meena iyer
No guys I am not gonna write about love. I am sure by now you all are tired of love.. Ah if you are not.. may be you would love to have a look at this :P :P

I have 2 love stories.. almost novellas waiting in pipeline to be completed. And as usual I am losing interest. I wonder if you would be kind enough to read thru the both and choose.. which one you like the best. I shall complete that first...

Caution: They are all mush :D

Love story - Untitled

A love story

Click at the chapter title to read the whole story. If you are lazy to read the whole story.. do look at the sneak preview ;)

And if you still would like more of mush here.. I can list down my mushy short stories too :D

Looking forward to your comments!

7 Responses
  1. Archy Says:


    Running too short of time. And I am used to not reading excerpts or mere sneak previews. Shall read and comment late this week!


  2. --xh-- Says:

    ah.. mush! let me run..... :D

  3. Archy honey! Take your time :D :D

    Ahh anoop I thot u will njoy mush now.. now that u will be married in 2 months ;( you are making ur own version of mush :D

  4. Muse Says:

    Meena ka, will get back to this one sometime this week. BTW, closed my blog, hopefully would reopen it and when I do, would send you over the invite :-)

  5. Ah rini thats sad :( I shall wait patiently though!

  6. mou Says:

    had read both of them and had loved them...just love those 'love' stories :D...

  7. Ah mou thank you! I like them too.. just too lazy to finish them!