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The most frustrating part of having a great idea... the best thoughts to write down .. the most bloggable words strikes your mind when you actually have no time for it.. or when you can not put it down.. amazingly true no?

This thought invariably comes when you are sleeping or doing something important so that you cannot write it down.. but you dont give up.. you are determined to write it down.. so you search for paper.. ofcourse it is not accessible .. you settle for the back of your book.. then the pen.. ah now thats misplaced.. you search and search and finally you get it but guess what.. the refil is empty.. you are just about grinding your teeth and search for a pencil.. you get that readily.. but nah.. you still can't put that thought down.. for you have to search for the sharpne.. the pencils end is blunt and that.. is not easily findable....

Finally you get that too .. sharpen the pencil and write the first word.. ah guess what .. yes.. the power is cut off and its night.. you had forgotten to charge the emergency light.. and yet you don't give up.. you search for those long forgotten elusive candles... you dont find them.. nah you can't get lucky always.. so you use the lil oil lamps you actually use for diwali.. and finally when you really get to write ... no no.. you don't forget what you want to write! nothing that predictable... Murphy's law you say.. not at all.. normal course of events! God wants you to use technology... so you save it as notes on your mobile and.. for more technosavvy.. you mobiblog/email yourself...

And if the mobile is low on battery... then well you are a moron! how careless can you get ? :P :P ;) ;)
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8 Responses
  1. nickdigital Says:

    LOL !!! acute observation there .. so true .. dont know how many bloggable ideas are lost in tandem just becuase its not captured for some stupid reason !!

    Infact it can be so unnerving at times that you lose the patience and persistence say for eg. my firefox crashed three times while i was only commenting to this post !! IMAGINE !!

    Hail Murphy !!

  2. Na re...God wants you to only rely on what his truly his creation...your brain, even Murphy was created by God - Godspeak

    (btw if u think u have been spawned by the devil, u can entrust ur thought to me - I'm truly 100% God's own creation)

  3. Vinay Says:

    acute observation?? yeah indeed...
    a-cute!! get it?? ;)

    it happens to me too...usually bcoz of powercut...that i lose my posts..!!

  4. Voice Says:

    ek blog ke liye itne jhamele :P

  5. Navin :D :D heil murphy :P :P

    karthik.. yeah right devil is also gods own creation you know :P :P

    Vinay kewt :P

    Bhav.. haan re :( bad luck na?

  6. --xh-- Says:

    yeah, true.. need a thought capturing device where i can just record my thoughts as I have them... :)

  7. Reflections Says:

    Seriously...u've just written wht happens to me all the time.
    many a brilliant idea went away just like tht simply bcoz I didnt find a pen & paper to write it down:-o

  8. Xh I agree :D :D

    Nancy! I know what you mean.. all my award winning ideas went through the drain *boo hoo hoo* so if i am not successful am not to blame

    he he he