meena iyer
Sometimes am happy that he is not around but am always glad that he is back.

- A woman about her husband who travels for work.

And this for me is true realistic love. :D

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  1. :D
    Yeah, really quite..And sad thing is that things here are upside down :P :P
    me not on the receiver's end; hehe hehe

  2. Pesto Sauce Says:

    True....reminds me of my neighbor who chose maid over her husband as a necessary companion for existence

  3. Rambler Says:

    is it because of what comes back with him?

  4. He he he bharat :D :D

    Pesto sauce umm make sense :D

    IHM :D :D

    Rambler nah its coz familiarity breeds contempt and distance make heart fonder :D

  5. alok Says:

    What more I can say, whoever it that has to say she already did it :)

    BTW, hey your new template on this blog is really beautiful.

  6. Rukhiya Says:

    Realistic, yes! :) I like! And yes, your template is beautiful!

  7. Ah thank you Alok and Rukhiya :D :D

  8. Reflections Says:

    Oh yes...identify with this statement very much;-D

  9. Indyeah Says:

    I agree :)
    Pesto sauce's was good:D

  10. Yogesh Says:

    Nice way of putting it up!!

  11. Archy Says:

    I think so:D I Never Know :PSilly, this comment-I Know !