meena iyer
She was all set to go. And she didn't like to wait. And she was reading this interesting novel. It seemed such a drag when it started and yet later on she got caught up with the story and didn't want to stop. And the cab had not yet come! Generally she would be late and make the cab wait. This day was different. Not special. Just different. And then nearly 45 min late the cab came. She rushed to the door only to realize she cannot go. Guess what? She is locked in. Yes. Her sister by mistake locked her in. And that person was me this Tuesday. Gleefully I asked the cab driver to go. And then I completed the novel. Did some channel surfing and all. And when I went to sleep I found the keys in between the folds of the bed sheet. It lay hidden. Ofcourse my sis must have forgotten it there. And I got an extra holiday yay!!

And and today I forgot my keys in Airtel shop. Luckily I got it back. I think there is something wrong with me.. I seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff off late!

10 Responses
  1. Ordinary Guy Says:

    dont forget to eat and drink!!!!! :)LOL

  2. Ah.. I have reminders for them ;)

  3. Maald Says:

    Forgetfulness? You are showing early signs of old age.

  4. I console myself thinking that absentmindedness is the hallmark of brilliance :D

  5. Rambler Says:

    thats a nice way to get a holiday

  6. Anonymous Says:

    LoL,,, good u njyd :)

  7. Solilo Says:

    My nickname once upon a time was absentminded Prof.

  8. Indyeah Says:

    LOL@ I set reminders for them :D
    selective/partial amnesia ? :D

  9. Yogesh Says:

    You will come out of it :)

    Every time I step out of the house, I come to know immediately that I am missing something but finding "that" is no easy task.

  10. Rambler oh yeah !!! :D :D

    Pratsie he he he :P :P

    Solilo Ah *same pinch * thats me alright :D

    Indyeah just consetious absentmindedness
    ^(_ v o)^

    Yogesh he hehe I knpw what you mean :D