meena iyer
Since few days I had this huge knot.. it was there even today till the night.. but since i came from office to home.. something changed.. i feel light again :)


The weather is just spectacular.. just right to have a nice heart felt chat :)

Somehow this funny idea has come to my mind .. I want to describe how my "man" should be

1) Sense of humor.. a big time must!
2) Kindness
3) Ambitious but must make me his first priority
4) Should love poems and dogs and reading.. or shud have active hobbies to let me b free to read..
5) Must like long walks
6) Romance is a plus point not strictly required
7) shouldnt be very possessive insecure n jealous.. thats my department :P :P :P
8)Positive attitude! I actually cant stand pessimism!
9) A good listener... Should have endless patience where i am concerned
10) should start n end a day with me.. but in between his focus should be diverted to others too.. If i want a pet.. i will keep one..dont need a husband for that!
11) A family man obviously.. A man who doesnt respect his family wont ever respect me
12) Must be frank.. up on ur face.. when one talks in hints and nudges.. i dont get anything..
13) I am not his object neither is he mine.. Mutual respect is must
14) Must like nature... like hiking etc... If he doesnt mind me being fat.. it would be amazing!
15) Most important of all.. I should be sexually attracted to him :D :D

Any takers?
3 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    :)) whoa, SO much of differences between ur description n mine. i mean, u r kinda more realistic. :D

  2. The Mystic Says:

    HMMM...i dunno i mean m ur bro so i cant date u but i can make clone for u and maybe give him a hunkier body and parcel it to u...:P

  3. Flo Says:

    Hell forbid any man having to read this. It'll be a surprise if he did. Men like it short and simple like in the classifieds. 8)