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P.S: This is not my story.. One of my friend read this story here And he gave a bunch of us a challenge to spice it up.. here is my take :-)

It was such an amazing evening.. an evening for strolling by the sea face with someone special.. whispering sweet nothings and yes eating roasted groundnuts... you know.. some days that makes you feel that everything is just right.. few moments when you forget that you are having problems..

And yet Ravi was not affected by it. Sitting in a deserted cafe sipping a watered down coffee and a toast.. he wondered how the hell he is going to handle this mess he landed into.. He was not sure as in how long his savings will hold up..

But he was not overtly concerned.. his friends would come through if it was too hard to manage.. in the past he had .. for them.. But the fact that he was getting married soon was bogging him down.. Not coz he didnt like the girl.. he liked her fine... it was his own web of lies!

When he had gone to meet the girl.. his relatives as is the norm exaggerated his virtues.. and caught in the flow.. he said more lies than he had planned to.... He told them he had a car and had a salary of 31000 per month. He was not worried then.. he knew his boss will help him out.. He always did....

He couldn't believe only yesterday he thanked god for the luck that came his way..

Bubbling with the newly found happiness he accosted his boss..

"Sir I have a good news"

"Marriage finally fixed hmm ? "

"How do you....."

"I know everything" Krishna said laughing, Ravi's boss, the owner of a small time agency that took care of distribution of products for FMCG Ltd, a auto parts manufacturing company.

"It was about time too. One should marry at the right age" he continued smilingly.

"Well yeah..I had a favor to ask...if you don't mind..."

"Salary badha ke chahiye? Ab biwiw bhi aagayi hmm? Dont worry.. 7000 ho jaayega.. bas? "

"Oh thank you sir.. lekin.."

"Yes? Honey moon pe jaane chutti bhi mil jaayega.. advance salary bhi..."

"What can I say sir.. thank you so much.. no other employer will be as caring as you! I am very lucky!"

"Bas kar aur kaam pe lag ab" he said not too rudely.. he was embarassed but pleased.. Ravi knew...

He was in a dilemma now.. His boss had given him so much that it was hard to ask more.. Somehow he had not even thought about honeymoon.. but may be she would want it..

His father in law was supposed to come on Saturday... so he knew he had to approach his boss again.. but he was not sure how he could.. He cursed himself thousand times over for being so stupid..

Krishna watched Ravi for sometime now.. Something was worrying him.. He was a very concerned employer.. one who feels a happy employee means a healthy profit .. so he approached him

"Ravi beta, whats wrong ? Why are you so sad ?"

"Sir... ek problem hai.. Don't know how to ask you.."

"Kya baat hai?"

"I want a car. My father in law is visiting me on Saturday"

"Uffo! itni si baat? Take my car"

"No I want my car"

"You cant afford it. not with 5000 ki salary!"

"You buy it for me and cut is gradually over the years.. besides with the dowry my Father in law gives me.. I will give it back to you"

"Arre why do you want a burden now? With new wife and all.. buy it later na.. ab apni dulhan ko ghuma fira..."

"I have lied to my father in law and so now I need it"

"I cannot give it. I am sorry.. Jhoot kyon bola?"

"Then.. I may have to leave the job" Ravi said dispassionately knowing Krishna would buckle down..

Shocked Krishna looked at him for sometime. He wanted to rile.. ' do you have any idea what you are talking about ?' But he didn't. It was not his responsibility to teach him sense and he was angered then.. After doing so much for them.. this is what he has to come against time and again... He picked out his checkbook.. generously gave him the current months complete pay.. almost threw it on his face and said " So be it then. I expect you to leave within 1 hour"

Riding on false bravado Ravi had left with a huff.

And since then he has been lost.. not knowing what to do..

The waiter had finally asked him to go thinking... 'Kya lukkha hai.. 2 ghante se Ek cup coffee piya hai.. pata nahi kahan kahan se aajate hai'

Laughing ironically at the waiters thought.. Ravi went towards the sea shore .. one final time
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  1. WOW WOW WOW!! am not praising :P

    but seriously if i was not the first to comment on this one...mujhe top (cannon) se uda dena chahiye

    You have shown ur mettle...making an ordinary day to day story so interesting..its something abt the way it is narrated, presented to the reader and the expressions used. KUdos!!