meena iyer
Being too excited about my "bad" day.. I actually forgot to blog about the quite interesting time I spent on saturday.. We, as in me and pratsie, went to the Tri-continental film festival held at Alliance de Francaise in Vasant Nagar...

Skipping the usual travelling woes and delays that are part of my going out let me directly get into the whole deal.. i.e the movies.. though strictly they were documentaries it was worth watching

The first movie dealt with refugees from Africa who move to Europe... their troubles etc etc.. What impressed me the most was the cinematography in that movie.. The sun and the desert was used to its hilt to impress us.. it showed pain.. despair and hope...

Oh yes and the last words.. resonated for a long time deep within all of us... ( all who watched the movie...).. It said that Africa is so rich with natural resource and the world looks upto it as cradle of humanity.. why then is it filled with so much apathy.. ah cannot quote it verbatim.. but it affected me..

The second movie was about Japanese sex slaves.. rather Korean ones under Japanese imperialism.. which ever way.. the whole documentary was so gruesome.. both the soldiers and especially to the comfort woman.. what an inhuman word.. for it actually! as if women are nothing but dolls... *sigh*

Sometimes, it fills me with such despair.. these heinous crimes.. I wonder how such ppl are able to sleep at night!

Anyways.. the last movie that we saw.. had us in splits.. though it alluded to a serious issue.. ah but the people shown were soo funny.. It was about the 2005 meerut issue wherein girls were hit by police for they were with their bf's in a "park" where else are lovers supposed to go ?

One has to see it to know about it ... The rhetoric of hardliners.. ah and the coinage of loving "jehaad" where muslim guys want hindu girls to fall for them and have physical relations with them.. so that those females either marry them or are disgraced for life and thus spoiling the "honor" of the family.. erm *coughs*

And some of the funny quips.. which is so stupid! for example,

there was this story about a 18 year old who falls for her much married professor.. they are caught in an " hotel " doing their thing.. and the girl says/... what if he is married.. we fell in love.. love is a gift of god.. and marriage is man made.. love is beyond all this...

erm.. it doesnt seem funny in english.. but it did in hindi..

Anyhow, in light of the Mangalore incident... for those who are more out of touch with reality than me.. in mangalore a bunch of girls were manhandled.. almost molested by a group of drunk miscreants who called themselves as 'Ram sena'.. .. so.. in light of that incident.. this meerut incident seems like an incumbant.. a seed .. actually...


It raises 2 questions in my mind

1. Don't we girls/common people get the right to choose how to live our life? Where did the freedom of expression go.. and yet more importantly.. what does the government do to protect our rights? If a primary tenet of the constitution cannot be implemented properly.. n the defaulters not punished severely.. do we really need a government and oay tax.. when anarchy rules none the less

2. This is more of a philosophical question.. What makes some people think that they r superior and have the right to look down upon anyone ? What propels ppl to do such heinious acts?

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  1. Pretty Me!! Says:

    thanks for blogging about our saturday adventures !! You forgot to mention the lovely paintings we watched there ;)

  2. well.. meena i firmly confirm to your thoughts.. and they have been beautifully penned... The questions remain the same for me too... But where do we find teh answers... I think inside us, because we are the ones who give men the right to dictate terms to us... be it anybody.. be it any way.. out of respect, fear or love... we seem happy to be ruled... If we want to sense the difference.... we only will have to start it... and it will be all afresh..

  3. Pratsie true.. i forgot!!! they were so beautiful.. and the sea scape stole my heart!!

    Painting the savanna .. thank you for dropping by :)

    You are right we shud change.. and then others will too