meena iyer

They sat together on the bench. An old man and a child. Oblivious to each other.

A kite trailed high in the air. It was set free when the thread cut.

Both child and the man looked on longingly.

Their eyes met. The old man winked. Soon they raced behind the kite happily!
17 Responses
  1. Ordinary Guy Says:

    hahahaha... LOL.... good one Winnie... :) the last line was great!!!

  2. :D Inspired by you guys :D

  3. Agnes Says:

    How sweet! Old people do remind of children :-)

    I love the picture, Meena, nice job!

  4. Biju Mathews Says:

    The child in us. Short and excellent!

    You do have a gift!! I'm blog rolling you..

    Just keep blogging!!

  5. maald Says:

    Apparently, you put yourself in the old man's shoes. Otherwise, it would not have come out this good.
    Ugh.. age can take its toll early :D

  6. Voice Says:

    who won? :)

    nice one

  7. Solilo Says:

    Loved it. Children and old people are similar. :) It is always the ones in the middle who go through turmoil.

  8. Awww that's a lovely story :)

  9. Varunavi Says:

    Lovely story......

  10. rahul Says:

    really nice could be an award winning silent documentary film

  11. Indyeah Says:


    Winnie you have a knack:D
    The last line was cute:))

    and LOL@Maald's comment :D

  12. Agnes Thank you.. oh yeah old ppl r children with grown up body :D

    Biju.. am overwhelmed! Thank you :)

    Maald.. too true.. no wonder am already so forgetful.. just charred all the tea :(

    Bhav.. half through the way.. they forgot that they were racing and just enjoyed running until his rheumatoid joints cried for attention and then they both sat on the road and laughed until their stomahc hurt.

    Solilo.. yeah the ppl in the middle always have to. Why is it then we dont choose extremes?

    Varunavi thank you :)

    Rahul thank you :)

    Abhi.. Thanks hon! Just got inspired.. Maald is very witty!

    Cinderella thank you :)

  13. Reflections Says:

    Beautiful story Meena!!!! I hope u dont mind me saying tht ur stories are beginning to show a difference....getting stronger on purity of emotions.
    ....dont knw if i'm explaining it properly;-S

  14. I am growing up nancy! Am not sure if I am happy about it :-S


  15. Yogesh Says:

    That is the beauty of life.

    Even the smallest thing can bring out the same joy in a boy and an old man.