meena iyer
Offlate I have realized that I no longer respond in a way I think I will. I mean, in an particular situation I would think I will respond in 'x' way and yet when such an situation comes I would react in a 'y' way.

I have been thinking a lot lately that.. may be I dont really know what the 'real' me is... or rather its like an empty vessel. Thoughts flit through may be.. without really marking me in any serious way...

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  1. rauf Says:

    oh rubbish Poohees ! all your blogs, your creativity is bursting with joy. You are making me happy, you are making everybody happy, if you haven't discovered yourself let it be. i have discovered you and i am dancing. i don't want you to be a Sylvia Plath.

    What we think and what we do are separate things they rarely connect.

  2. ... Says:

    you are gettin Transformed ! God Ble$$

  3. rauf Says:

    and i don't like this approval business Poohees, that means you have to like what i write. there will be occasions where you will not like what i write.

  4. Ah Rauf I am not lamenting :) It was just a flitting thought :D

    And Even if I wanted to be.. I cant be sylvia path .. even her insanity makes perfect sense :D


    God bless you too.. the question then is transformed into what ?

  5. Well I am not trying to make you like everything I post.. but yes.. it does feel nice when someone does it :) no?

  6. Indyeah Says:

    agree with Rauf about the happiness quotient here on this blog:)thats why I come here:)
    and no one has to like what you write ,only you have to :)

  7. Ahh abhi :)

    Well about the happiness quotient.. it wasnt always so.. I am glad it is now :D

  8. Solilo Says:

    Poohie girl! write what you feel like, how you feel like. This is your place.

  9. Pretty Me!! Says:

    ha! no way !! :P u r just perfectly sane and same too :D

  10. Archana Says:

    Thought I was the only one in this club!


  11. agnes Says:

    I think some things you can only work out alone. Sometimes what other people think is completely irrelevant. At the end of the day only you know what makes sense to you.

  12. Yogesh Says:

    Going through a transition or you need a break to charge yourself?

  13. Rambler Says:

    I would take that as a real good sign..we got to outgrow what we think of ourselves..even if it means a little insecurity of not knowing ourselves anymore.