meena iyer

Completely drenched, she sat by the pond in the pouring rain with an umbrella held precariously.

"What are you doing in the rain?", I asked angrily. " Come inside!"

With innocent voice she replied, " I am protecting the frogs from the rain. They were crying for help"

Charmed beyond measure, I joined her. Mom's admonition long forgotten.

P.S: I have caught the bug.. expect more of these in coming days :)
12 Responses
  1. maald Says:

    You tell good stories. Your grand children will have a good time.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ypu tempt me !!

  3. Jeeves Says:

    Choooowww cute :)

  4. Took me back 2 my good old fairytale days...yet it is still very much relevant.

    there's one on my blog...pls chk it out.

  5. Archy Says:

    Loved this! Such Innocence:-)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Awwwwwwww :)

    I like your blog. :)

  7. rahul Says:

    nice one..just guessing what would be the age of the central character!!

  8. MAALD Thank you so!! :D :D

    IHM Ah thank you :)

    Pratsie take it up!!

    Jeeves thank you :)

    Deeptesh thank you for dropping by.. I will visit soon :)

    Archy!! >:D< >:D<

    Ki thank you so.. hope to see you visiting again then :)

    Rahul i guess somewhere between 10-12 :)

  9. Indyeah Says:

    soo cute do have a gift!:))
    55ers!this was just so darn cute:)

    (((hugs))just like you:)

  10. Yogesh Says:

    hmmm.... :)

    This was good!!!

  11. Abhi and Yogi ( Can I call you that?)