meena iyer
Every person is essentially a hypocrite, even the greatest of humans.

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8 Responses
  1. Nimmy Says:

    lol..Yeah,this world is full of hypocrites..I admit that even i have been one at some point fo life-knowingly of unknowingly.. **sigh** It is so hard not to be hypocritical...

  2. Rambler Says:

    I have to agree..

    but then why do you equate every person to men?..should you?

  3. Archana Says:

    Agreed, quite much:-)

  4. Yogesh Says:

    I agree, I keep saying that when I contradict myself.

  5. Solilo Says:

    Men or women, world is full of hypocrites. :)

  6. Nimmy you said it!

    Nancy :)

    pratsie no may be.. it is true :)

    Rambler.. point noted and modified :)

    Archy :D :D

    he he he ygesh i know what you mean :D :D

    Solilo.. yesh yesh :)