meena iyer

She tiptoed quietly out of the room. The early morning sounds were quite familiar to her.. the chirping of birds, the ticking of the clock.. and fuzzy sounds of the intermittent traffic on the road, made loud coz of the utter silence that surrounded her. She made a hot cup of coffee as she liked it. Strong, with little milk and no sugar and not like her husband who liked it with lot of sugar and lot of milk, one of the few luxuries that she awarded herself... And now she is going to indulge in the second luxury of the day.. Blogging.... This she indulged sparingly.

He didnt seem to understand why she wanted to write and that too online.. wanting others to read about their life. She could very well do it in a diary.. She cannot explain or justify it so she stealthily blogged when she knew he would be sleeping for a long time and cannot see.

Today she wrote....

I don't understand why people claim that marriages have little or no romance. Or that to keep romance alive one has to have a lot money, time or inclination. For me, romance is about attitude. If one is romantically inclined even the mundane things can be made very very romantic. Figure this!

The other day I was teaching our kids the virtues of brushing teeth regularly. Also, I make it a point that I change their brushes every 2 months. And yet, when I found that Ritu was using her old toothbrush instead of new one, I gave her a special lecture about how important it is to change toothbrushes....

The next day I found a new toothbrush in our bathroom with a note stating..


You take care of every one of us but forget yourself. Why haven't you changed your toothbrush?

At first I was irritated that he had pinpointed my mistake! And yet when he came from behind and hugged me and whispered, .. this is what I am here for.. to take care of you when you forget yourself.... I couldn't help but be touched. Who knew something as trivial as toothbrush can be romantic? So people don't think that romance is lost.. just find new ways to enjoy love !


Smilingly, she closed the laptop. It was time to start the day. And when she went to the bathroom, and saw the oft-used brush languishing on the stand. She smiled wryly and replaced it with a new one.

P.S: A silly romantic story after a long time...

P.P.S: The seed of this story started from one of your blog post Nancy.. hope you don't mind me dedicating this story to you :)

P.P.P.S: Dedicated to Nancy :P :P

P.P.P.P.S: Please look at the last line carefully.... ;)

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11 Responses
  1. Ajit Says:

    Good one.... :)
    lovely story....

  2. Reflections Says:

    Awwwwww so sweet of u!!!!!!!!
    And glad I'm giving u inspiration:-D!!!!!!!!!

    And as u'd have already guessed I loved this story[not bcoz its dedicated to me silly]...bcoz u r telling a 'feel good' story & u know I love them better than the murky stuff u pen.

    But dont give too much attention to wht I say.....u & I both knw tht the murky stuff is wht sells:-S

  3. Nancy and ajit.. thank you so :)

  4. Indyeah Says:

    This story was very different!and brought a smile..:)

  5. Yogesh Says:

    Good Post and emphasis that even a small thing like a tooth brush can bring out the romance.

  6. very very romantic...hmm..its a short, sweet story that delivers its message with a subtle beauty!

  7. Thank you karthik n mou..

    Erm ppl may be I am not conveying it properly..

    but it wasn't supposed to be sweet :( I mean I was waiting for someone to understand.. no one seems to have..

    Look at the last line.. she smiles wryly and throws the old toothbrush away.. but ofcourse she was lying.. blogging about how she wants life to be.. not how it is.. *sigh*

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