meena iyer
Some use anger to overcome guilt and I, use guilt to quench righteous anger. When circumstances are such that its hard to direct your anger the only refuge is to drink it up. Fate, why is it that more  I want to disbelieve you more my belief gets stronger? 
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  1. Nimmy Says:



  2. Voice Says:

    This is life :)

  3. Sometimes situations make us believe in what we don't want to...and when you make this an experience is when you start getting wiser...

  4. Solilo Says:

    That is life, Meensy.

    Hugs. :)

  5. Archana Says:

    Like someone above said, Thats what Life is all about right?

    And believe in destiny, coz you don really have an almighty better choice!

  6. rauf Says:

    Poohee daa, we all wear masks, the masks become so real that we start believing that is real us.
    That is when we become fakes. We try to become saints. Its always better to express our feelings, anger, hatred jealousy love. That makes us more human. Its freedom. Not everything we do is right, even the programmed computer goes wrong.
    We make wrong choices, there is an element of guilt always. Guilt is acceptance of mistakes. but defense is unpardonable.

  7. Nimmy *hugs*

    Bhav.. yes this is.. I so wish it wasn't :D :D

    John.. too true :)

    Solilo.. yes yes thats true.. but I so wish guilt was not a driving force

    Archy he he he I am not sure i like this logic.. I wud rather not choose anything at all :)

    Rauf.. true true.. I wudnt wanna be a saint.. Infact I dont admires saints at all.. I feel they have something lacking in their make up.. you know what I mean ?