meena iyer

All night the storm raged. It poured cats and dogs.

Trees swayed like hell's angels! Razed from the ground, they fell helplessly. Leaves trembled, thunder rumbled, birds screeched. Like a clarion call.

Scared, all night I waited for the storm to abate.  

Then I unfurled my wings, flew through the silent sky and sang my victory song

P.S: Its inspired by a poem by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. I wish I remembered the poem.. but the image of the poem still lingers. We had that poem for class IX i guess. It is about regeneration. After the storm comes the rebuilding.. if I am not wrong its called ' Need ka nirmaan phir phir, neh ka aavhaan phir phir' I can be wrong ofcourse :(

P.P.S: This pic was taken by me from my mobile. Tweaked it a bit to give the silhouette look.

P.P.P.S: I got the poem googled yay!!

Need Ka Nirman Phir Phir, Neh Ka Ahvan Phir Phir 

Yah Uthee Aandhi Ki Nabh Mein
Chha Gaya Sahasa Andhera
Dhooli Dhoosar Badalon Ne 
Bhoomi Ko Is Bhaanti Ghera 
Raat Sa Din Ho Gaya
Phir Raat Aayee Aur Kali 
Lag Raha Tha Ab Na Hoga
Is Nisha Ka Phir Savera 
Raat Ke Utpaat Bhay Se 
Bheet Jan Jan Bheet Kan Kan 
Kintu Prachi Se Usha Ki
Mohini Muskaan Phir Phir, 
Need ka nirman phir phir
Neh ka avhaan phir phir! 

Kruddha nabh ke vajradanton mein 
Usha hai muskaraati,
Ghor garjanmay gagan ke
kanth mein Khag pankti gaati 
Ek chidiya chonch mein 
Tinka liye jo jaa rahi hai 
Vah sahaj mein hi pavan unchaas ko 
Neecha dikha rahi hai.
Nash ke dukh se kabhi
Dabta nahin nirmaan ka sukh 
Pralay ki nistabdhata mein 
Srushti ka navgaan phir phir.
Need ka nirmaan phir phir 
Neh ka aavhaan phir phir.

While I am at it, here's my english translation.. however it loses the impact in the translation :( The whole feel of reading it in hindi and feeling the rush of emotions... cannot be expressed!! Anyhow, here goes nothing...

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again 

With storm arising  
Darkness has spread everywhere
Clouds leaden with rain ( dark black clouds)  
Has enveloped the earth such that 
Day seemed like night 
And then came a darker night still
It seemed like this night would be forever
And dawn would never end the torments of the night 
Every living creature, every particle is scared[ jan jan== people kan kan== particle] 
But from the east rises, 
A beautiful smiling sun..

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again  

In between the strong teeth of cruel sky, 
Sun smiles, 
In the thunderous throat of scary sky,
The bird sings songs 
When the little bird flies with a small grain in its beak,
It mocks at the 49 different types of the winds!
Under the sadness of destruction,
The happiness of regeneration doesn't disappear
In the chaos of the tempest lies 
The song of the regeneration

Create the foundations yet again
Recall the beauty yet again

4 Responses
  1. Archana Says:

    That was a BEAUTIFUL PIC!:-) Poetic:-)

  2. Atlast someone read this one!! whoosh!!

    Archy thanks a bunch :D :D

  3. naheed Says:

    its lovely.....i have dis poem in my 8th!!!

  4. Hi,
    Just a little correction, if I may! "NEED" is not foundations, it is "Shelter"