meena iyer
Thinkers are so ambiguously honest! Their lies are easier to detect than the truth. Every little situation is so complicatedly simplified that simplicity is lost in translation ( translation into the real world I mean)
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7 Responses
  1. JOhn Says:

    I so very totaly agree ...

  2. Reflections Says:

    "complicatedly simplified"....oxymoron huh:-D!!!!

    For once I understood the twisted logic;-P

  3. John thankee!!

    Nancy he he he.. its refreshingly simple huh ?

  4. Archana Says:

    OMG! An array of posts ve i missed. Sheesh! Apologies Ms.Winnie(:-) ) Shall do so leisurely tomorrow:-)

    As for the blog invite, all i ask you is to wait:P

  5. ha ha ha! I am just too addicted hon.. take your own time.. seems like u have checked it all out already!

  6. Voice Says:

    It is not so simple... i mean your thought..