meena iyer
They say the dog imitates its owner so much so that you cannot make a difference between them.. it becomes an extension of the owner.. I didn't know how true it was until today..

Since both of us sister work, sweety is left mostly with dad.. and when they snore in tandem.. Its a symphony you would rather miss.. really.. my point was sweety snores.. as loudly as dad :D

And today, she was sleeping with sister and snored so loudly that she startled herself.. She woke up and started barking loudly without knowing what startled her :D :D

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  1. Reflections Says:

    LOL....that must have been a funny sight. U knw I used to watch my dog dream in her sleep & then wake up with a start:-D

  2. Archana Says:

    Wow!;-) That brought a big grin to my face:-)

  3. Nancy it sure was.. that confused look was worth watching :D :D

    @Archy you should have seen it girl!

    Rambler :)

  4. Solilo Says:

    Ha..Ha..ha.. That funny Meena.

    Thanks for the welcome. I will visit often :)

  5. :)

    Solilo It was funny! she is one goofy bitch :D

    Ah same here.. I shall be making regular stops at yours :)

  6. Bins Says:

    I know people who insist that they do not snore when they sleep. Yeah right!! Sometimes even a dull drone can stimulate sleep. The poor dog must have been startled when the snore was out of key!!! :D

  7. Navin Dutta Says:

    Meanie .. this is not done .. if sweety can take your snoring you gotta take her's too :P

  8. agnes Says:

    LOL thanks for the laugh, Meena :-)))))

  9. @bins most probably!

    @navin I have no issues with her snoring.. its she who had issues with it apparently ;)

  10. Matangi welcome to my blog :)

    What an unusual name :)

    Agnes Thank sweety :P