meena iyer
He sat at the street corner. Smiling at the passers by. Even strangers. He had a knack of making people talk. From the local sweeper to the owner of the Mercedes, he listened.

One could guess how varied his friend circle was by the huge turn out at his funeral.

Drunk and driving. Crushed skull. Death.

Prompted at : 3WW

10 Responses
  1. Thoorika Says:

    Hmmmm... I am thinkin wat to comment.. but not able to come up with somethin... its nice... but its not strong... :(

  2. Tumblewords: Says:

    The twist at the end works really well...

  3. --xh-- Says:

    if there was no drink & Drive, it would have been about me :P

  4. Jeeves Says:

    Oh dear, why sad ending. Very nice one.

  5. sudharm baxi Says:

    The twist was really interesting..

  6. ThomG Says:

    An interesting twist. And a good start for a 55 Fiction.

  7. Archana Says:

    You made me feel sad. You made me FEEL!Its a success:-)

    Pls...let more of this come!

  8. Biju Mathews Says:

    Ha ha. This is a good one, though violent!!

    Keep Blogging!

  9. Thoorika, ah I guess I will try to b better the next time :)

    Tumblewords thank you :)

    anoop I know :D :D

    Jeeves thank you :)

    Sudharm what a quaint name! lovely! and thank you for dropping by

    ThomG thank you!

    Archy ! *hugs* you are a chum!

    Biju thank you!!

  10. Yogesh Says:

    Good piece of writing!!