meena iyer

Again I am late.Three years too late.
Can I hope?

Should I ?

But then I promised. I plan to keep it.

I reach the cafe. The corner booth, our favorite.

There he was. Cigarettes, Coffee, News paper and his smile. Intoxicating............

I asked 'How come?'

'I knew you would. That's how!' he replied.'It was worth the wait......'

We hugged.

It wasn't too late.
9 Responses
  1. Vinay Says:


    another winniethepoohi original...
    superb...!! wow...!!

  2. Vishnu Says:

    Romantic & Lovely :D

  3. Ah, kash yeh sabke zindagi mein hota :)

    short and really too sweet

  4. Reflections Says:


    p.s - whts up with u???? Happy endings & all:-o

  5. --xh-- Says:

    :) it is never late...

  6. Rambler Says:

    I guess sometimes we are never late..or may be some things are not time bound I guess

  7. Vikas Says:

    Some things in life should be left to destiny and it fall in place automatically....

  8. Vinay! Thank you so much!!

    Vishnu welcome to my blog :) Romance is always lovely isnt it ?

    @anoop :) True

    @rambler.. yes.. the most cherishable things in life are never time bound :)

    Sallu!!!! You commented ?? :O :O


    But they say.. god help who help themselves.. so we shud keep trying isnt it ?