meena iyer
It seemed like today would be no different. The noise of the TV could be reached even on the stairs. The house was a mess. Resignedly, she enters the kitchen to make some coffee.
" What happened here?!!" she cried out.
"Happy birthday Mommy!" two flour covered imps sang in unison.

9 Responses
  1. Aila!, Trying to fool us huh?!?
    Me having some degree of memory. Doesnt you Bday fall in Jan..Jan 14? eh?

    Hehe..The fooling technique seems to have caught up with blogs also..hehe.Good idea..keep the secret going..

    PS: Publish this comment later!

  2. Reflections Says:

    I came here thinking it was ur birthday...all ready to engulf u with my warmest wishes;-D

    Very nice 'feel-good' story!!!!!!!
    U r getting to be an expert huh;-D!!!

  3. rahul Says:

    nice story..although could be reached even on the stars could have been..could be heard on the stars maybe!!!

  4. Ordinary Guy Says:

    you are the expert whn it comes to 55 ers.......:)

  5. Indyeah Says:

    alle sho cute :))
    such a cute 55er Winnie so heartwarming:))
    This is the story of I and my bros too:)))

  6. Archana Says:

    Is there a synonym for cute? I actually thght it was ur Bday and regretted for not having known , when i read the header of ur post!:D

  7. Bharat he he he it never crossed my mind.. was a happy coincidence.. when I saw your comment I was like.. why the hell not ?

    :D :D

    Nancy he he he April fool :P :P and dankyu dankyu *pats herself*

    Rahul.. ah nice exaggeration.. didnt occur to me then :)

    Priya thank you :)

    Thoorika :D :D thank you hon!

    OG *overwhelmed*

    Abhi *hugs* I know mine too.. We once used equal portions of aata and salt to make "chakkli" and wasted 1 kg of oil.. it was salty oh and umm it was all black.. ;)

    Archy he he yes there is " Me " *smug*

    April fool yay!!

    Made 2 fools today!!