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I have heard people say that.. your hair dresser know more about you than your wife.. or probably your mistress... didn't really believe in it.. and yet today evening.. had a tryst with truth.. so to say..

Ah yes, went to a beauty parlour.. finally.. after planning to go for like 4 weeks and not going.. (yeah, I procrastinate real bad), I went ... yippee!! I finally got my eyebrows threaded...

So, thats when I realized how much I was talking about myself to the hair dresser.. about stuff I wouldn't deem important to speak about at all! To add to that.. I see people coming.. and opening their goddamn heart out! not caring who listens.. they met me for the first time.. and they were talking about their intimate details...

Somebody's sister committed a suicide coz she had an affair with her boss.. she was a divorcee and her family came to know about it.. erm evidently they gave her a hard time about it.. and yeah.. she committed suicide in office.. had poison...

Someone else was just 20.. still studying.. ran away to marry.. and now shes pregnant.. when she said she wanted to have abortion... for she was still studying.. not surprisingly.. everyone objected.. that poor girl didn't even know that her vomiting stop in around 3 months.. she thought it would be constant all through her pregnancy.. no one bothers to enlighten her..

And then there were others.. like this soft spoken amazingly gentle lady.. who never gets angry.. with a drunkard of a husband.. flitting through just a period of 2-3 hours.. and yet.. they shared a major slice of their life.. I wonder.. is this what that makes females gather in an parlor.. it might be i guess a female version of clubs.. where gents are not allowed hmm??

Such a cozy warm room.. despite of all the sad tales.. amazingly funny.. a respite in the scalding roads of life I guess...

Umm I feel touched in a way I am not able to explain.. its an experience I guess thats intimately feminine.. I kinda wanna plagiarize one of the quote I read recently...

Its like a voyage through the dusty corners of hearts :-)
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6 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    Ohhh yes, even I have noticed it but I never cd open up to a stranger:-P
    But I wd listen to the whole going ons with half an ear:-D

  2. :)

    You never know.. talking to strangers is the best feeling.. esp if you would never meet .. you say things.. u didnt know u even thought.. try it sometimes :)

  3. Rambler Says:

    I share a very funny relationship with my hair cutter [hair dresser is for women right? :D]..anyways I hate to talk to him..anyone in general..and he one days and asks me.."sir, you think a lot don't you?..see thats why you are loosing this much of hair :D"

  4. Vinay Says:

    i could never talk to a stranger for my hairdresser, well he speaks only telugu properly and thankfully i dont know that language!! so he can go on and on if he wants... :)

  5. --xh-- Says:

    yup - hair saloon is a watering hole for local gossips. I hv preferred hair stylists @ three of the places I visit, and they know my tastes. I do talk to them and I make it a point to smile and exchange some pleasant talk... but you know what the most strange part is - of the three, i dunno the name of two :-D

  6. @rambler.. that was an interesting story.. :)

    @Vinay.. u dunno what u r missing :D :D

    Or may b its an women phenomena.. umm we being naturally garrulous

    #anoop.. find them out now :D