meena iyer
The title is stolen from prats blog title.. but its apt here :) I am gonna kinda write about a lot of bits and pieces :)

Firstly, There was a strange kinda n\w problem yesterday. I couldn't call anyone and no one could call me.. but once I restarted my mobile, it worked. So may be issue is with my mob? Besides, I didnt get any messages from Brendy too.. Freaky!

And as a result of this mob problem.. I went office real late yesterday.. which was good.. but TL was miffed.. which isn't :((

Secondly! Ah Nancy your card finally reached me! Yay! Few Weeks back, Nancy had blogged that she wanted to send someone postcards, which her friends n family are tired of receiving.. coz they are all the same, So I asked her to send me some. Got to say, I waited for like for sometime now. And when I didn't get it for long, I thought she had forgotten.. Umm not surprisingly. Apparently, she had a lot going on in past few weeks.. but well its here now! Yippie!!!

Thirdly, We didn't go out today again for groceries. Umm.. I kept telling my sister to not go to sleep and she kept telling me don't lie down.. once you sleep its really hard to wake u up.. we both went to sleep :| :| And yes, chores are still pending!

Fourthly, Sweety was in her I-am-bored-please play -with-me mode. which means too much barking and trying to wake us up by pulling the blanket.. ofcourse she failed msierably.. And her revenge was chewing out my favorite jeans. Which Incidentally I wore yesterday.. :( :( This is my 3rd one gone to drains ummm dustbin :(

So there it doesnt end ...

I happened to gift a friend.. a box of chocolates. And with a lot of cerimony, I peeled of the sticker.. so that the price doesn't show.. but umm I forgot to remove the bill from the store.. So that person knows anyways *sigh*
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  1. --xh-- Says:

    :) so a nice and happening day, rt? and the bill - hm.. i ain't saying anything abt that ;)

  2. Reflections Says: u finally got it:-D. I was wondering what happened coz Sunshine from Singapore got some 5 days earlier.

    Get sweetie one of those chewable bones which she can keep gnawing at when she is bored;-P

    And groceries can wait, sleep is more important.

  3. @anoop..

    umm u better not :D :D



    yeah yeah yeah... I told everyone.. was like soo excited!

    @sweety.. she has them.. she is just vindictive :( soemtimes or i think she is...

    @ groceries.. not when it includes rice and u have dad waiting for u to serve food :)