meena iyer

I absolutely ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! romance and romantic books. It leaves me with a smile........ nah wide grin.... always a happy ending.. and it leaves me wistful.. for you never find that in real life.. not for long atleast :( :( And yet you yearn for it forevermore!
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  1. Seems you are in a contemplative mood about relationships :)

  2. Reflections Says:

    Heeeheee, I just love them..& I've read like thousands of them & never tired.
    What kinds do u read?????

  3. mady Says:

    the pic is juz awsoomeee!! i mean .... its so beautiful ... :') .... where didja get tht? do u knw the painter?

  4. I wish! I googled it! Like all other pictures out here :)

  5. @karthik. not really.. its just struck me :)

    @nancy >:D< >:D<

    Any kind works with me.. but nora roberts is my fav :D

  6. My fav are mary balogh and madeline hunter. Lisa kleypas also I like :)

  7. --xh-- Says:

    dont read them - cant stand much mush. but there are some absolutely, incredibly good romantic books - love them.

  8. romance never goes out of fashion :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, it never does...

    u can find a true love only once in real life... very rarely twice...personal experience u see...!!