meena iyer
There are some things you cannot share with your sister. And some you wouldn't want to share with your friends ever. And yet, you would like to share it with someone. It is too personal even by my standards to blog about. At those times whom do you share it with ?

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  1. Pretty Me!! Says:

    I write it... read it till i get my answers or have vented all i had in mind and heart.. then destroy it ASAP

  2. Ajit Says:

    tough one!!! :)
    i dont know.... LOL

  3. @pratsie that doesnt work for me :( tried!

    Ajit I know *sigh*

  4. Kris Says:

    i'd write it in my diary. thankfully, my folks respect my privacy and would never touch (let alone read) it :)

  5. agnes Says:

    I don't know.... call into a radio show and share it with the world anonymously? Just kidding.

    Tell us what it is then we'll tell you who to share it with :-)

  6. Lucky you kris.. but the fact is I am not as vocal with a pen as I am with a key board

    Agnes.. wish I cud tell you!

  7. Rambler Says:

    I began with my blog to make sure I have a place where I need not think even once, before I share what I have in my mind..of course anonymity helps a lot in my case

  8. I started the same way.. and yet.. when you connect personally with ppl it becomes hard all over again :)

  9. Rambler Says:

    you know thats how pure pursuits started :D..for things I felt a little odd talking about in my main blog

  10. Ha ha ha! Can I same pinch you ? :D

    I first had "blabbers galore" when that had issues.. I made "Weird me"

    But then when both became equally known.. I moved all the posts from blabbers galore to weird me and made is catawampus me.. and blabbers galore became song of my life :D :D

    what i wanted to say was.. this blog was for the very same reason .. :D :D

  11. Paper...write it all out.

  12. Voice Says:

    To ANYONE.. :)
    Stranger perhaps

  13. I don't think you know it yet, but I'm God. Thanks for dropping in to my space earlier... You can always confess to God! :D

  14. Indyeah Says:

    *sigh*yeah its hard when we get to know ppl and become friends with them..:)
    well ..:)start a blog all for yourself and fore no one else..keep it private and jot down all that you want to:)
    it'll be your private cosy corner and no one will intrude:)
    Love and hugs Winnie!:)

  15. Yogesh Says:

    Do you want someone to answer your query or listen to you on what you have to say?

    If its a question, ask someone whom you can trust, or just write about it in piece of paper and after some time read it again and try to think what made you ask that question, which will give away the answer.

    If you want someone to listen, then just have a chat with yourself, if writing does not help :)

  16. Ofira.. I am writing challanged

    Bhav.. yes a stranger.. but I dunno if i can relate to him/her

    Mirror cracked .. is that why your mirror is already cracked n is in "labs" too ? ;) I guess god already knows.. there is no fun confiding then right?

    @indyeah.. done that.. actually I wanted someone to repond back to me.. to clear this mess of emotions :) but its solved now.. everything look brighter in the day :D

    *bear hugs*


    I want someone to question me the right questions n then help me find answers :D a tall order I know :D

  17. Archy Says:

    One can confide to friends , but looking back one has to also make sure that they don't regret the confession or even interrogate 'why the hell do i tell him/her'. I have been there, done that-the interrogation, i mean.

    Like my fellow bloggers said, write it out. I have a private personal blog, a virtual diary. I write , I read, I realise, I feel good. Thats how it works for me.

    Give a try no?

  18. Reflections Says:

    ur psychiatrist..........:-D

  19. Archy am gonna give that a try :D

    @nancy.. got no one.. wanna refer someone ?

    P.S: I believe one hug from my sweety is waaay better than talking with any psychiatrist!