meena iyer
There is loads to do.. and I ma not much time and yet.. I dunno why I am online blogging nothings.. umm I had all the time in the night and yet I dint blog and now when I hardly have anytime.. I wonder what is it thats driving me so hard to umm blog.. and to be sooo maudlin! 

I do have many unresolved thoughts.. I am like a magnet for them.. really.. thoughts before they can be formed perfectly is abondoned for something else until only the heaviness of it is left.. 

I should be having happy thoughts.. I did too.. and yet today morning.. its like blues that kept at bay for so long decided to descend uninvited without giving me any time to get used to it.. like them guest who stay for longer than the welcome extended.. esp when it is not extended at all...

I kind of remembering a poem I had once written long time back.. when I was just 12.. I wrote it in this book which is with my then best friend.. now we have lost touch.. It was with her until she married and now its most possibly lost.. the poem was titled "Oh mistake..."

It went something like..

Oh mistake why do you follow me

I havent had you bind.. 
 or something.. I should just replace it with "bluesy moods" and it fits perfectly.. though umm I wish I had my poems with me.. the ones I wrote then..

P.S: Why is it so hard to forgive? What smallness of spirit makes me hard to forget and harder even to forgive,, Umm smallness is not the word.. meaness is!

5 Responses
  1. Indyeah Says:

    again a plethora of thoughts ,a veritable jumble here and yet a kind of a sanity in this mad jumble:D

    I think its about how deep the hurt has gone upon which would depend the forgiveness...

    (((hugs))who hurt you winnie?

    *cracking knuckles*let me at them..

  2. Yogesh Says:

    I guess if you keep thinking how they made you feel, you will no doubt not forgive them, but on the other hand if you think what changes it has brought that might help you forgive.

    Forgiving someone is not easy but then holding it on also serves no purpose if you have moved on.

  3. Subhajit Says:

    hmmm...nice the jumbling thoughts...

  4. Archana Says:

    Why is it hard to forgive? SIMPLE- wE DON'T really want TO :-)

    Hope you feel better now!:-)

  5. Abhi *hugs* Ah what do I say.. its just my heart.. easily gets bruised and as easily gets healed too :)

    Yogesh.. my mind u\s.. but heart doesnt

    Subhajit :)

    Archy.. yesh yesh u r right!