hooked?

Fultoo!! So this year, I am going to gift myself loads of books as my budday gift :0 Erm its an open invite to gift me books ppl ;) You can never go wrong there ;)

So the first challenge I am going to dabble is A-Z challenge..

This challenge has four options..

Option A: Read authors A to Z. Commit to reading 26 books theoretically speaking.
Option B: Read titles A to Z. Commit to reading 26 books theoretically speaking.
Option C: Read both authors A to Z and titles A to Z (52 books; this is the challenge Joy created)
Option D: Read internationally A to Z (books representing 26 different countries)

And knowing my speed at reading.. well I am going for both option C and D :)

That would mean reading 78 books this year!! yay!!

Also, there is an interesting challenge called TBR Challenge.. you are to read atleast 12 books in 12 months :)

Well so am all set to read 100 books :D or may be more.. knowning me like only I can know.. it is gonna be more than 100 books this year ..


the list will be put up late.. after I actually buy them.. I am so excited! I would so love to saliviat e on the books and buy them 5/6 at a time :)

Besides the book can be fiction or non fictional.. but I shall stick to fiction.. ah ebooks and audio books are allowed too!

Incase you wanna look for more challenges do visit here

P.S: I have stumbled upon more challenges that I want to pursue too being too greedy that I am .. May be you would like to try...

They are :

1. Centuries challenge : Read 4 t0 6 books from different centuries :) I might stumble upon loads of classics this way !!

2. Decade challenge : read 9 books for all the decades in this century :) like etc etc .. would be fun!

3. Nobel's challenge : to read 4 to 5 books that has been written by nobel prize winners :) we can even modify that you booker prize winners...

Romantic book challenge.. ah so many challenges.. before i lose my mind and end up doing none of these.. I am gonna stop :)
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In life if I ever not succeed, it wouldn't be because I wasn't good enough as much as that I wasn't bad enough...
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Well a thought came up my mind the other day that I planned to blog about.. surprisingly Alok came up with similar thought in the comments of a previous post .. I was pleasantly surprised.. It is about friends and food.. Being a foodie that I am .. it was but natural that I equate food with friends no ?

Well I feel that friends can broadly categorized as Comfort Food, Spicy Food, Health Food and Everyday Food..

1. Comfort Food: Like any self respecting comfort food, these kinda friends makes us feel great in an instant. They listen to our rants and are always there.. but well you can have only as much sympathy.. soon enough you don't have inclination to talk to them.. you have other spicy friends to talk to to have fun with .. And these are forgotten...

2. Spicy Food : They are the most interesting kind of people you can ever meet. Witty to extreme and flirtatious.. you have swell time talking to them. They tend to linger in your mind long after the conversations ended.. you think of smart repartees that you could have given etc etc until you meet again.. and yet soon you get tired of talking to them.. one can have only as much spice in life.. too much spice well spoils the fun...

And then there are health food.. necessary evil..

3. Health Food : You make these kind of friends mostly on schools, colleges and office atmosphere.. They are the necessary for you.. to help you to listen about your life but in a cursory manner. you don't rant infront of them about the fight you had with your parents.. but well would talk at length about the vileness of your boss or the deadline of your current project..
By and large, if you stick around for a long time they might fit into comfort food and spicy food mode, however, being health food, they always get back to their original role and hence are by far the most 'healthiest relation' you can ever have hence the name...

And then comes the 'Normal Friend'

4. Normal Friend : As the name suggest these people are normal.. they are the default mode...
Lets say you are busy with your spicy friend.. then your comfort food becomes your normal friend.. which means you can avoid.. forget this friend while the spicy friend is around.. you might also bitch about the spiciness of the dish and genuflect in general.. when you are bored.. and yet when spicy comes around you are nadir.. you don't care about what that other person is going through or anything beyond the casual know how... unless ofcourse if you are in the 'comfort food' mode...

Or lets say you are attached to your comfort food friend right now.. then your 'spicy friend' becomes a normal friend.. you might wanna come and talk to this friend once in blue moon.. may be when your comfort food is not available.. but they are too taxing for you to talk for a long time .. so you avoid them as and when you please..

And beyond these 4 categories is one last categories : Parasite..

5. Parasites: These are the people who can be spicy or healthy or comfort food.. and yet one thing that set them apart is the fact that they will always depend on you.. if in a comfort mode, you happen to cling to a parasite.. they will wring you dry and yet never let go.. if you by mistake log onto them for comfort food, they will make sure that you become a parasite on them and thus get into a mutually symbiotic relationship .. If it happens that a spicy food type person is parasitic too, you get the 'stalker type' and I need not say more about them.. And the health food kind of parasitic relation by far is symbiotic .. in worst case its your boss who is parasitic on you.. and then you switch jobs ...
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It has been raining awards and all from Sid aka Riversoul I am so overwhelmed by them! And I know not whom to forward it! And yet this time I shall make a list!! For sure!!

So the awards are as follows .......

I love your blog award

I know that most of the people I would award this to would already have it.. so I have created my version of the award :) Ah yes the awarding creativity has rubbed onto me :)

So for every left hand side award, I have one on the right hand side yippie!! :P

So I award this to.. ah the list is long so you might wanna skip it ;)

So this award goes to Agnes , Tys on ice , Neeru , Pratsie , Rambler , Nancy , Janice , Rukhiya, Vinay , Alok , Anoop , Karthik , Impressionist , Usha , AC aka scribbler , Mani meow , Kris , Uddy , Mayz, Hamish , Navin , Bharat , Kieth , Manjeera , Rini , Aki , Meghna , Sunita , Vishal , Ravi , Sunila , Floey and Trailblazer

I wanns specially thank Anoop for introducing me to some of the bloggers in this list :)
Ah now the next award :)
This Blogger Is Sweet Award

Ah I love the cake!! And I present them to :
Neeru , Nancy, Vishal , Floey , Karthik Sid aka River soul and Ishaan

And the next ....

You have my heart award

I know my awards are all pink pink... Hope you all wouldnt mind it :)

This award goes to Neeru, and Vishal

Blogger Buddies Award

This is for all my blogger buddies out here :)

I totally love the image I have chosen for this award.. I hope Sid you won't mind if I use this one instead of the one on the left :)

Mayz also awarded me this one! Thank you so much :)

Sid also awarded me Proximade award which I have already got so am not posting it here :)

And the other awards are...

Winning Attitude Award

Awesome Blog Buddy Award

And Beautiful Butterfly Award

I would like to award "The Winning Attitude Award" and The "Awesome buddy " to Pratsie, Anoop, Karthik ,Kris, Navin and Neeru :)

Further more I would like to award Uddy, Nancy, Mou and Vinay "The Awesome Buddy Award"

I would like to award the beautify award to Mou and Sneha

Thank you Sid once again :) It was a lovely surprise :)

Ah and being very selfish I would like to add one more award here :) I would like to call this as " The Poet" award!!

This one is for Vinay , Sid, neeru , pratsie , karthik , usha , Rini , Manjeera , Rukhiya and all the other poets who make my day with their words :)

And in the last I wanna award Jagesh and Oded ... "I Speak my mind award"

Would like to pass this to Mani Meow and Trailblazer too :)

And finally.. I am done!!!

P.s: I award the Lemonade award to Nancy ;)
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Ah finally the time to reflect.. to genuflect :P and to go nostalgic.. the year end.. the time to think of the resolutions to be made.. and ofcourse to be broken.. If i look at my old set of resolutions.. not one has been followed.. and yet.. as is the norm.. its time to form new one.. and while I do that.. I am reminiscing about the days that went by...

This year has been a mixed bag of blessings as well as pain.. well not pain exactly.. may be just too many "letting gos".. Couldn't find better word for that feeling..

January found me making close friendships with my office colleagues.. and my heart said.. "Finally!!!' It was about time I had friends in the new place.. well I hoped this friendship would last longer than 6 months surely.. Its not that the friendship broke.. nah.. we drifted away.. whatever may be the reasons.. but thats the truth.. the friendship was never really strong enough.. it was just my imagination .. or may be i was just too free with my emotions.. Anyhow..

Since then there has been many new friendships that were forged yes.. and many let go.. Like my friendships since college..

College has been one big stream of fun.. golden days et al.. but now.. it seems no one but me has time for everyone.. I mean how is it that I end up calling people.. when they never call back ? How is it that I can find time and excuses to go to Mumbai and all to meet friends.. and when they do come to Bangalore.. not for meeting me ofcourse and stay here for 3 days .. but don't find time to give me a call.. and then have the fatuousness to ask me if I am upset.. ofcourse I am upset.. you see everyone but me is always busy! I mean whats the use of life if you don't have five minutes to send with your friends? What exactly do you live for? *sigh*

So now I don't bother to call.. not that I get any calls from them too.. 3 years of being away.. and 7 years of friendship.. just has been buried now.. surprisingly without tears.. I gave my best.. if that wasn't needed or wasn't enough.. atleast there wouldn't be any regrets from my end..

Well this year has been surprisingly a very active year.. esp since November of meeting people.. esp virtual friends :)

I met anoop, pratsie, karthik, navin. jigna, senti, swarna and praddy.. all online buddies and I got to meet them personally :)

And the connection that we felt online did get enhanced offline.. so it was beautiful gift that life gave me...

Only more personal front.. the ps and downs of my family life has finally set into a pattern that somehow has become predictable and hence livable.. Me and sister still dont really get along.. but there have been those sweet moments that only 2 sisters can share.. that leel of intimacy.. and honesty.. no one else can share really.. such moments makes living with her bearable most of the time :)

On the job front.. As i said I got 15% raise yippie!!

And this year has signed off with something really special.. which I have been wanting to share online .. and yet couldn't for some reason..

Guys do you remember my short story "Call of the Forest" ? Those who do would agree with me that that is for sure one of my best work so far.. and it seems someone else thinks so too.. for its gonna be published in a book called "The Eleven"

Its been published by Sai-Kiran publications and is available online. Do check it out .. The book is getting launched on 4th of Jan.. ah a fitting new year gift indeed :)

Ah this is the cover page...

P.S: The new year is gonna come with new template for this blog.. and its gonna be by and large widget free :) Simplicity is gonna be the new mantra :)

P.P.S: This is my 300th post in this blog "yippie" for that too.. I wonder where I will be if it wasn't for my blog!!!
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The one that preceded this post was supposed to be this post but somehow those words stringed themselves up.. definitely the "Dasvidaniya" effect.. Movies.. they have weird effect on me.. I am not someone who is very emotional and all.. I am emotional ofcourse.. intensely so.. but its all well internalized .. and dredged out in this blog ofcourse..

Umm so my point is.. that I am not that emotional.. but any sad soppy story can make me cry.. the tears come out like a leaking tap.. I swear.. it doesnt even have to be a well made film.. the sadness affects me profoundly!

So all through the Dasvidaniya I was shedding tears.. I mean think of the frustration one feels when one realizes that the things one waited all their life for is never gonna happen.. and then thy try to desperately grasp all they can of "LIFE".. why not do it while you have all the time in the world? Whats the use of waiting for something that never may happen ?

Like my parents.. they waited all their life to first help their family.. then to make their own career and finally for their kids.. My mom waited all her life making dreams of days "after we grow up" "after we marry" etc etc.. and she didnt even live to see me graduate.. whats the use? The sheer waste of dreams makes me angry sometimes..

Frankly speaking I actively hate making plans.. for invariably they dont work out.. and even if they do.. they have a weird way of not giving us pleasure we expect from them..


This film kinda makes me feel down yes.. but also.. I envy the character that he knew when he is going to die.. he could sit back.. take stock and finally do things he kept dreaming of doing.. I would like to know.. when I die so that I dont have any regrets when I die...
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Sometimes I wonder at my stupidity, the fluid endlessness of it. For years I dreamt of a future so glorious that I denied myself the present. There always was some more time to spare, to wait before the party began. Now I have no more moments to live, to breathe....

P.S: I am not sure why I wrote this silly thing.. but then my obsession with death is not something that needs any introduction.. why is it that I feel that its easy to write about sadness and well yeah death.. esp suicide :)
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One more award! This time a Lemonade Award.. tada!

Awarded by mou Yippie!!

It is given to the blog that shows great attitude :) Thank you so much dear :)

I know I have to forward it to people as is the norm.. but am feeling too lazy to do it..
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Silence.... Utter silence pervaded him. Comforting him like a canopy of flowers.. soft.. warm.. and fragrant. He felt safe here. Alone atlast. With no pressure no expectations. Free... He flew in the silent skies reveling in the joyous abandon. He knew it will soon be broken. Someone will soon wake him up. For surely he was sleeping ? Or may be dead.... He didn't mind dying. He had achieved all he ever wished for and some more. He bled for it, thousand time over. And if this was dying, it was really very sweet. So he waited....


He waited for a long time. And yet no one disturbed him. Silence stretched taut . Inviting him to play.. to create music and to put an end to this ennui. He wanted to reach out and pull those strings.. to make some noise but couldn't. Tired by his effort he slipped into nothingness yet again. Sleep took him with open arms. Away from the confusion that mired his existence. And grateful for dreams, he slept. When he resurfaced, Victor tried to pull those strings again . It felt like a burden now and was choking him. He was thirsty and angry. He wanted to scream loudly.... He wanted to cry..


The life that he led was not like he imagined it to be. The joy of creating had given place to greed.. and the pleasure of music turned to malice. Soon he found himself alone. For he had lost his ability to listen. The subtle nuances of stringing metal that created a perfect symphony was lost to him.. Victor Bruhn, the world renown musician, was an yesterday's news..

The accident in his old studio, where he had gone to nurse his broken heart nay, broken pride, had taken his talent away. and now without his music he was a nobody.


Music crept in stealthily in his dreams. As if it was afraid to be lost in the darkened cave. The chirping of birds, the music of a leaking tap sneaked in slowly... until music permeated his dreams. He could create music play then and listen to them all in silence. Silence finally resonated in thousand waves and each wave held tunes of wayward form.. complete in itself.. A song that would never be heard by anyone but him.. for it was his soul that sung... 'The Silent Symphony'


Though Victor can never listen to music like before.. he knew he will enjoy it thousand folds. And in the little oasis , he finally found the perfect audience.. for now he played for himself ..

So what if he can never talk or walk out of this room.. In his mind he flew over thousand suns.

Binded in tubes, in his hospital room, incapacitated by coma, he was now, finally free....

P.S: I know this took a long time to post.. and it is not what I intended it to be.. but its finally done.. :)

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Today 2 years back, I had joined this company as a tech support.. For someone who had promised herself that she won't join.. and when she did join that she won't stay around for long. and 2 years down the line.. I am still here

To be honest.. it was and still is a merry ride.. High speed internet.. low work pressure.. easygoing boss and well paid.. what more can one ask for ?

If one is bored most of the time..its not a big price pay.. isn't it?

Or atleast thats what I say to myself..

If it wasn't for this job.. I wouldn't have ever started blogging.. wouldn't have ever continued blogging wouldn't have written any stories.. any poems!

Did I tell you that we get free transport and free food ? Food that also includes snacks.. if the food doesnt really taste good.. and the snacks are really very oily.. it certainly is excusable isnt it ?

Phew! 2 long years of taking calls.. and people's stupid words.. and the only consolation is.. that I get a raise by 15%

Its not a bad trade at all! :D :D
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I have been hunting rigorously.. Infact am wondering.. if I was hunting or was being hunted.. but thats besides the point.. I have been hunting for a new place to live.. The old place is good.. but for our budget a tad too costly.. but when we shifted in we had other concerns so could afford this place..

So firstly, we went to the most trusted crusty old foggy who also happens to be an "estate Agent" for more than 15 years.. As it happened.. we had to wait for 45 min for the "Sir" to arrive and then were made to fill one loooonnng form.. and finally we were assigned to the "field boy".. He showed us places.. according to him.. our budget was too low to get a nice enough place.. we were looking for a 2 BHK house for 10000/ month..

Anyways.. after traversing through the crummy sun and seeing 3 houses.. wherein the first house can only be viewed from outside as the owner had forgotten to give the key to the faithful neighbors.. and the second one .. which apparently came from the brick age.. for we could actually see the bricks popping out.. and lets not talk about the kitchen with the "AMMI" small grim room with cobwebs all over..

Ah tired but not discouraged, after all it was just an start, we headed home, where ofcourse we were yet to cook clean and wash.. And we saw this new "Estate Agency" and against our better judgment we went in.. First of all he asked us little pesky questions like if we are vegetarians .. which we were etc etc.. then he conspiratorially let us know that he thought we are Shri-Lankans.. read terrorists and then had a cheek to let us know that it was a joke.. ofcourse our stares let him know otherwise..

And we definitely felt preyed upon.. for before seeing the first house we had like 7-8 estate agents seemingly making a pitch... and being directed to thousand different directions!

Like vultures!

Anyways we told them our requirements.. specifically, 2BHK, ground or 1st floor and within 10,000/month and preferably near the main road.. and specifically the area has to be "XYZ"

I wonder if they really listen.. or have brains to understand what is said to them , for they showed us 4 houses .. out of which 2 were in 3rd and 4th floor and 2 were above 14000/month and the only one was in 1st floor within 10000/month.. but it was quite far away from main road and out of the area we specified.... Evidently, this wasn't enough, they speculated if we really had a "Dad" as we claimed or if we slyly eat chicken at home... Which I personally find very obnoxious ..

So 3 hours late from our intended time, extremely tired of the sun, hungry and thirsty we came home.. where we still had chores pending.. Grumbling all the while and after 2 small quarrels we divided our chores.,.. I had to cook while my sister has to call people from AD-MAG a local classified magazine.. And after calling around 20 people we got a positive response from 2 people.. both were estate agents.. I wonder why buy an ad magazine when you still have to deal with estate agent and pay commission?

So, we were to meet in front of a temple by 5 p.m.. and being true to my usual habit, i reached there by 5:30.. in the meantime I didnt receive any miss call which was weird! hence once I reached there I called. He said he will be there by 5 min which even after 30 min he didn't materialize.. So finally giving up we called the other guy.. which was lucky.. for the first house he showed us clicked.. like magic :)

After that he showed us like 3-4 houses.. none worked for us.. So our search has ended and we are like extremely happy.. happy enough to humor the idiosyncrasies of the new owner..

Now post 26/11, he wants to see our employment proof namely "Offer Letter" then he wants reference from someone in Bangalore "read relative" and then he would sign agreement with us. He also wants to meet our Dad.. though we would be paying the rent, signing the agreement.. it would be drawn in our name.. *meaning sister and me* Looks like we have no sanding though we would be paying the rent..

Anyways, we are willing to humor me.. firstly coz the house is heavenly.. and its damn cheap.. 2/3rd of the rent that I am giving right now.. and coz he seems to be a nice guy...

And he is not gonna charge us for the 15 days starting from today, we are free to move any day.. While we had paid 6000 for our current place that we occupied 10 days before the 1st of the month.. I know damn steep and we were ripped.. this time we are hoping that we did a better job :)

After all you make mistakes and you learn from them don't you ?

And now the funniest part of all was the obnoxious guy I referred to earlier, called in the evening. We told him we got the house we wanted and tanked him sweetly. He started pitching super ernestly then. He called us up like 80 times since yesterday. I didn't pick the call again ofcourse! I was tempted to just pick up the call and tell him I am indeed from Shri - Lanka.. ah but you see I am very very 'seedha saadha' soul.. I didn't pick up..

Sometimes I really wish, I could carry my home on my back.. on second thoughts it would be too heavy ..
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"I like you a lot. I want you to be with me all the time. I like your smile your humor. The way you look when you wake up.. smiling bemusedly at this world looking out with wonder.. The way you snuggle before you sleep everything.. And I wanna see it everyday!"

" Are you proposing me?

" What does it look like some circus?"
" Don't you think something is missing? Try again!"
" Trust you to spoil my moment! Damn you!"
" What the heck! You keep blaming me! You can't even propose properly and expect me to accept it?"

" Okay. Let me try again. Meera, I know most of our life we will end up fighting with each other. But without all these fights I wouldn't have any entertainment. So for my lifetime tax free entertainment please marry me!"

" Sandy honey! I really expected better than that from a poet like you. I am not gonna let you ruin my once in a life moment like this.. I won't marry you!"

"What the fuck do you want to hear anyways?"

" How about I love you ?"

" Is that not what I am saying?"

" Is it? when did you say it dick head?"

Suddenly Sandy starts laughing.

"You scared me Meera! He hugs her and says " I love you baby! Marry me!"

Meera whispers yes as they melt in each others arms.
" See??? Was it that hard to say ? btw I liked them poetic words can you repeat it?"

" Not in an million years!"

Meera raises her eyebrows.

" every second honey.. My heart beat.. my breath everything would repeat that countless times for you! You are the best thing that could ever happen to me!"

" Owww baby! I love you so much"

Chapter 1.

Today Meera had no interest in going to the office. It was an occasion she dreaded.. namely the official party which she cannot excuse out of.. her future depended on it.. And some inspired romantic dickheaded higher up *screwup* has decided it would have a couple entry leaving her scampering for a date. And all her efforts didnt yield any results. Her love being non existent and all her friends letting her down... she didnt blame them for not coming . Her office parties were boring! .......

Chapter 2.

In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?

These words went through Meera's mind as she relaxed in her chair in Roxanne's.. one of the bustling salon in the city!

Chapter 3

Sandy was late. The evening traffic of Friday filled with eager crowd and rampant jams was making him pissed than he already was. If he could he wouldn't have even attended this party. But he knew he cannot miss the party he organized. On top of that he would be going with that crazy girl who mesmerized him for some reason and exasperated thoroughly. And she managed to do both just by existing! He knew she is going to give him hell... he was looking forward to it more than the damned party! Hell he would love to be with her alone.. teasing... flirting.. making love...

Chapter 4

"What the hell was that?", she asked surprised.

"what was what?". he asked shortly.. as if telling don't ask.. there was this controlled fury in his eyes. she wondered why.... but keeps quiet.

Soon they reach her house. Very soon it seemed. she waits for him to stop... but he doesn't. he keeps driving faster.

"What the hell are you doing? My flat is left behind", she asks with concern.. for not just herself.
He stops the car. puts his head on the steer. "I am sorry." he says not looking at her.. " But can you spend some time with me tonight?" he asked between the teeth.. as if forcing them out

Chapter 5

Meera expected the things to change for better. Finally seemed like there would be some semblance of friendship with Sandy.. alas! she had not expected such utter avoidance. She understood that Sandy might feel as embarrassed as her.. and yet she didn't expect I- leave -room-when -you-arrive kind of behavior. Most people noticed it and were already gossiping about them.. only not the way she thought they would...

And then there was 'Ad'. It was but natural that they interact in professional capacity.. he was warm with her.. but her implied loyalty to Sandy made her keep her distance.. and yet.. it was hard for her to be aloof.. especially in the light of the fact that Rhea and Ad had started dating again...

meena iyer
There are times in life when you do things in the intimacy of the night . It seems alright.. just perfect but in the light of the day it seems so foolish to have done that. but then if you didn't.. don't you think you would lose the essence of life?

It is such moments that are remembered long after the time has passed by.. that defines life .. and yet in the light of the sun.. you regret and still secretly pine for it...

Meera expected the things to change for better. Finally seemed like there would be some semblance of friendship with Sandy.. alas! she had not expected such utter avoidance. She understood that Sandy might feel as embarrassed as her.. and yet she didn't expect I- leave -room-when -you-arrive kind of behavior. Most people noticed it and were already gossiping about them.. only not the way she thought they would...

And then there was 'Ad'. It was but natural that they interact in professional capacity.. he was warm with her.. but her implied loyalty to Sandy made her keep her distance.. and yet.. it was hard for her to be aloof.. especially in the light of the fact that Rhea and Ad had started dating again...

But she befriended Ad for none of these reasons. She realized that talking to Ad, made Sandy linger. Made him curious and this fact thrilled her. She started exploiting it, until one day Ad alluded to it

"What game are you exactly playing?", he asked

"What do you mean?" she retorted flustered.

"Don't think I don't notice your roving eye and someone's frozen stance"

Sandy left the room by then.

"Bull crap!" She exclaimed angrily.

"Listen lady.. I don't know you but I know him... he seems pretty serious.. so don't you dare hurt him or else...."

"Oh great! you threatening me now ? What cheek you have! Why don't you look in the mirror and see who exactly is hurting him.. and then talk! " she spluttered.

Ad had nothing to say to it.. "Listen lady! you have no idea about whats between me and him! "

"Oh yeah? and you exactly know what we are all about! How interesting" she said sarcastically and left.

That night Meera thought about what happened and was suddenly afraid about how it would affect her work relationship with him.. It was never wise to alienate your boss especially over someone who doesn't even bother to talk to you.. the mind cautioned.. But she was riled about being caught.. She decided to take care from now on.

The next day, she approached Ad to say sorry. He was very gracious about it and said he was sorry too and invited her for a coffee. She agreed and they had a good time. He told her that he is serious about Rhea and hence wants to be friendly with her as she was so important to Rhea.
So things worked out fine.

And Sandy still avoided her like a plague. She decided to do the same until fate decided otherwise.

meena iyer

I see that lately few very interesting tags are going round the blogosphere.. Have you ever wondered how we kind of make groups even in this virtual world wherein everyone knows everyone else and also almost share the same tags and awards?? Funny isn't it? Our need to hang around in groups I mean.. when mostly we resort to online friendship generally coz we are lonely or don't want the baggage of handling any relationship.. erm..

Anyways.. back to the topic :) I have been tagged by Rukhiya.. and its kind of a unique tag you can say... its about "holding hands"

She says...

The internet gyan says: Two or more people voluntarily hold hands for one of the following reasons and purposes:

1. handshake
2. in certain religious services, to pray
3. in various occult rituals
4. to express friendship or love
5. to enjoy physical intimacy
6. for emotional support
7. to guide (a child, a blind person, in darkness, etc.)
8. to urge to follow
9. to keep together (in a crowd or in darkness) help the other walk, stand or climb up
11. to dance
12. to arm wrestle

And now wants our opinion on what this means to us... personally...

1. Handshake : I am kind of more comfortable with a person if we start out with a handshake.. One of the quirks surely.. but if I meet a person for the first time hand shaking is must :)

For prayer I have never held hands.. I would so love to be in some occult ritual.. the whole occult thingy fascinates me .. though I don't really believe in it.. i don't oppose it too...

4. To express friendship and love: Totally! I have held hands with friends and with the "love" the potential "love".. umm if I am comfortable with a person.. holding hands come naturally.. And mostly my friends like it too.. for I have very warm and soft hands :)

Umm the fifth point is kinda ambigous no ? I mean... why would one hold hands.. when there is so much else to hold?

6. For emotional support: It always feels nice to hold hands when you are anxious.. somehow it reminds me of the time when we used to wait for the results to be put up..

Since morning we would wait. Result were put up only by 3 p.m so that one can see the result and leave.. there always used to be so much crowd .. which i didnt see even in "college fest".. Anyways.. so we would hold hands.. while the brave souls "read boys" fought the crowd to get the result for every one.. atleast if one has passed or failed...

7. For guidance : Well not really as of now, I have never guided anyone as such .. but I do love holding hands with kids.. They have such small palms :)

Ah I have urged people to follow by pulling hands .. to keep together.. ah this reminds me of the trip to Lonavala.. the flow of water was so much that we made human chains to move forward :)

Umm when it comes to take help to climb and all.. I hate it.. I would rather fall than take someone's help.. umm I know stupid of me.. but thats how I am ..

To dance.. reminds me of the second year of engg.. Though I am not a shy person, I had inhibitions about dancing in public.. so when everyone were dancing during the fest, I was being a wall flower.. A friend.. kinda lead me to the dance floor by holding my hands the traditional way.. and then we danced... and in few minutes.. I had forgotten all my inhibition and started to dance.. since then.. I can dance anywhere.. whenever I feel like .. if there is no music I can sing and dance :P :P

Umm arm wrestling.. ah isnt it fun ? Reminds me of good old canteen :)
meena iyer
Well somehow I dont seem have mood to blog.. and yet there is so much to tell.. so well.. a small note of updates...

I have been reading a lot of new books lately... and averaging at one book at a time! Yesterday I read a book called as "Years" that reminded me so much of Neeru!

The same impetuousness.. the character was all her to the boot! The way she reacted to the hero.. the way she was... damn I missed her so much!

And today I just completed a book my Victoria Holt called "shivering sands" I love the title! I so want to write a poem on this.. and one of these days I just might.. After writing nearly 1 poem a day for some time now.. I have kinda lost the drive.. words seem not to come through.. or repeat so much that I feel a need for new vocabulary.. and stories seem to be so repetitive that I either lose interest in writing them in half way.. or well they don't start..

The story "Silent symphony" seem not to offer anything new.. when once it seemed promising.. it was to be about a guy tethering between coma and life.. but as i said words evades me..

More recently.. i got a new idea.. I am planning to name it well... "Real illusions" if I ever complete it ofcourse.. it seems not to start at all

And more insistently.. I wanted to write about a stalker.. but well it also is in pipeline.. *phew*

So there it is...

Lately, the shortel server is having big problems and we are not getting any calls *yippie* so have so much time on me.. I dunno what to do.. am still not in mood to check out new blogs or blog posts or to write new ones..

And yes.. we are yet again gonna shift places.. and all the unpleasantness that entails is bugging me.. Like searching for a new place.. which is like "seeking god" out here and packing and re-organizing et al..

And to top that.. the house owner is all set to make it as unpleasant as possible.. he tends to bring people who shall see the house.. anytime.. without as much as a call or anything.. They expect us to open our house free for inspection whenever they come! Which is like sick.. for mostly I sleep late.. which means not before 3 o' clk in the morning.. and my sis works night so sleeps in the day... evidently I never wake up before 10-11 a.m.. My shift is presently 2-10 p.m..

So anyways.. the house is a mess most often than not.. for I cook and clean utensils and sis cleans the house.. and makes coffee.. since she is asleep when I wake up.. the house is never clean when the "outsiders" come.. which is really sad :(

Like today.. I was cutting the veggies when they came.. so I asked them to give me 5 min to sweep and clean a bit.. and ofcourse they waited.. but in a bad grace.. complaining about how much time I took! I mean they didn't have the politeness to call and come.. and had disrupted my routine and they have the cheek to complain Arrrghh!! Useless people.. anyways.. it wont be for long i guess.. 2 more weeks to go and then.. we would be in the new place.. where I shall get my net connection back!! 2 months without internet was like totally crazy!!!

Esp since I spent more money on telephone bills!

Hmm .. now one more thing.. I totally love suspense and psycho thriller.. I recently read a book by Ann Rule... I mistook her for Ann Rice.. I was looking for thriller.. this was too.. but of a different kind.. it was a real story of a maniac who lived in USA.. and was convicted in 2001..

Ah well.. when the story started it reminded me of one other online friend.. and kinda spooked me.. the saddest part was they had provided pictures of the victim and the maniac and their family.. It kinda "disgusted" me.. umm not the right word.. something like made me revolt.. for you could then put faces to the characters.. but I cant help but be fascinated.. what is it that makes people so complicated.. such complex emotions.. such hate.. ah mind is so amazing no ?
meena iyer
I recently got a link forwarded to me.. by a friend.. and it was so much fun!

So well here it is... for your enjoyment !!

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
meena iyer
Ah just saw a post in pratsie's blog .. Kinda liked the idea of this meme and also the blog itself.. So here goes my sleeping habits

1. How long do you sleep each night?

Depends.. from 4-10 hours...

2. Do you fall asleep easily?

The moment I hit the bed.. I am dead to the world.. but I don't hit the bed until I am very sleepy... I think I do fall asleep very easily :)

3. Do you fall asleep at times not in your bed?

Yes pretty much anywhere :)

4. Do you listen to music or use “white noise” to sleep?

Not really.. It doesn't matter though even if TV is on or not.. if I am sleepy.. nothing matters!

5. Do you sleep through the night or get up a couple of times?

Once am asleep am dead to the world .. but sweety does wake me up at 7 am everyday for her grub... I go right back to sleep :P

6. Do you have trouble sleeping away from your own bed?

Not at all

7. Do you need an alarm clock to get you up?

Doesn't work.. :( Someone has to wake me up and that to insistently

8. Do you ever take medication to help you sleep?


9. Do you/have you slept with pets?

Yes :D :D Sweety sleeps on my legs..

Prompted at : Saturday 9
meena iyer
This weekend was in parts boring and in parts the best fun I had in a very long long time! It was a long weekend that spanned from Thursday till Saturday.. Sunday being a work day for me.. .. Well after a very boring marriage function... which was preceded by a shopping blitzkrieg.. and I am like 5K poorer *sigh*

But on saturday , I was supposed to meet Karthik by11:00 a.m.. As it happened we both were late. He was late coz I had told him to wait for my call before leaving his place.. Knowing my tardiness (now) I am sure he was glad that I asked him to wait :).. Any ways.. our plan was to go to Cubbon Park .. sit and talk.. then may be check out the museum near by then a leisurely lunch .. and since its easy to be lost .. with my propensity.. it is very likely.. so we decided to meet in front of the science museum nearby.. which was really a nice decision.. for in hurry I forgot my mobile phone home..

Having never met him before and without any way to contact him.. it was really easy to identify him.. I guess it was pure luck eh ?

And then the fun began.. We really had a good time.. we kinda both decided that I really am a good guide.. coz of my consummate know-how.. about anything and everything... especially the way I invented theory when I didnt know anything... We agreed that I make a wonderful guide as well as that I have a fertile imagination :D :D And we will never forget Bernoulli's principle

Nor can we forget these...

I made him stand in this pose until his hands started aching :D :D

Or here.. we kinda scared kids by becoming bears!

I know I look more scary! He doesn't show up at all :)

After spending so much time meaningfully we decided to have some artsy fun and hence checked out the nearby Venkattappa Art Gallery/Museum .. ** I was dying to find someone to go with to that place for so long now.. and finally! **

To be really honest, I was all set to be bored for History and me doesn't gel well and Karthik is a confirmed historiophile.. But I was in for a surprise! His fascination for it kinda rubbed on me.. and he was like so knowledgeable! I was totally impressed. I know I would have enjoyed it even if he was not there.. but Karthik.. it was more fun with you! With all the little details and stories you told.. I had fun like I haven't had for a long time now...

Thank you for the lovely time I had :)
meena iyer
What do you do with happiness when you have no one to share it with ?
meena iyer
I wonder why its okay to stay up all night for "work" but not when you are having fun ?

Totally personal experience ofcourse :)