meena iyer

Ah my fourth tag in a row!! River Soul tagged me .....

So here I am letting out my very own octal meme

Things I am passionate about:

To start with would be reading! I cannot think of ever stopping to read....

Music/ Singing. I have never known an hour when I haven't hummed a song.. Literally. I was a living nightmares in libraries and examination halls. If I am not singing loudly, I am singing in my mind.

Life. I am passionate about living. I have no words to describe this but yes I am

Poetry. Can't think of life wherein words would stop to flow. It has happened before. I know how choked up I feel so now I am afraid to stop lest I cannot start again

My Blogs. I have 3 that are really active. Blogging started as an escape from boredom, grew to being a place to rant and now... Its my own private space, my creative expression. It has become a part of me.

I love my "sweety". She is an adorable lab of 2 years. For years I wanted a dog. However, my parents were dead against it. She was my first gift to myself and Am I glad!!!

My Adorable darling!!!!

Nature. I love going on a trek. even though I am not fit at all now for hiking and all! I love sea, waterfall, sunset and sunrise. Ah and clouds and birds and rain.. I guess you get the picture

Cocktails. Any given time, if I am having alcohol, it has to be a cocktail. More so, it would be something I never had... more obscure and exotic the better.

Okay you get a bonus here. I am totally gone for chocolate. And chocolate and alcohol is the best combination!!!

I love stuffed toys too erm.. I just have to stop else lot more will come out .....

things I wanna do before I die

Travel. As many places I can.

Donno if this will come true but I want to have my own company

Buy a farmhouse or cottage on a cliff. If I can swing it, a private island!!

Own 4 dogs, countless cats and few rabbits.

Get drunk so much so that I pass out. Its really doubtful as I don't get drunk easily and I have a hard time being out of control.

Get married have 2 kids and adopt a third one.

Go on a blind date. I find that very intriguing!! Or may be get stranded with strangers in a storm, in a forest.. ummm anything that makes me interact with strangers very intimately...

Okay, the most important and the last one. You won't hear it again ever, I promise you that... I want to lose weight and maintain the loss for 1 year, atleast once in my life

Things I often say

How could they/he/she? or how dare they/he/she!

Fuck, asshole.. bull crap, bullshit

I know!

sahi hai! What else?

What do I know?

A smattering of punjabi.. tussi... etc etc

Has to be my call opening.. Thank you for calling ....

Oh and the last one is sir, maa'm bleh! blah! etc etc * I know I am not able to recall i guess!* Oh yeah! "I guess so".. i use that a lot too and " The thing is...." and " What the heck!" and lastly, "Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Books I last read

My Favorite of all the sections!!!

Blind Assasin - Margaret Atwood

Brida- Paulo Cohelo

Nude - Nergis Dalal

Dark and Darker - Sameer Kohli and Samir Parikh * I don't recommend this at all*

Waves - Sundara Ramaswamy
Four plays by Henriek Isben

Almost single Advaita Kala

The birth of Venus - Sarah Dunant

songs I love
This is very hard to list *boo hoo hoo*

Another day in paradise by phil collins

You sang to me by mark anthony

But it rained by parikrama

Any song by kishore kumaar * I have a long standing crush on him if only he was alive!*

After glow by INXS

Na shiqwa hota from the movie Tehzeeb

Tujhse naaraaz nahi zindagi from the movie masoom

Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas hai from the movie Ijaazat

I think its the most common tag around, I donno whom to tag..