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As it happens I had forgotten a huge milestone.. yes its been 2 years I have been blogging regularly :)

This blog started as Weird me then went to blabbers galore and finally settled to "Catawampus me"

On this occasion let me introduce a new URL for this blog.. its

The current url works ofcourse.. in addition to that this new one also works :D

Also, I wanna mark this special by awarding few of my choicest blog buddies :)

1. Neeru: Hon, I cannot tell how much you mean to me.. but then the beauty of knowing each other for so long is that we really need not say it.. we know! If it wasn't for your constant earlier support.. in writing stories in writing poems.. in commenting.. I dunno if I would have ever continued. You are someone I felt I had a right to be angry.. to be sarcastic.. to be me.. actually! Thank you so much for that.. I remember the story that got published.. you were the first one to know of the story.. even before I wrote it.. I had a rough idea.. You were my sounding board! Thank you so! If it wasn't for your encouragement I might not have ever wrote it!

2. Nancy: I know I have said many times that you are my guardian angel of comments.. but there is more. You are simply so sweet.. always there with encouragement with comments.. always there to nudge me when I am being slack.. like those comments asking where I am .. when I dont post for a week.. makes me feel touched that.. though we know next to nothing about each other... you still care.. and yeah thanks for that post card :)

3. Vinay and Sid: I am clubbing you both together coz you both are such great friends and also coz you both jointly commented on my poems and post so regularly.. I dont even remember how you visited my blog but you did and have been regular for so long.. Thank you so much for your kind and continuous support!

4. Anoop: Once upon a time you dropped in from the blue and you have been around for so long.. with comments with support and with much needed criticism. You have always been honest about if you liked my post or not. I appreciate that very much.. and even more than that I appreciate your friendship :)

5. Vishal.. I know you dont blog as much as I do or have time to read my blogs.. still for so long you have been a constant reader/commenter.. even if you didnt much prefer reading.. I even forced you to read by giving links.. and you did read them and gave such sweet comments all for making me happy.. love you for that bunny pirate!

6. Floey, Ishaan, shay, Mani meow, Gaurav, Ankur, pramod aka pensativo.. ah so many of you who used to read me before thank you so much for being there...

7. For Kris, Agnes,Pratsie, Rambler, Bhav Karthik and Usha ma'am.. and for you nave who has read all if not all have from time to time commented and made my life more enriched.. made me feel more touched.. more noticed.. As I said I need attention

And all of you have provided me that amply.. thank you so!

And here is my simple award.. a way of thanking really.. do accept!

8 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    happy b'day to the blog, minnu... and yeah - i DO treasure ur friendship a lot :)

  2. Actually its too long overdue.. was in Jan ;)

  3. Voice Says:


    happy birthday catawampusme

  4. Kris Says:

    ahhh two years is a nice milestone...and i'm glad to have been reading your blog too...wish i had discovered it earlier!!!

    ps: my blog is just over a month younger than was born on 15th march 2007!!! :)

  5. 2 months younger :P My first post was in jan :)

  6. Rambler Says:

    hey congrats on two years of blogging..wishing you many more years

  7. Neeraja Says:

    Wow, that's quite a milestone, sweetheart. Quite proud of you. :) >:D< :* I still remember how we used to tell stories and stories all through the evenings, listen to each other... We even swap stories sometimes! It's awesome to think that it's been two years already! Feels like we just took the first step together. Great going, darling. Waiting for the next milestone already! :)

    P.S. My blog's 200th post is still pending. I can't think of anything special to put in there, and I want my 200th post to be really special. Probably this will inspire me to let my blog reach some sort of special mark too.

  8. Rambler thank you so!

    Neeru you better! remember ur 2 years r nearly done too :D