meena iyer

"I like you a lot. I want you to be with me all the time. I like your smile your humor. The way you look when you wake up.. smiling bemusedly at this world looking out with wonder.. The way you snuggle before you sleep everything.. And I wanna see it everyday!"

" Are you proposing me?

" What does it look like some circus?"
" Don't you think something is missing? Try again!"
" Trust you to spoil my moment! Damn you!"
" What the heck! You keep blaming me! You can't even propose properly and expect me to accept it?"

" Okay. Let me try again. Meera, I know most of our life we will end up fighting with each other. But without all these fights I wouldn't have any entertainment. So for my lifetime tax free entertainment please marry me!"

" Sandy honey! I really expected better than that from a poet like you. I am not gonna let you ruin my once in a life moment like this.. I won't marry you!"

"What the fuck do you want to hear anyways?"

" How about I love you ?"

" Is that not what I am saying?"

" Is it? when did you say it dick head?"

Suddenly Sandy starts laughing.

"You scared me Meera! He hugs her and says " I love you baby! Marry me!"

Meera whispers yes as they melt in each others arms.
" See??? Was it that hard to say ? btw I liked them poetic words can you repeat it?"

" Not in an million years!"

Meera raises her eyebrows.

" every second honey.. My heart beat.. my breath everything would repeat that countless times for you! You are the best thing that could ever happen to me!"

" Owww baby! I love you so much"

Chapter 1.

Today Meera had no interest in going to the office. It was an occasion she dreaded.. namely the official party which she cannot excuse out of.. her future depended on it.. And some inspired romantic dickheaded higher up *screwup* has decided it would have a couple entry leaving her scampering for a date. And all her efforts didnt yield any results. Her love being non existent and all her friends letting her down... she didnt blame them for not coming . Her office parties were boring! .......

Chapter 2.

In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?

These words went through Meera's mind as she relaxed in her chair in Roxanne's.. one of the bustling salon in the city!

Chapter 3

Sandy was late. The evening traffic of Friday filled with eager crowd and rampant jams was making him pissed than he already was. If he could he wouldn't have even attended this party. But he knew he cannot miss the party he organized. On top of that he would be going with that crazy girl who mesmerized him for some reason and exasperated thoroughly. And she managed to do both just by existing! He knew she is going to give him hell... he was looking forward to it more than the damned party! Hell he would love to be with her alone.. teasing... flirting.. making love...

Chapter 4

"What the hell was that?", she asked surprised.

"what was what?". he asked shortly.. as if telling don't ask.. there was this controlled fury in his eyes. she wondered why.... but keeps quiet.

Soon they reach her house. Very soon it seemed. she waits for him to stop... but he doesn't. he keeps driving faster.

"What the hell are you doing? My flat is left behind", she asks with concern.. for not just herself.
He stops the car. puts his head on the steer. "I am sorry." he says not looking at her.. " But can you spend some time with me tonight?" he asked between the teeth.. as if forcing them out

Chapter 5

Meera expected the things to change for better. Finally seemed like there would be some semblance of friendship with Sandy.. alas! she had not expected such utter avoidance. She understood that Sandy might feel as embarrassed as her.. and yet she didn't expect I- leave -room-when -you-arrive kind of behavior. Most people noticed it and were already gossiping about them.. only not the way she thought they would...

And then there was 'Ad'. It was but natural that they interact in professional capacity.. he was warm with her.. but her implied loyalty to Sandy made her keep her distance.. and yet.. it was hard for her to be aloof.. especially in the light of the fact that Rhea and Ad had started dating again...

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  1. Ishaan Says:

    great keep it up but make em longer the chapters I mean

  2. youandmore Says:

    Awesome gal!!
    My eyes were literally glued to the screen while reading the first three chapters and ending seemed abrubt...
    The style of the narration is too good!!

  3. Thank you dear!

    I will get back with chapter 4 soon promise :)

  4. Agnes Says:

    Wow, you've been busy :-))

    How many more chapters to come?

  5. great dialogues!
    have to read the earlier chapters :)

  6. mou Says:

    gosh! finally found your blog...there was a spelling mistake in the link of your blog in mine...loved reading this story! read it all at once...had read some of your poems too in 'song of my life'...they are lovely! do keep writing...and waiting eagerly for the next chappie :)

  7. Archana Says:

    Remaining chapters?
    No abruptness with the flow and Thats why I liked it.
    Mushy, mushy:-)