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Yay!!! One more award.. Yeah an award week this was :)

This time by Nancy

She always will be special for me.. for she is an angel..

And the award is .....

"This is given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design"

And this is like a huge compliment for me yay!! Thanks girl!!

The the rules are:

1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.
2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
3. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brillante Weblog'.
4. Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize(optional).
5. And pass it on!

So I award this to......

Well I never realized awarding people would be so tough! I am awarding well 10 people Oh yeah! Go figure :P :P

The names are taken in random.. and not as a ranking.. :-) And yes, the blogs are linked to the name. So if you are tempted to visit their site, do click on their name

Bharat : When I visit his website, the template gives me a jolt of energy! The poems are exceptional! * the only published poet I know* And I thank orkut for that :-) The riot of colors on his template peps me up.. and the sublime poetry takes me into a trance... A to be visited for sure link on my blog list :-)

Akhila: I totally love her header image! I love her blog name too.. intimate escapes.. isn't that what blog is all about ? Ah again.. her poems have this special sweet quality to it very tender and innocent.

Ishy: The darker side of white.. interesting contradiction.. but if you delve in.. makes sense isnt it ?. Thats exactly what this kewt person is all about! Random nothingness that really make sense deep inside... Do check out the template.. its one of my favorite :-)

Mani Meow: One of the best people orkut introduced me to. Her biting sarcasm and interesting insights.. well bowls me over time and again.. not to miss the humor over here
But I award her this for the blog "Shmoo Tales" . Reminds you of children stories no?.. Well do check the short stories.. they are amazingly written

Karthik: Ah I found him somehow through random blog hopping. His blog is worth a read.. He is a writer waiting to make it big.. so well that should tell you about the quality of the writes :-)

Scribbler: He is famous with this name all over the orkut as well as the blogger world. He scribbles as he says.. or paints amazing pictures with his words as I would love to say... The adventures of the lil puttu with his grand mom or poignant tender writes.. he has done them all justice.. A must read indeed! and he deserves this award!

--xh-- aka Anoop: His template reflects all that he is. I love that about him.. One of the first blogger friend of mine.. warm person with so many hidden talents. His blog reflects the essence of him.. I happened to read a poem that scribbled about people watching and I was hooked. Still am :-)

Vinay: One of the best poets I have met online. He writes about pain and hope.. The best part of reading his poems are that they are full of motivation and positivity. A must read when you are down.. I would call it ' The silver lining' Really!

RiverSoul: What I love about his blog is that his poems are about causes. Absolutely wonderful thoughts. He is a thinking poet and he emotes well! The ethereal feel to his blog.. coz of his template.. sets the mood right to poetry! Do visit atleats once.. you wont regret :-)

Neeru : Neeru and me make the diva duo.:-) We write poems on same topics. we even write stories of similar topics. We inspired each other to take writing poems seriously. She is the only one who listens to all my half baked story lines :-) We have spent so many evenings discussing them! She is a published writer of Tamil novels which I can never read *sigh* Romantic like me.. the blog is full of that! Esp the Sylvia Path's poem.. touches my soul everytime I visit. And yeah do read her stories there :-)

I love you all! And all your blogs!! So now guys lets

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13 Responses
  1. Am honored...Sorry I have no speech ready with me, never expected to win :D

  2. Reflections Says:

    U totally deserve it:-)))

  3. RiverSoul Says:

    I'm Awarded....

    thanks a million times over, winnie!!
    i'll post soon
    And really, the things u said abt me, are they true>??

  4. Anonymous Says:

    thanks meeenaaaaa!! :)
    wow, i accepted and posted on my blog also..!!

    and given u another tag to do as welll!!! ;)

  5. @karthik.. now words to say.. for a writer thats a poor performance :P :P


    >:D< >:D< thnx!!


    U deserved it dear :)


    U know was thinking.. its about time we met.. what say ?


    Thanq thanq

  6. --xh-- Says:

    wow, another ward - congrtaz and thanks for giving it to me :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    sure...why not...?? :)

    dont tell me u wanna meet me bcoz u r tired of doin my tags...i'll stop if u want to...!!

    ps:i wouldn't believe it if u did tell me...!! ;)

  8. Neeru Says:

    Thank you, honey! >:D< :* I feel GREATLY honored to have received this from you!

  9. anoop you deserve it :)

    And vinay.. i wud complain if u dont tag me :P :P I love them!!

    Neeru hon why so formal ? :O

  10. Aki..... Says:

    :0.... this was my expression when i saw the award and the comment.. i just can't believe it.. i'm so honoured. thank you so much... :) *bows*.. and my name's akila... :) thanks again..

  11. Aki! You deserve it dear :)

  12. and i will edit the name.. I assumed that southies wud add an extra 'h' as its an norm :)