meena iyer

I am so irritated with my sister now that I wanna pull all my hair out! I just wanna give it up! If only! I just have to deal with it day in day out! I wish sometimes to scream .. cry or just box her senseless! Somehow the feelings never translate into action.. I cant even slap her! or anyone else for that matter!! *sheds angry tears*
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  1. --xh-- Says:

    ;-) need some classes in boxing?

  2. Reflections Says:

    huh I just dont understand!!!!
    Why would u want to pull ur hair out.....JUST PULL HER HAIR OUT!!!!

  3. sometimes its good that our thoughts dont get translated into actions

  4. @anoop.. wudnt mind it :P

    @nancy! atta girl u made my day with that comment he he he

    I love her too much for that.. just that shes pesky!

    @karthik.. i agree :D

  5. Cess Says:

    have u try chocolate? :D
    I can t live with my bro, we love each others but the farther the merer :)

  6. Ah I did a better thing.. I went shopping :D :D

    I cant even think of not living with her.. and her getting married and all..

  7. Oh go on - give her a slap!I won't tell.

  8. Anonymous Says:


    You have slapped me many many times.

    Although its almost (or exactly?) impossible that you will get another chance to do so ;)

  9. oh did i anonymous? now i wonder did u njoy being slapped ?

  10. Reflections Says:

    So where is winnie the poohi posts for almost 6 days now:-o......stuff unheard of

  11. Ahh i know.. now am back :D