meena iyer
I want to share with you guys a special blog. I have yet read only one post and I am already in love with it. And the template is just wow! And the person who blogs claims to be 61, but the youthful ways of his belies it completely. Every time I respond to his comment I leave with a smile. His is a humorous blog. More than that it is a blog thats more humane than any other blog I have read as of yet.

Without much ado, I present Daylight Again

Oh and if you have more time (which I did incidentally) Kindly go through all the other blogs. They are full of pictures that make you go Awwwwww!!!

7 Responses
  1. Indyeah Says:

    winnie thanks for the link...been hopping all over..he does have some awesome blogs..:)

  2. agnes Says:

    I'll check it out :-)

  3. Ajit Says:

    that blog was awesome.... he has got some great photos in it

  4. Solilo Says:

    Just checked it but I haven't read the posts yet. Template not so but awesome banner :)

    Thanks Meenu for sharing.

  5. Thoorika Says:

    Will check it out !! :)

  6. Yogesh Says:

    I am yet to read a single post but I am in love with the pictures.

    They are so great. Thanks for providing the link

  7. Ahh You are all welcome! He is sweet so is his blog..

    Indyeah.. yes I can see that on your blog :D

    Agnes.. look out for the pics :)

    Ajit too true! Thoorika u better its awesome!

    Yogesh saw your comment there :)

    Yes solilo.. awesome banner.. check the other blogs.. the template there is nice really nice!