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I recently read Keith's blog wherein he wrote the pros and cons of blogging.. naturally enough I am tempted to put down mine :-)

I started blogging because I was bored at office esp in the nights.. and coz all my online friends started one. It was a cool thing to do.. Soon enough, it was a way to communicate.

To start with, it became the only way I could put forth my point of view in front of my bf.. when we had arguments. We both were too bullheaded to listen to others point of view. And then the break up time :)

It was my punching bag.. umm ranting machine whatever.. but yes.. in between something happened. I fell in love with blogging... with creating templates too.. I used to first find amazing templates and then tweak them around and update them. first for me.. then my friends.. and finally I created some from the scratch.. it felt amazing to concentrate on something other than the usual rant :)

And somewhere down the line I found my voice again.. I started to write poems :) and then stories. Its been one hell of an journey since Jan 2007 when I actually started blogging..

So here's my pros of blogging:

Got to say my writing abilities have improved a lot. And as I mentioned earlier, I can rhyme now :-)

Some amazing friends.

You get to read a slice of someone else's life .. its enriching.. And I happen to love reading different perspective of the same thing :)

Free poems and short stories of amazing quality. Should also add well researched articles and point of views too

It was and will be always a place where I am totally honest and it is a sort of confession box + diary for me

It makes me think beyond the usual.. fires my imagination


One of the major problem if I can think of is.. I feel my inter-personal skills suffered a lot.

Chores are mostly forgotten which results in well scolding arguments.. umm u get the picture donchya?

Oh yes, my work suffers * Am not complaining ;) *

I can't think of more :) But I can add loneliness which can be added to pros and cons.. Its a nice getaway from loneliness.. but then one doesnt try hard to make friends for online friends happen to matter more :)
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8 Responses
  1. Interesting...I never thot of putting pros and cons like you have. me it is about getting out something I sorely want to express and yes its a footprint of where all my mind has travelled.

  2. But then you are more than an average blogger...its more like a passion for you :)

  3. love the expression "foot prints of where all my mind has travelled"

    Not surprising though.. after all you are a writer :)

  4. hee heehe thangyu thangyu!!!
    but thats what my "wanderings of an itinerant mind" is all about :)

  5. --xh-- Says:

    blog gave me some amazing friends, and u r one among them :)

  6. and you anoop :)

    @karthik i wasnt complimenting u :P

    its a fact

  7. Vinay Says:

    ditto for anoop's comment...!! :)
    i echo his words, each and every one of them...!! :)

  8. Reflections Says:

    u knw wht, sometimes there's a germ of an idea in my mind & the next thing i see...the post i want to write but unable to express is on ur blog:-o