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P.S: I hope no one gets offended by it.. umm might be my first controversial blog post here..

I was thinking... *umm thats debatable* he he he.. So .. I was thinking that man is so ingenious.. he glorifies everything he is afraid of.. and makes them into "god" ascribes to them various attributes.. mostly good ones... and then bad ones too.. and since "Gods" are not supposed to be bad.. even if they have ego et al... man creates the demons. Since to have equal fight.. for ups an downs to happen demons are as powerful as "gods".. Now if gods are falliable.. umm someone has to be all powerful na ?

So we have gods of gods.. bhrama, Vishnu.. and Shiva...

So now Bhrama is the creator.. he created goddess saraswati.. but he falls for her.. so she is his consort.. Isnt that incest ??

Okay for now forget about this.......

Lets consider.. adam and eve.. they procreate.. so there could be 3 situations...

1. The mother procreates with son
2. Father with daughter
3. Brothers and sisters do it

In either of the 3 cases.. we atill are a race of incest isnt it ?

Umm I agree that I hardly know much about Bible.. or for that matter Indian Mythology.. but this is just a wayward thought that came into my mind today

If I err in my reasoning somewhere do let me know
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  1. --xh-- Says:

    hm.. strange truths, eh?

    have heard this story - one day a kid asked the teacher- if Kamsa knew Devaki and Vasudewas son will kill him, wht did he put both in same cell? makes sense, rt?

  2. Pratibha Says:

    A lot of things are better left unsaid !!

  3. why do you want to reason it out..thru modern science we know anyway that we have evolved from there was no one Adam and one Eve...though yes incest must have been involved somewhere there early enough.

    Now faith is something totally else...I believe one cannot reason out faith. One can reason out that too if you were to study high philosophies..but I am an ordinary guy and all those things go above my head.

    For me faith is the only important it is written in the Bible New Testament, Corinthians I think "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain - remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you"

    Whether that faith is in oneself or in a Supernatural power is your choice..but I think no successful person can live without faith.

  4. uffo! I am not trying to say anything about faith.. its just a thread of thought.. i never thought abt it before thats all!

  5. okay...i got carried away :D
    PS - u think too much :P

  6. Reflections Says:

    have to admit here tht this thot has occurred to me also...esp if u look at it biblically.
    Nope have no answers to this one:-P. I just try not to think abt it too much....convenient huh!!!

  7. ah as they say faith cannot be reasoned out :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My god its a day for me to laugh!

    Once we had a heated argument because I used the word Incest which you considered offensive.

    Anyways, I guess now it is not so offending word.

  9. amit u r a stuck up asshole like always.. wonder why u r back.. umm the new one dumped u again ?

  10. Anonymous Says:


    nope, its not about dumping.

    We (I and her) got too far away from fights and struggles, you know what, We never had any fight any argument ever till yet.
    The strange thing is, we aren't bored of the situation too.
    A few years back, I used to think that a little struggles and fights and arguments keeps a relation alive, but nah!
    Its not so. A good relation actually don't need that.
    That doesn't mean that to be argumentative is wrong.
    It's quite healthy to be argumentative.
    And I am not Amit, I am Amzy!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    And miss meena ji (i remember last time I answered you back in the language you like)

    I am not at all back and will never be.

    I am just enjoying time.

    I was searching for something at google and google bought me here at your blog. Just an unwanted coincidence.
    But I enjoyed it.

  12. Am glad then its working out for u :)

  13. Nothingman Says:

    interesting thought, came to my mind too a few days back, and thankfully I arrived at a conclusion. Here goes...

    Adam and Eve are cultural symbols, just like Indian mythos have Manu and his babe (forgot her name..grr) and Islamic mythos have Aadam and Hawaa. So, to avoid incest, the kids of these three pairs, or maybe more pairs, must have procreated to create more humans.

    After all, we all come in different colors :)



  14. Neeraja Says:

    Meiner Meinung nach, incest was something that came into existence only after man learned to think. I mean, it COULD have come into existence only after the human race spread far and wide all over the world, and man decided who his "direct" descendants or relatives are, and who are "indirectly" related to him. Anyway, it really took a long time for him to think and come up with something such as incest. And as far as I know, only brothers and sisters seem to have done the procreation. I may be wrong here. And then again, history has probably got the marks of some very nasty incest happenings.