meena iyer

I was blog hopping today.. went through few blogs that I had not visited before.. My usual habit..

I find it so touching that well we never know how people affect us.. we say words only hold 5% of our communications and yet.. that 5% is so effective that we forge friendships that go beyond the usual norms.. more intimate and has less expectations...

Our expectations are only to that green point in gtalk or that new post in the blog.. and yet we share our life together.... touch each other..

Though this warms my soul.. I cannot help but feel that cold shiver up my spine...

Phew! I am not able to explain my feelings .. but I am very pensive right now..
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4 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    so true - we may never know them, they may never know we visited the pages, but many time,s the scribbling leave a mark and have ripples far reaching...
    blogworld rocks...

  2. Reflections Says:

    Ohhh yes......I know exactly what u are saying & feeling.
    the other day I went over to Shekhar Kapur's site & commented something. I know for a fact that he visited my site but ofcourse didnt comment. The fact that a well known personality like him was at my site for more than 10 mins reading what I had to say gave me goosebumps;-D.
    This is only a positive aspect.. on the other hand, just imagine the number of negetive people like paedophiles or rapists or murderers who might be reading ur me the heebie-jeepies

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  4. Ah anoop it sure does!!

    Nancy :)Congrats :D :D