meena iyer

One of my office colleagues, plagued by self introspection, decided to do something about his habit of procrastination. In the rush of the moment he downloaded an e-book named ' How to avoid Procrastination'. He placed it on the desktop as a reminder.

Two weeks have passed by. The e-book is yet to be opened.
7 Responses
  1. the funniestest thing 've heard...truly inspiring stuff..sniff sniff :D :D

  2. Vinay Says:

    hahaha...!! wonderful!!

  3. Voice Says:

    the book is meant for him

  4. Karthik yay!!

    Nancy can you believe it .. it happened for real!

    vinay :D :D

    Bhav I know :P and me too :(

  5. Neeru Says:

    hahaha... this is like the kind of thing that comes in Reader's Digest and all. Post it to Reader's Digest! :)