meena iyer
I look out from the door of the slowing train, scanning the crowds for you. Wondering, how will it be. The changes that time wrought in everyone of us makes me question my decision of coming. The train stops. Smilingly, you reach me with wide open arms. As we embrace, the distance melts. I was right.

P.S: Silly I know. Ots dedicated to my sweet friend.. Salaria. The pune stop was just perfect thanks to you dear :)

9 Responses

  1. Indyeah Says:

    no words needed here:)

  2. Love these 55 words stories! It's amazing how much you manage to say when you have to say it in just 55 words... this one is sweet and so full of good will :)

    And this is based on a true incidence :)

  3. Rambler Says:

    looks like a good friend.. :)

  4. wow!!! so true. you may not talk to your friends for a long time but when you meet or talk it seems you were never away. you just start from where you left. thats how it is with friends, your best friends.

  5. Nave Says:

    :D shouldnt you also write one for the people who welcomed you back home :D wat if they werent there to greet you at the station :P

  6. Archana Says:

    Guess you had a memorable trip! Truly truly, sweet:-)

  7. Reflections Says:

    Know exactly wht u mean....and to have compressed the feeling in 55 words is awesome:-)).

  8. OG and Abhi *hugs*

    IHM : I try had to write them.. cant wirte fiction somehow... but actual incidents fit amazingly

    Rambler yeah yeah.. 8 years and long way to go :)

    I am what I am.. you nailed it! Thats what true friendship is all about :)

    Nave you mean you ? ;) I know you missed me :P

    Archy the best time !

    Nance : Ah I knew you can relate to this *hugs*