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When I read pratsie's blog post about a gift from a friend I kinda wanted to blog about this incident. I just couldn't stop it. I dunno how real the words are, the words I am going to preserve here but the feeling it gives me everytime I read it is priceless.

Someone doing a gesture for me when I didnt expect it, infact in the leanest phase of my life.. well what can I say... I was touched beyond measure.

It happened in my 7th sem of Engineering, exactly 4 years back and it was my birthday. We were tensed at home. Dad was not feeling well and ofcourse none remembered my birthday. Not even me.

When they came home, Smital and Shraddha, my best friends, I was busy cutting vegetables to cook food and was in my oldest rag. I was surprised to see them and they had come with a cake.

*sigh* even dad joined in singing the birthday jingle and suddenly, it was special. I didnt expect it or thought it was possible and there it was. I hadn't had so much fun in a long time and we sure deserved this respite... I am finding it hard to express what I felt. I guess I would leave it to your imagination :)

And the gift they gave me is something I will preserve long after they have faded in my memories. I shall share it with my grand children someday and we all will laugh about it!

Shraddha is an artist. She makes wonderful candles for fun and she knowing how much I love the sea had made me a candle in blue with small shells in it. My very own personal sea, a lot more dear to me now that I am so far away from them and from the sea.. I have forgotten to click a picture of that but I soon will. And she had also made a wax cake which my sweety happily munched through one fine day and is lost to me now. However, they jointly worked on a card.. its like a long letter actually that brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it.

If it had been perfect I might not had liked it so much. It is askew and it has lot of grammatical errors and for that reason alone its dear to me. Weird logic I know.. I cant explain it! See it for yourself!

This one really was upside down :D :D

This says... " The story began before 21 years ago.. ( do excuse the grammar :) )
We are sure that there had been a great blast, explosion, earth quake or something more horrible because- "

"... great people always bring something like this.. ( Rememeber shri krishna janma? ).. hey don't be so proud to be called great! We are too generous to call our friends as great.. Greatest !! Well Welcome to 22.. "

... We all wish a wonderful, joyous and dinchac ( dashing in mumbaiyya hindi) birthday forever.. our loving charming friend.. We all wish that you will get everything you ask from god; all the dreams .."

"... All desires , even the smallest wish you make . God is always with you { this includes irritating people or friends and making them feel guilty too}.. Birthday is a millions of movements (was supposed to be moments he he he) each holds joy, fun and success you planned...

".. Happy birthday from Teddy bear ( He was a senior I had a huge crush on!) .. 'We know that this teddy is not as cute n handsome than he is- Plz adjust'...."

".. Hi Maina bai This is from kaku bai and shanta bai,... ( This is chiman Rao.. that birdlike thing.. chiman==sparrow) Tall dark and handsome Yeh dil maange more( this heart wants more).."

Ah Maina bai was my pet name :D :D We gave each other such ethnic pet name.. Smital was kaku bai coz the guy I used to tease her with was called kakaji and Shraddha was Shanta bai.. coz she is so quiet by nature :)

".. Keep singing and washing clothes in your unique style .. Hey! Forgot to wish Morey? ( Morey was a guy in their class who had same Bday as me and they teased me by his name :D) What.... ? He is engaged? So what? Its 14th Jan factor You have to wish him! Its okay now.. I will wish on your behalf.. { What?? Why am I insisting so much? You know ! No? Then ask Kakaji.. ** The very same guy whom I used to tease smital with** }

Have a colorful birthday! Fill your life with colors of rainbows...

We thought very hard for your gift .. finally we decided to give you a beautiful -ROSE that would be a great gift for our Rosy friend.

"..But we have to cancel that idea.. coz.. coz.. We find you more charming than any rose . So, we are sorry .. Then we feel that yummy yummy chocolates would be a good gift for you.. A chocolate for someone we love.. "

"..but we have to cancel that idea too-because we find that chocolates are not enough to tell you what we feel about you - So we are sorry! We finally settled down to a bottle at a bottle of 'scent' but we were afraid that it may lose its fragrance We cancelled that too We are very sorry!!!

Now we have nothing special to give you than.... "

".. OUR FRIENDSHIP.. But we promise you that it will never lose its fragrance and will always remain fresh and yummy.. no matter where we are and how far we are..- Yours.. "

Smital has put her thumb print and shraddha signed :D :D


How can I not love these guys?

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  1. Nave Says:

    :) Nothing beats it... such moments are special and worth treasuring :) I pray have more such friends and people around you with more such moments :) God Bless !!!

  2. agnes Says:

    Oh Meena I am speechless.
    But I have to tell you, the fact that you have so many friends does not surprise me one bit :-)))))

  3. Nave truely!

    Ah Agnes that is so sweet of you! :D :D

  4. Ordinary Guy Says:

    :) that required some effort.... :) best of luck......

  5. Yes it did :) I am soo happy :D

  6. Voice Says:

    Happy Birthday :)
    For all those birthdayS which I missed and I will forget :)

  7. Pretty Me!! Says:

    i was moved wen u told me abt it first time .. this just gave me a chance to see the card too :)

  8. Indyeah Says:

    loved this post..what amazing friends!:)and this is what friends are for na?:))
    Why am I not surprised that you would have such good friends?:))

  9. so special, cutie... very sister gave me such sweet cards.. and sad i cdnt preserve them... ur lucky

  10. rauf Says:

    i am very arrogant Poohees, very rude, i don't call everybody 'sweet'
    i felt, i sincerely felt sweetness in you.
    and i am right
    i told you i am arrogant.

  11. Solilo Says:

    This is so beautiful. Good friends are something to cherish forever.

  12. Bhav that was so sweet .. next time I will remind you to wish me :D :D

    SS I knw I know!

    Abhi *hugs* I am plain lucky to have them in my life :)

    Meenakshi :) Wish you had it with you!

    Rauf thats your sweetness reflecting on me I guess :D

    Solilo.. yesh they r worth cherishing :)

    Rambler Indeed I am blessed :)

  13. Archana Says:

    Awwww...This is very very sweet:-) Lucky lucky you! May you be blessed with such friends for long:-)

  14. Vandita Says:

    I just finished readin your story published in "The Eleven".
    'Twas spooky yet strangely credible. Very beautifully drawn. :)
    PS: love ur header.

  15. good to know u got into publishing...and this seems to be a very kind dedication for all those who brought a smile on ur faces...on special occasions...