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Is your writing life healthy these days? How do you keep your writing life alive? What are some of the remedies you use to revive it?

Writing is a natural extension of my garrulous self. Somehow I have this relationship with words that I cannot define in any other way. I have a need to communicate. This need goes beyond trying to communicate my feelings. I mean.. I have infinite conversations with myself which are in effect just monologues and some dialogues. They can range from anything emotions to opinions on issues.. current or otherwise. They help me resolve issues in my mind to crystallize my opinions which I have found are generally a bit removed from most. And mostly whimsical too. I have found that I have 2 different opinions on the same subject.. which differs with moods. Whimsical indeed. And writing them down provides me a constant source of entertainment.

I have also found that I can express way better with writing than in conversation.. where more often than not I end up arguing.. or fumbling for words.... Though I do converse a lot.. and yet.. to put forth my point of view I find writing the best possible medium. And yet, I balked from putting my thoughts to words.. simply coz, I hated writing on paper ( I still do) Blogging was a godsend..

For long, it was hard to express myself.. the words that were trapped for so long were hard to come by.. but they did and they haven't stopped as of yet. I may stop writing poems. I may stop writing stories.. but I can never stop writing. I know that for sure!

Also, even if I feel uninspired, I still do write.. of random stuff.. of silly stuff.. but there is always something to write about. If not, prompts always give me some thing to think about..

Or else.. my indefatigable memory is gift..I have so many stories to share from past.. so many opinions to share.. No. I never feel dearth of inspiration to write.. Probably coz I am afraid that if I stop I might not write again.. I am afraid to stop...

So my answer is...

Is your writing life healthy these days?

Oh yes!!

How do you keep your writing life alive?

Simply by writing! There is no other way!

What are some of the remedies you use to revive it?

---> Prompts

---> Reviewing anything books, movies, music, people

---> Tags! They make you think

---> Other bloggers.. some poems.. some books

---> Looking within.. there is so much to share !

19 Responses
  1. Joanne Says:

    What a cool blog. It's my first time to Write on Wednesdays. I'm enjoying participant's process. I know what you mean about expressing on paper, or the blogosphere. There's screeds of information dying to get out...Me too, I tend to bumble... Have a nice day.

  2. Ah Joanne! first time for me too :)

    I know i know.. there is so much to say :D

  3. Thank you for stopping by :)

  4. Agnes Says:

    Very cool Meena.

    Do you write every day? Or how does it work?

  5. Agnes not everyday.. but many posts a week.. sometimes less sometimes more :) and poems too.. atleast 3-4 a week .. *touchwood*

  6. Jeeves Says:

    This is an interesting post. I like the words healthy writing. :D

  7. Voice Says:

    Just want to say... I was here :)

  8. Thoorika Says:

    You can never define your relationship with the words!!! Its unique in its own way!! :)

  9. thsi is an honest and cute one deary...

  10. Indyeah Says:

    oh!oh!oh!you have described the dilemna so well...:)
    I would say the same..:)simply by writing!There is no other way!
    yes,blogging was a godsend...may our blogging days continue far into the future...:)amen!((hugs)):)

  11. Bonnie K Says:

    Sounds like we are on the same wavelength when it comes to the flow of words that come from the comfort of this computer. As a left hander, I just couldn't sustain the writing muscle, but now I can move like the wind. The blogging community is simply amazing! Nice blog you've got here.

  12. Archy Says:

    Been days since i wrote something akka:-( Feel that i ve lost the connect somewhere:-(

  13. Becca Says:

    Welcome to Write on Wednesday! I love the thoughts you've shared here, and your enthusiams for writing is obvious. You're absolutely correct about keeping the writing going, and your suggestions for ways to do that are perfect.

    Thanks for participating :)

  14. Ajit Says:

    yes blogging is a gift... :) and so is writing... when ever I get tired or feel down, I turn to my blog....
    good read winnie

  15. Solilo Says:

    Simply write. Whatever you feel like. One line, a para, essay. It shouldn't matter.

  16. Jaky Astik Says:

    Hi. Vinnie the poohi! Referred by Prats. Nice blog. will be around. Let's talk some day.

  17. Yogesh Says:

    You said it right. There are no better ways to express oneself than through writing.

    It is like a conversation from the heart making its way from your finger tips.

  18. Reflections Says:

    Coooool Meeena.....loved the post:-D.

    Esp...."Probably coz I am afraid that if I stop I might not write again.. I am afraid to stop..."

    Aap mere mann ki baat keh di:-o

  19. Actually Writing is always healthy :)

    Bhav oww so sweet of you :) git blogging again! *kicks* ;)

    Thoorika.. so true!

    Meenakshi :)

    Abhi.. amen to that! *hugs*

    Boonie thank you and yes we seem to be on the same page!

    Archy nah nah.. dont feel that way.. just take a pen and write.. nonsensical stuff anything.. just dont stoop!

    Becca thank you :)

    Ajit.. true nothing cures than writing when you are down

    Solilo.. you said it!

    Jaky welcome to my blog then :) Oh surething lets talk.. seems like you have been sharing a lot of smileys with my SS :D

    Yogesh.. you nailed it on one line!

    Nancy :D :D Yeah yeah! >:D< >:D<