meena iyer
They say when time is running bad.. you shouldnt try too hard to make it good.. for you will end up being even more frustrated.. Alryty.. its not they who say it..but me..

Figure this.. I trust on this company's service so much so that I already paid the money and waited for the Internet connection. By rule I should get it by 2 days.. however I didnt for 10 days. Finally I had to cancel my subscription and get it from a different company...

If that was not all, my antivirus expired and it won't let me delete it. For "Self protection mode" was turned on.. Even the removal tool from their website won't help! Somehow I managed to uninstall it however, it screwed my computer completely and I had to reinstall the OS.

So even after I did have internet.. I never got to use it properly.. Finally one fine day I decided to reinstall the OS.. with a brand new CD and guess what? The Cd worked half the way and then everything went haywire.. After trying 3-4 diff installation CD I concluded that the issue is with the CD drive... So I took it to a technician..

This technician took me for a fool and wouldnt listen to what I said was the issue.. As it happens he did listen but dint process it. I had clearly asked them to check the CD drive and went to do some shopping in the meantime. 20 min later when I return.. installation is going on.. And guess what ?

He installed it in the drive where data was stored. But ofcourse.. data was lost.. and what more.. he did it by connecting his CD drive to my computer.. And when I asked if he checked mine.. he said no.. He thought the issue was that the installation was not going through.. *$%^&&^*&@& *

Finally he brought in a senior technician.. who checked and said my drive has no issue.. must be the CD.. My guess is that it was that the 'bus' was loose or something.. and removing and putting it back again helped me.. Somehow hardware issues scare me and I never fiddle with my comp's hardware!

Anyhow.. installation was done.. and things seemed fine... When I came home.. everything worked... but the sound card.. now that has an issue.. The driver doesnt seem to work.. I now have to remove the card n put it back up and check if that works.. That is a work for days when I have lotsa patience.. so for now.. I am.. erm my computer is soundless :((

Whoosh.. if that wasn't enough! Yesterday afternoon.. our gas cylinder ran empty.. ( no we still don't have gas connections!) It wasn't a big thing.. we had microwave and the food was already cooked.. only had to make coffee and reheat the food.. Well the gas ppl are nice.. you call them in the morning.. you get the cylinder by 1 p.m or so.. So things didnt seem bad.. but ofcourse I couldnt guess what was in store for me.. erm us!

In the morning.. my sister joined the same gym that I go to.. first of all the trainer gave her a detailed complaint about how I dont seem to work hard ( PBBBHHTTT!!!!)

This was coz I missed 2 days.. (cousin's marriage :( ) And now I have gained 2 kgs back! burrrr!!!
And instead of encouraging me.. he has become vitriolic! how rude!
And then ofcourse the insecurity I feel whenever my sis is around! I mean she is this 'perfect' being.. everyone seems to want to be with her.. like her the first moment they set their eyes on her.. even though she doesnt do anything to get that attention.. or even wants such attention ( and that makes it even more harder for me to be not envious) *sigh*

So I said some really stupid stuff.. she said some reaally stupid stuff.. only saving grace is that I apologized and even accepted that I am envious of her.. and would have rather loved if she visited some other gym.. And the day went through the drains from there..

When I called the gas ppl they said the cylinder cannot come before 6 pm.. which happens sometimes and I wasnt really too worried about it.. its still a good time..
Its my usual practice to sit online right after I come home.. coz I am too tired to work initially and I dont wanna lie down.. for invariably I would sleep...
Today.. the net was down.. I called the tech supp.. I got an IVR.. I never get any IVR.. so that meant they were not in office.. after all its a local cable internet.. not any big hotshot company..

And this IVR wanted me to press keys to choose options.. Now my mobile has one issue.. not exactly an issue.. but I have not figured out how to press keys and send to the IVR from my mobile.. hence I never call Customer care from my mobile.. I searched for my sister's mobile to call.. The battery was down.. the moment I fixed it to the charger and turned it on.. for it had s\wed off as the battery was down and all.. the power went..

I thought everyone's power went... and so went to sleep.. Woke up by 3 for someone was at the door.. That again is one bigggg story better left unsaid.. So I realized.. everyone else has power.. its only us who don't.. But ofcourse we have to call the electrician.. but before that we need to clean up the house.. for sweety left alone had made a mess ofcourse! Finally after cleaning the house.. getting a take out from local deli and having a makeshift lunch.. we decided to find the electrician..

Now.. there is a parellel thread in this story... Before we shifted some 20 days ago to this new house we had given our sofa to the local carpenter to change the cloth and for a lil refitting of foam inside the sofa and all.. he had promised to send it by 1 week... 5 days down the line he said he has to go sabrimala for darshan and cannot give it by 1 week however will do the same by 2 weeks or so. Seeing that we have no choice now that the work was half way done.. we agreed with admonitions that there should be no further delay.. he profusely agreed

We received the sofa today.. 4 weeks later.. *sigh* His excuse was that he is ill.. and in the meantime he didnt receive our calls nor informed us in anyway!! So he was supposed to come today in the morning by 11.. he didn't come ofcourse.. by 5 pm.. when I went to the local electrician's shop.. he wasn't around too.. infact the shop was not open at all..

Finally by 6 pm everyone started arriving one behind other.. yes and within 30 min.. I had gas.. sofa and electricity! And all through the day I made countless phone calls and went personally to get things fixed.. but that didn't happen!

I tell you.. this makes me believe firmly in "RAahu kaal" ;) I got to ask if it was raahu kaal today :P :P

Okay not really.. its like I had to wait for time to be right ..

Phew! Ranting it out makes me feel better :D

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  1. Pretty Me!! Says:

    it definitely does :)

  2. Voice Says:

    2009 is going to be tough for me too

  3. Archana Says:

    Why are some lives similar excepting the circumstances but similar with the crux of the circumstances?!!

    and also, I ve locked my blog due to some personal issues. Would be glad if you shld give your mail id, so that I can send you the invite:-)

  4. Ah its :)

  5. Reflections Says:

    Sheesh ur life sure is complicated:-o

  6. Nancy.. you said it.. its a total circus :D