meena iyer
They say time lessens the pain.. I wonder who said that. I mean how come it didnt happen to me??

Time doesnt lessen the pain it just lessens the edge.. You go through day to day hiding from it, ignoring it and it is just lying there accumulating... and then one fine day when u slacken your vigil it hits you like a rock.. You dont know whether to keep ur face straight and act like nothing happened or that you can deal with it.. Or should you lean on someone and cry your eyes out..

I wonder if i decide to cry is there any shoulder offered? I mean i do have friends.. friends whom i can count on.. but whats new is that i dont want to lean on them.. I look through my friends list and dont want to talk to anyone.. Thats new..

Like a withering flower i writhe.. but do i show it to anyone? whats the use of showing ugliness out?

I thought i will never miss her.. after all she left us in lurch.. .. thats a rude thing to say i guess .. but it does seem like betrayal to me some times... i do miss her.. every day is reminder of what i dont have and every night a trial.. its been 10 years this month and I still hurt.. more so nowadays than before..

At that time it was imperative that i stay strong.. we had a family to run a dad to console but now.... now that there isnt anything to hold on to i remember

I remember all too well than its good for me :(

I miss u momma.. miss u hard!

Whenever i see a mother and daughter shopping together i miss u.. I wonder if we wud b this way!

I hate it... hate that you wouldnt see me in my youth.. wudnt see what i am now.. i wonder if u wud be proud of me atleast.. I wonder if u will approve of all my decisions or would you blame us?

I wonder on those lonely night how it would be juss to sleep on your lap like old times:(

i wonder if you would love sweety as i do...

Dard Ki Yaad Mein Bhi Dard Hai Behtar Yeh Tha
Aapne Zakhmo Ka Hisab Hum Ne Na Rakha Hota

How true!

I wonder y i keep the "hisaab"

Le sigh!
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  1. Reflections Says:

    ohh sweetheart, I'm so sorry....I feel terrible. I cant claim to understand ur pain but I do emphatise.
    U still can talk with her. she is around u...just reach out...u'll be comforted by her