meena iyer
Recently on gtalk had this conversation with a friend..

M: hows ya?

L: m good
njaaing shingilldum for nw :P
howz ya
all outta luv?

M: yeah all outta love
am doing gr8
i have realized
love is not for me

L: yeah rite ;P i believe u

M: :D
i get bored so easily
i think i shud have a harem of men

L: so?
its the other's responsibility to keep u entertained

M: yeah yeah

L: I dont think muthalik will like that :P

M: he he he don't worry we will gift him thousands of pink chaddi
that wud be it

L: I bet he mite even be tryin some of those on at home
dum dum

M: ha ha ha

11 Responses
  1. Indyeah Says:

    LOLwhat was this all about eh?;)
    and what a madcap conversation!!winnie!:D ahem ahem!
    loved reading it though:D

    lol@harem of men:D

  2. Ajit Says:

    harem of men??? lol

  3. Pretty Me!! Says:

    harem of men ??? u r too much !!

  4. agnes Says:

    Oh dear, Meena, I can't read shorthand LOL I'm serious.
    I think of bangalore every time I come on CatawampusMe. I know it sounds crazy but I love Bangalore and the crazy traffic. A friend of mine (from B/lore) just got married -- it was an arranged marriage. The wedding was something like 3 or 4 days long. It's fascinating really.
    Is matchmaking still pretty common there?

  5. Abhi we were having silly conversation and then suddenly thins.. couldnt help laughing so had to post it here :D

    Ajit and SS.. what to do.. ?I get bored of men so easily!

    Agnes.. yes its pretty common in India :) most probably thats how I might end up getting married..

    Well in older days the couple didnt even meet before getting married.. nowadays atleast it is different :)

    Oh and a full fledged Indian wedding is FUN!!

    And so colorful!

  6. Agnes Says:

    I just posted a new comment here -- did it get lost?

  7. I guess it did.. but this didnt :)

  8. this is real funny.. very similar, men are boring :-)

  9. ifsorbuts Says:

    Sure takes two mad people to have a mad conversation :P

  10. Meenakshi he he he :D

    Leej esp when the two ppl r u n me no ?

  11. Archana Says:

    I second. Men are boring all the way:P