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Loads of thoughts run through my mind all day that i wanna jot down or post in the blog... in short i compose 10 post for every post actually posted... Wondering what this got to do wid the topic? nothing much!

But who says i got to make sense???

Having made my wilfully stewpid point I move on to the actual stuff * u r welcome to not read it :P *


Most of us want to reach the top real fast.. in this process we forget to make support bases.. We r so busy into using all the oppurtunity , we forget to save for the rainy day.. I mean we dont make friends.. we r too busy to notice others...

Now reaching the top is relatively easy.. No Not EASY but Relatively easy!!!

What I mean is, once you reach the top u have to make sure that no one else takes ur place.. besides top.. pinnacle is a very lonely state..

As long as u can u keep fighting.. and then someone else replaces u.. and u fall

And the extent to which u fall depends on ur support base..

For example, if u urself gracefully find out who is more capable of replacing u.. keep helping him/her around and then when he/she is ready demote urself n promote him..

Firstly, he/she wudnt have u as threat and hence will protect ur place * personal selfishness* coz if u r replaced the net person will b threat to him/her..

and also coz he/she is greatful for ur help..
This is what support base is all abt.. u become his/her support base and he/she urs...

And world n u r better for it!

So ppl remember to make support bases :-)
meena iyer
..end up hating the rain! its been raining all night non stop and intermittently since few days ..Burrr.. coldness and rain.. the combination sux and makes you ill :(

Everyones a lil sick at home.. and me the healthiest of the lot currently gotta take care of ppl and do house hold work too...

Yesterday has been a difficult day! after coming home from work.. i scrubbed the floor.. washed the dishes... washed the clothes.. disposed the garbage etc...oh yeah and went out in the rain shopping.. and other stuff like picking up after the sick!

Damn I was soo tired and pissed... my weakness* natural after fever * and tiredness made things diffcult for everyone.. ahem i kept complaining...

And now...i havent had a good nights rest n i am cold :(

and enough of this burr.. i am signing off !!
meena iyer
If you liked the nail biting action of da vinci code then the book.. Rule of 4 is for you!

It depends on the same cryptography of renaisance period.. but the story is not the same.. and yet it is sensational!!

This story has betrayal.. love friendship murder.. intrigue.. you name it you have it!!

The story is mainly about friendship between an orphan named Paul and a guy named tom who recently lost his father... They come togather as Paul is interested in what tom's father was interested in.. the longest book in history filled with absurdities.. For 5 centuries no one could ever understand what the book meant... it was not even a novel! it was a dream.. a dream that a guy saw where in weird things happens to the girl he is searching in his dreamm... and yet the book cannot be called a love story.. as the book has horrific details... ' Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.'

Paul and unwilling tom solve the puzzle that many cudn't... The resulting chaoes is best read.. to know more abt the story click here
meena iyer
Lately, me and my sister tend to go out even on work days and figure out how to get internet connection that can fit our budget and has quick activation. Given the options.. i think we are wasting time...

Well as we keep roaming.. one thing can't escape my eyes is the road side book stall.. my life line. I know there are many nice arguements against piracy.. but when i see that i can buy 3 books in the price of one.. all my good intentions vanish..

So after a lot of window shopping .. i settled on 2 books.. I like to buy more than one books of an author togather.. somehow reading the second book is an prolonged enjoyment then.. I know what to expect :-)

So.. This time I picked up " the kite runner" and " A thousand splendid suns".

Believe me they are worth reading..

Esp kite runner. The most startling discovery I made while reading this book is .. how much I hated the character " aamir " in it initially. This made em think...

Why is that we want to be perfect? Not us.. but others. We want them to accept us as we are.. but.. we cant accept ppl.. we expect them to be perfect.. atleast. like us.. I mean.. if u r sloppy.. u dont mind.. if ur friend is sloppy.. however a fastidious person may not like that.. he will forever nag.. 'tum apna khayaal kyon nahi rakhte? ' I know you may think... isnt he doing what a good friend is doing.. I would say ask the other friend!

So.. in this story.. aamir is kinda the weak guy.. and hassan the perfect guy.. aamir cannot stand hassans goodness.. and hassan is all observing/ absorbing sponge!!!

I cannot even think of the all humiliation accepting nature of hassan! What i feel is pity for such an character.. he knows that his existence is soo hopeless that he has lost the sense iof self? May be not.. may be he accepts reality for what it is.. something i can never do!!

In the other book... it is a story of 2 wives... and their relation that starts with proverbial hatred.. since both r dependant on the husband for survival.. they cant be angry on him.. n hence direct it on each other..

This total dependance.. total aceptance of first wife.. who was physially abused repeatedly...

leaves me angered.. and yet this is an hopeful story.. there is a lot of death in this book.. but at the end.. it still leaves us hopeful... it has beautiful description of what went inside Afganistan! The reason y ppl supported taliban.. and how mis guided they were... etc etc .. a must read!
meena iyer
I have been reading a lot of books recently.. or rather 3 books in 3 days!

Feels like hostel time ! Only my choice of books are different.. The way i read books also changed. Earlier if I ever got to read.. it would be like blitzcrieg... i mean.. i wouldn't bother to stop until the book is finished... It is true even now.. however, now I find myself contemplating on the writer's thoughts.. his ideas.. and finding my own.. I have to tell you this makes me njoy the book.. the story more.. it feels like i have missed loads of subtle nuances in many books now... I wanna unread them and read then again.. unread them becoz.. i wudnt feel the same exitement other wise.....

There are not many books that I put down as unreadable... infact there r only 2 books!!! The first one was " Catch 22" I put it down for like 7 times before I could complete it! I loved the sarcasm in it.. how ever i feel the dose of sarcasm is too much! I now feel.. may be.. i lost the nuances that affected my judgement.. may be.. since i own this book.. i will prolly read it again!

And the second book being collection of short stories of Franz kafka...

I couldn't make head or tail of the first few stories.. Mainly coz what he writes is a bit abstract. What he implies is beautifull than what he writes,... and also coz its ironical... most of his stories are... This ironically reminded me of the fact that i am losing the ability to process abstract.. so i have taken this book as an exercise. I read one story and try to make sense of it!!

If what i have suggested makes u feel like reading the stories.. please try 'hunger artist' and 'metamorphosis' Both are surprisingly so refreshing...
Kafka has taken a bleak view on human frailities.. their suseptibilities.. and it seems so real and yet its absurd...

Hunger artist is a story of an hunger artist from circus who takes proud in eating nothing for 40 days.. and metamorphosis is story of a sales clerk who turns into a gaint insect when he wakes up in the morning :-)

Happy reading!