meena iyer
  1.  Lets just face it! Mumbai is an amazing shopping destination.. you can shop on roads, in trains, on the platforms and in the malls.  It caters to every bracket of budget.. the costliest branded stuff to the cheapest raste ka maal saste mien stuff.. I love window shopping in Mumbai.. and shopping in the train! You can buy eatables, veggies, books and junk jewelery! 
  2. It is the only place where I have experienced strangers coming upto me and giving me a compliment and even asking me where I found the "stuff" or where I got my hair cut.. its too fast paced to worry about shyness and other such things. Its not a city of shy people!
  3.  Ah the transport! It is so efficient and so fast .. 
  4.  A place where I could get print out at 11 o clock in the night and the road was so crowded that I was not afraid to walk alone. The watchmen didn't know me.. and wouldn't meet me ever.. and yet they escorted me to the cyber cafe and even asked me later if my work was done. If it wasn't they would have directed me to a different cafe.
  5. All my friends.. umm ppl I hold close to my heart are there! All my memories the best times is all there abd theres the sea..  entralling me forever
If I think more I can add more reasons.. but simply am caught in the afterglow of my visit

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  1. Indyeah Says:

    Loved the way you wrote this..:)
    I love some places just like this and your love for Mumbai shines through:)

  2. Indyeah Says:

    hmm..Did I leave a comment here?:)
    didnt get any message

    What I wanted to write was that your love for Mumbai shines through in these words here:)
    and welcome back!((hugs))
    Some places are just so special na?:)

  3. oh yeah you did :D I have turned on moderation again thats all :)

  4. Yogesh Says:

    Bombay sure is a great place to live if you over look a few things.

    I am not sure about the transport being fast, guess you never found yourself struck in the traffic jam :)

    BTW, did you resided in Bombay before moving to Bangalore?

  5. Phoenix Says:

    Brought me a smile..

  6. Rambler Says:

    Actually, I have never been to mumbai you know

  7. Nave Says:

    :D good hai re .. but ye bata tune aisa kounsa hairdo kar rakha tha ki strangers ko bhi raha nahi gaya and unhone aake tere se poocha :P

  8. Archana Says:

    Thank you akka:D I was wondering what to bewriting in my blog. Some creative drain I guess. I know what now:P

  9. Bindhu Unny Says:

    These are some of the reasons I also love Mumbai. :-)

  10. Yogesh I referred only to trains! And yes I did all my life sans past 4 years :D

    Pheonix :) Welcome to my blog!

    Rambler : Ah you should visit!!!

    Nave : Long time back.. meri sis ne mera hair cut kiya aur woh KKHH ka kajol style ban gaya.. aur kya.. anyone and everyone asked me on the road in the school etc etc!

    Archy: Ahh waiting for your post now :D :D

    Bindu : This and so many more reasons!